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Bugs that look like ticks

With the arrival of spring, bugs of different kinds also come out from hiding. They will again look for food, and some find a host they can attach themselves to. Ticks are one type of bug that is not just annoying, but they can also be dangerous. But how sure are you that what you […]

Do LED Lights Attract Bugs?

How do you feel about bugs? Generally, people are either repulsed by them or fascinated. Some kids want to catch them to see how they tick, while others want to squish them between their fingers. When it comes down to it, most of us are kind of afraid of all those little critters crawling around […]

Do June Bugs Bite?

Bugs come in all forms and sizes. There are scary-looking ones, foul-smelling ones, and those that can give a powerful bite and make you sick. Some people fear bugs and are horrified when they see them from afar. But others can pick it up and play with it as if it is a shiny new […]

Tiny black bugs in the house near window

Seeing a lot of crawling and flying bugs in our windows is a horrifying sight. It resembles a scene in some horror and sci-fi films. We usually want to get rid of them, but getting that thought of touching them is horrendous. What could be those tiny black bugs in the house near the window? […]

Tiny Black Bugs in Bathroom

We all use the toilet every day, and we can see different bugs running around sometimes. May it be cockroaches, moths, or even silverfishes, but we always see these tiny black bugs in bathrooms. You may be asking what these bugs are called or what do they do in bathrooms. You then go to Google […]

Bugs that look like termites

Taking a much-needed break at your home can help you regain your strength and vigor. Getting yourself seated in the most comfortable position feels so good after a long and tiring day at work. Nothing beats that experience getting your back nicely laid on your couch and just gets those much-needed deep breaths to help […]

Tiny Black Bugs in Bed

The most terrible fear is the fear of the unknown. At least, that’s what they say. We need to agree, especially when it comes to getting rid of tiny black bugs. If you have no idea who or what these animals are, your imagination might easily run wild. As the fastest-growing pest problem, bed bugs […]

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