What do moths eat?

Moths: Everything you wish to know about these unwanted visitors If you are planning to make various rearrangements in your wardrobes for next season, it is good to know a few things that will keep your clothes in perfect condition. The main problem that faces our clothes in the closet is moths that “lick” and […]

How Long Do Moths Live?

What is a Moth? Moths, butterflies, and skippers belong to the superfamily of lepidopterans. This means that they share a common ancestor called “archaeolepis.” Lepidoptera comes from the Greek words ‘leps,’ meaning scale, and ‘pteron’ for the wing. This, however, is only true for butterflies; while most moths also possess scales, some species do not, […]

Do Moths Bite?

Do moths bite? As the warm summer evenings draw in, we’re expecting to see our favorite insects and wildlife. The most noticeable of these is often the common moth. They’re everywhere and always a welcome sight for gardeners trying to create a habitat that supports other fauna. What are Moths? But what do moths look […]

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