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How to hold a wine glass

Pro Tips: How to hold your wine glass like a pro? Ever went to a party or to someone’s birthday holding a glass of wine quite differently than the rest? Well, you may ask, is there proper etiquette in holding a glass of wine? For some, they argue that as long as they take a […]

How quickly must non-frozen ready-to-eat foods be consumed?

To Eat or Not To Eat at All? Have you went home from work or school tired and feeling hungry? Have you grabbed that bag of chips and granola bars right off the bat? Well, ready-to-eat foods are most likely found in every household. Inside that drawer, cabinet, or pantry, there are boxes of cereals, […]

How to Tell if Broccoli is Bad

Broccoli is a very healthy vegetable with many different benefits, including an excellent source of fiber, folic acid, and plenty of vitamins. For these reasons, broccoli might be your choice of vegetable at the dinner table. However, if you do not store broccoli properly, or use it within the time frame of the expiration date, […]

How to tell if asparagus is bad

Asparagus is a vegetable that is commonly eaten in many parts of the world. It is very healthy, an excellent vitamin A and C source, and has a stronger flavor than most vegetables. It is a seasonal vegetable and is available only in spring and early summer. If you are unsure if asparagus is bad, […]

How to cut a spiral ham

Ham excellent treats are usually stars during special occasions and family gatherings like Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving, and other memorable events. It is great with bread or other food items, and it has a rich taste that oozes with goodness in your every bite. It is hard not to take a bite with a piece […]

How to cut a peach: tips and tricks

In this article, we can find all the necessary information to know how to cut a peach, to begin. We will see how to select a good peach. We will see a few recommendations for knives and cutting boards, and finally, we will see the best ways to peel a peach, different ways to cut […]

How to cut mushrooms

Whatever kind of mushroom it would be, it is excellent. A mushroom is a magnificent ingredient that you can add to meat, poultry, fish, vegetable, or a stand-alone dish. You can even make it as a pizza topping, and you’ll be going to enjoy eating it because it tastes great. Several kinds of mushrooms are […]

How to eat tamales

“Unwrapping Tamales”: How to eat Tamales 101 “Aw, you’re a twig, mijo. Have some more.” “No, gracias.” “I asked if you would like more tamales.” “S-si?” “That’s what I thought you said!” Remember this funny scene from the Pixar movie Coco where Miguel was forced to eat more tamales to appease his Abuelita? The movie […]

How much salt to add to unsalted butter

Butter is a great ingredient, for that is excellent for almost every delectable dish out there. It is excellent for sauteing garlic and onions and some vegetables; We also use it to make great bread and pastries. You can just spread it nice and easy on any bread, and it will turn that piece of […]

17 Ways to open a bottle of wine without a bottle opener!

Alcohol is a substance that with normal use, not only is harmless but also beneficial. Wine is the drink that benefits you the most, as it relaxes you and at the same time is good for your heart’s health. Moreover, almost everyone can drink a glass of it, as it has no peculiarities in its […]

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