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How To Get Rid Of Musty Odor In Furniture?

It is impossible to live without furniture – it is one of the main attributes of a comfortable life. However, furniture can require a lot of attention if its wooden base or fabric has a specific odor. The best way to remove musty odors in the furniture is to use mixtures with baking soda. For […]

How to Get Rid of the Smoke Odor?

Smoke is known to creep into textile and wooden furniture, curtains, carpets, clothing, and can cause the walls to change color. To efficiently remove the smoke odor, it is best to use baking soda. The properties of baking soda make it the best ingredient for absorbing unpleasant odors. It works with removing odors in clothes, […]

How Do You Clean a Fabric Sofa?

We use sofas every day, for watching TV and snacking, napping, sitting, and sometimes even eating dinner. They are very easily stained especially lighter ones. You should clean your sofa even if there aren’t any visible stains, as it still collects dead skin flakes, pet hair, your body’s natural oils, and so on. So, how […]

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