17 Ways to open a bottle of wine without a bottle opener!

Alcohol is a substance that with normal use, not only is harmless but also beneficial. Wine is the drink that benefits you the most, as it relaxes you and at the same time is good for your heart’s health. Moreover, almost everyone can drink a glass of it, as it has no peculiarities in its taste.

How often have you lost the tool that helps you open your bottle of wine, or are you just in a place where it is difficult to find? What happens when you have invited friends at home, and you realize that you do not have a corkscrew? Most people would destroy the cork. They might succeed, but it would take them a lot of time. Would that be worth it? Wouldn’t it be better to prepare yourself so that finally you would not have to put water in your glass of wine?

How to open a bottle of wine without a bottle opener
How to open a bottle of wine without a bottle opener

Imagine the following situations: you organized a romantic dinner, you put the roast in the oven, you set the table, you bought the most expensive wine cellar.. everything looks ready! But for a moment, “Where is the corkscrew”? Have you ever thought about how to open a wine bottle with a lighter? You might need to open a bottle of wine in the mountains, in the country, in a move, in all cases where it is not easy to have a corkscrew.

Do not panic, and do not spoil your mood. You will enjoy your wine as there are several ways to remove the cork from the bottle. Read the methods suggested below and choose the one that suits you best. Do not let a romantic evening and a good wine go awry. Stop fighting with the cap, follow the tips, and open the bottle as if nothing happened! We are here to show you many ways to be ready to intervene in an emergency!

How to open a bottle of wine without a bottle opener

Plier – Screw

If we do not have a corkscrew and want to open our bottle of delicious red wine, the most traditional way is to use a screw and a plier. What we need to do, first of all, is nail the screw into the cork. We can manage this either by hitting it inside with pliers or with a hammer. But beware! We will not nail it all, but we will let it protrude 1.5-2cm. Then, grasp it well with pliers and pull it out slowly. Easy and fast way!


Take a knife and nail it between the cork and its tip. Choose a knife with a stiff blade, that fits in the mouth of the bottle. Pierce the cork vertically with the knife and push the edge deep enough into the cork to hold it well. Turn the blade while pulling the cork; twist it very carefully around the cork. Slowly it will start moving. When the knife reaches 2/3 of the cork, pull out with force. When it comes out a little, but it still cannot be pulled by hand, take out the knife and nail it vertically to the side of the cork. Shake it slightly left and right, pulling out until the cork comes out. Be careful not to break the neck of the bottle!

Bicycle’s Pump

Pierce the cork with the pump’s needle and use it, just as you would inflate a wheel until the cork starts to come out. Be careful because, depending on the air pressure, the cork can be thrown away abruptly.


It might seem a little funny, but you can open a bottle of wine with your shoe! This method requires patience and strong biceps. First of all, remove the cork wrap and rest the shoe on the wall, with the sole facing out. Place the bottle in a shoe with a thick sole; rest the bottom of the bottle on the bottom of the shoe. Tap it against the wall and start hitting it hard, until the cork starts to come out. You will see the cork slowly recede. A little relief before the date, to relieve the stress never hurt anyone!


It is impossible not to have the keys to your car, or even your house with you. Pierce the cork as deep as you can, using one of them. Start turning the key and watch the cork “throw” out in seconds.


Here is a method you should use before your guests arrive. Otherwise, they will get frightened if they hear sounds from a drill coming from the kitchen. Use the drill to nail a screw to the cork. Then, just as you would remove a screw from the wall, use a hammer to remove the screw and, therefore the cork from the bottle.


Take one end of your scissors and press it into the cork. Press it firmly, so that it does not come out. Hold one handle of your scissors and start turning it. At some point the miracle will happen, and the cork will be released.


You might never have thought it, but a hammer is one of the objects which can help you open your bottles of wine. Take a large nail and press it into the cork. Then, use the back of your hammer to pull the nail out.


Make a hole in your cork with a screwdriver, or any other long, metal object. Then take a piece of rope, and make a knot at the end. Push the knot into the cork and start pulling the rope out. It will slowly begin to be released.


Nail 4-5 pins on the cork, in a straight line, and pull with the other side of the hammer. The nails will pull the cork and it will come out. If it does not come out, whole with the first one, repeat the process, this time perpendicular to the straight line you formed the first time.

Wire and pliers

Get a piece of hard steel wire, that does not bend very easily. Using a pair of pliers, bend one end to form something like a hook. Push the wire into the bottle, passing it without piercing the cork. Twist the wire to hook the cork and pull out.


The method with the staples is similar to the above one. Take two staples, pass them into the bottle and twist them so that the cork is hooked. Join the staples and pull out.


This way, we will push the cork into the bottle instead of trying to take it out. First of all, you need to make a hole in the cork to make it easier to move inwards. You can use a knife with a narrow blade and easily pierce the entire length of the cork. With the bottle vertically resting on a solid surface, take a marker that is thick enough to fit inside the mouth of the bottle. Push the cork in, carefully, as it can easily get dirty.

Screwdriver – Screw – Fork

This process requires a little more manual work. What you need to do is, first of all, screw in the center of the cork with the screwdriver. Then, use the fork to pull the screw out, and you are ready!


This is the laziest way to open your bottle of wine. If you do not mind the cork falling into it, then all you have to do is take a fork and push the cork in. However, use a mouth guard because as soon as the bottle is opened there is a possibility of soiling.


Have you ever thought how to open a wine bottle with a lighter? If you have one in your house, you can use it to open the bottle; it is not just for lighting cigarettes or candles. Light the lighter and heat the bottle, where the cork is. By heating the neck of a bottle with a lighter, the air between the cork and the wine expands, pushing the cork out. It will take about 1 minute until the temperature rises so much that the cork is thrown away on its own.

Car keys

The last way to open your bottle, before the guests leave or start the whiskey, is to use the car keys. How? Just take their sharp angle and nail it to the cork, at an angle of about 45 degrees, so that you can turn it more easily. Check if it is well nailed, and at the same time if the cork has not cracked. Then, start to turn around and lift the keys upwards; just like with the knife. So, finally, you might really enjoy your closed bottle of wine!

Did you get a lot of information, or were you pleasantly surprised by the multitude of options, on how to open a bottle of wine without a bottle opener? As you understand, as it applies to most things in this life… it does not want trouble, but a simple way! Had you ever imagined that there would be so many alternative ways to open you favorite bottle of wine? And yet.. So, enjoy your wine without insecurities and technical restrictions!

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