How to cut a peach: tips and tricks

In this article, we can find all the necessary information to know how to cut a peach, to begin. We will see how to select a good peach. We will see a few recommendations for knives and cutting boards, and finally, we will see the best ways to peel a peach, different ways to cut a peach depending on the situation so that we want it, and how to make those cuts correctly.

How do you cut a peach
How do you cut a peach

Select a good peach

The first thing to keep in mind when cutting a peach is to have a delicious peach. To do this, you have to see that it is at its point of maturity.

To know if a peach is ripe enough, it is better to look at its color, if it is green or has many green spots, because it may not yet be at its perfect point of maturity. With the touch, you have to notice a firm and velvety skin that does not look wrinkled.

You also have to see if it is too ripe, for this one of the best things to do is touch the peach. If the peach is soft all or in some parts, it is already starting to be wrong, although if it is very past only with the view, we can already know it since the skin begins to be wrinkled and of a darker color.

Of course, you also have to make sure that the peach does not present any bumps or cuts, which is quite a frequent thing because it is a fragile fruit, and with its transport, it is easy to make bumps and cuts.

Necessary gadgets

Another essential thing to consider is the gadgets with which we will cut the peach, for this you must have a good board and a good knife.

Below we have some knife recommendations:

SHAN ZU Fruit Knife and Office Knife Peeling Knife Fruit Knife 3.5 Inch  Stainless Steel Kitchen Knife

Classic Series. With a price of $29.99 on Amazon, it is a small size knife suitable for cutting fruits.

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3 Colors | paring knife | potato peeling knives

With a price of $22 on Amazon, it is an excellent option of the famous HENCKELS J.A International brand, which ensures great safety and quality, and that will be perfect for cutting fruit since it is small and very handy.

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Here are some recommendations for cutting boards:

Plastic cutting board with juice slots and non-slip handles

Antibacterial, dishwasher safe, can be used for fish, meat, vegetables, fruits, BPA free. With a price of $14.99 on amazon, it is a multifunction and double-sided plastic table, easy to clean and suitable for cutting any type of food.

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Chopping Board, Large Bamboo Chopping Boards

Kitchen Board for Vegetables Meats Fruits, Cutting Board with 3 Built-in Compartments and Slots for Juice, 43x32x2cm. With a price of $27.99 on amazon, it is a table in this case made of wood, much more professional and it even has grooves to deposit food, it is a more expensive option but of course it has its advantages.

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Gintan Multifunction Folding Chopping Board Kitchen Chopping Board with Strainer and Towel

3 in 1 Chopping Board Kitchen Drain Basket Fruits Vegetables (Gray). With a price of $16.99 in amazon, it is a very innovative option since it is a folding table, so that when the products are finished cutting, the table unfolds so that it remains in the shape of a bowl so that things do not fall.

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Peel the peach

Like many other fruits, it has velvety skin and is not too easy to peel. That is where we demonstrate our knife skills, but if you depend on this utensil you can waste a lot of meat from the fruit. For this, there is a great trick to peel the peach in a simpler way, and that would be by making the skin peel off by itself.

How do we do it?

The peach must be subjected to a change in temperature. To start, you put the fruit in hot water for about 25 seconds. Next, you put the fruit in cold water for 5 minutes. Finally, you grab the peach with your hand and gently separate the skin with your two thumbs. You will see how the skin comes off very easily.

How to cut a peach

Now let’s move on to how to cut the peach:

Start with fresh, ripe peaches. If you are going to eat them raw, make sure they feel a bit mushy. Slightly firmer peaches are perfect to use in baked goods like peach pie, as they will hold their shape a bit when cooked.

There are two ways to slice peaches, the first would be to peel and then slice or else slice and then peel, obviously in case you want to peel them.

The best way would be to first peel them and then cut them, since if you work with many peaches, it is easier to peel the whole peach at once, than to have to peel the slices later, since from a peach we will get about 8 or 10 slices, depending on how thin we want them.

If you are working with whole peeled peaches, work with one peach at a time. Work over a large bowl to catch the juices, hold the peach in your hand, and using a sharp kitchen knife, cut to the bone. Then cut on the other side so that a cut is left in the middle of the peach. At that time we can remove the peach seed.

Once we have the two halves of the peach, we can prepare to cut. To do this, it is best to place the peach on the cutting board, with the seed side down, so that this way it is flat. Next, we will take the knife and start with the cuts. For this part, we have several options depending on what you want to use the peach for.

On the one hand, if it is simply to eat, obviously it will not be necessary to make very thin slices, and taking about 3 or 4 slices from each half will be enough. To do this, it is best to cut half the peach in half, and then cut those two halves again in half, that way it becomes much easier to make equal parts.

On the other hand, if it is to prepare dishes such as a fruit tart, it may be convenient to make finer cuts, although I repeat that this depends on the taste of each one. For this, it is best to cut thin slices with the same thickness so that they are equal. For this part, it is convenient to have a good knife like the ones I have previously recommended in order to make clean and more precise cuts.

Although it is normal and easier to cut the peach into slices, there are more ways to cut a peach. For example, we could cut the peach into small cubes, either for decoration on a cake or put on a plate at a party. To do this, it is best to cut the peach in half as in the previous case, and once we have it cut in half, we leave it on the table with the seed side down, and then we make grid cuts, to an equidistant separation one cut from another so that the final result is small cubes. The separation distance left between one cut and another depends on the thickness of the cube. Finally, we carry out the same procedure with the other half of the peach and we would have already completed the cut.

Finally, there are more not so traditional ways to cut a peach, although it is already more for professionals and kitchen artists who know how to take the imagination further, and it will help us to bring great beauty to our plate.

One of those ways would be for example to create a spiral so that it is in the form of a spring, or another way would be to make cuts in the shape of some figure, animal, object…

In conclusion, although cutting a peach seems like an easy task, we have a wide variety of ways to do it, and there are very important things to take into account such as having a good knife, peeling it well, and of course, the most important thing would be to select a very good peach.

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