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How To Clean Suede Jacket? – A Complete GUIDE

Suede jackets are durable, beautiful, and pleasant to the touch. When it’s cold, they keep warm. When it’s hot, they don’t soar. But suede has one serious drawback: it is not easy to care for it. This material is quite capricious and requires a careful and delicate approach. But if you know the basic rules on how to clean suede jackets at home, stick to them, and taking care of a leather jacket is easy.

How To Clean Suede Jacket
How To Clean Suede Jacket?

What do you need to know?

Along with purchasing a suede jacket, it is advisable to immediately purchase a cleaning agent, which will help cope with dirt and eliminate the hassle of finding suitable laundry detergent.

Before putting on a jacket for the first time, and subsequently, before each washing of the product, you need to thoroughly vacuum the fabric, ridding the skin of accumulated dust. At the same time, it is worth noting that washing, in this case, is a conditional concept since suede does not like water. Therefore it is highly undesirable to wet it: you need to wash the jacket with a sponge, brush, or rag after applying a cleaning agent to it, hanging it on clothes hangers, or laid out on the table.

In this case, it is necessary to act carefully, do not wet the sponge with water: a suede jacket can shrink. To avoid this, after cleaning, gently pull the product in all directions and hang it on hangers to dry away from batteries, stoves, and other heating devices.

How To Clean Suede Jacket?

The jacket should be cleaned after wearing with a short-haired brush or sandpaper, paying particular attention to the sleeves, collar, and pockets. If the brush does not cope with pollution, these places should be washed with a school eraser. It is necessary to act as if it were necessary to erase a trace from a pencil from a sheet of paper.

Before you start cleaning, the jacket needs to be steamed with an iron with a steam generator. If it is not there, you can boil a pot of water and hold the product over the steam (you must act carefully so as not to burn yourself). It is not worth steaming the jacket thoroughly: it is better to do it in stages. After each steaming, lift the pile with a brush and thereby bringing them to its original position:

  • First, steam the collar and clean it with a brush;
  • After that, steam the back of the jacket and straighten the pile with a brush;
  • Steam and clean the front of the jacket;
  • At the end of cleaning, treat the sleeves.

How To Clean Natural Suede Jacket

When cleaning naturally, it is better to choose dry methods because the material is sensitive to water.

Tip: before starting the procedure, fluff the pile with a brush, swiping up and down the surface. It will be much easier to remove dirt and stains.

How To Clean Suede Jacket of Light material type

Method number 1: A sponge for dishes will help to cope with problem areas. Use the hard side. You need to rub gently and in one direction.

Method number 2: Light natural suede is cleaned with skim milk and baking soda. Mix the ingredients by pouring a teaspoon of soda into a glass of liquid. 2-3 drops of hydrogen peroxide will help enhance the cleaning effect. In the mixture, moisten a soft woolen or flannel cloth and process the suede. Rinse with clean water and blot moisture with a cloth. Hang clothes up to dry. However, the components may leave light spots that must be painted.

Method number 3: Clean with a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and ammonia. Take a teaspoon of each ingredient and pour it into a glass of water. Wet the sponge with the resulting composition and process the product. Rinse clean areas with water.

Method number 4: A light suede jacket or raincoat is cleaned with a mixture of milk and ammonia 2: 1. After that, the contaminated area is wiped with a damp cloth or a diluted vinegar solution (a teaspoon per liter of liquid).

Method number 5: Make a mixture of washing powder and add a few drops of ammonia to 1 liter of water. Remove problematic contaminants. Rinse the treated area, avoiding substantial wetting.

Tip: Rain stains on suede clothing can be easily removed with a rubberized cloth or a hard sponge.

How To Clean A Dark material Suede Jacket

Method number 1: Ammonia diluted with water to a concentration of 10% effectively fights pollution. Soak a cloth and wipe the clothes after blotting with a towel moistened in water or vinegar solution (a teaspoon per liter of water).

Method number 2: A school eraser or a crust of black bread will successfully cope with pollution. Clean with the same movements as when erasing a pattern from a paper.

Method number 3: Dark suede is restored with a gruel of coffee grounds. Dip a hard-bristled brush into the thick and walk over the area of contamination.

Important: the material is delicate, and intense friction can damage the pile.

How to clean a faux suede Jacket

Artificial material is softer and wears out faster. She fears friction, mechanical stress, and drying out, making her rigid and brittle.

Method number 1: Shavings of laundry soap dissolved in water will rid dark and light suede of pollution. Suitable for these purposes and liquid soap or gel for washing delicate items. A tablespoon of which must be dissolved in 800 ml of water. The composition is applied to the brush and then to the product. Then wipe with a damp cloth and leave to dry at room temperature.

Method number 2: Dry cleaning of artificial suede is carried out using toothpowder and a non-hard brush. The direction of movement should be in one direction.

Method number 3: Moisten a cotton cloth or terry towel with rubbing alcohol or table vinegar and treat the stain. Movement should be light, without pressure. It is recommended to use the direction crosswise because when moving in a circle, the pile of suede deteriorates. Remove the remains of the product with a clean, damp sponge, passing over the treatment area several times. Blot the moisture and hang the item to dry.

Method number 4: Dried white bread removes impurities from fair skin. They must lightly rub the dirty area and comb the pile with a brush.

Method number 5: Grease stains on light-colored clothes are easily removed with talcum powder. Cover the contamination with a thick layer and withstand 3 hours.

Remove residue with a rubber brush. Sometimes artificial suede cannot be reanimated on its own. It’s not worth the risk, but immediately contact the dry cleaner, especially if it is expensive.

Stain cleaning

Since suede jackets cannot be wetted much, greasy stains and dirt can be removed by other methods. Salt can cope with small greasy spots: for this, you need to pour it abundantly on contaminated places and clean off the crystals with a brush after a while.

If the contamination is more serious, the stain can be treated with a solution of ammonia: dilute five to six drops of the drug in two hundred grams of water (when cleaning light suede, low-fat milk can replace water), apply it on a brush, treat the stain, wipe the cleaned area well with clean water and dry.

Grease stains can be removed with gasoline: to do this, moisten a rag in it and wipe the dirt. The stain after the first treatment will most likely not disappear, so the procedure must be repeated several times. After that, you should not dry a suede jacket in a room: it is advisable to hang it in the fresh air and let the gasoline smell disappear.

Laundry soap will help to cope with an old stain on a suede jacket: first, you need to rub the jacket with it, after which the dirt is carefully removed with a stiff brush for clothes or a wire washcloth for dishes.

Wipe the remaining traces of the stain with a piece of cloth after wetting it in a solution of water and ammonia (4: 1). To remove the remnants of pollution, you need to treat them with an acetic solution (a teaspoon per liter of water), soaking a cloth in it and rubbing the stain. Then rinse the cleaned area with clean water.

You can remove stains from light suede jackets using a solution based on non-fat milk: dissolve a teaspoon of soda and five to six drops of hydrogen peroxide in a glass of water. Then wipe the contaminated area with a flannel cloth soaked in liquid, rinse with a sponge with clean water and wipe with dry material.

Sleeve and collar cleaning

After steaming out the collar, and after a while – the sleeves- it is necessary to remove all dirt with a stiff brush, wipe with a damp sponge, rinse with warm water, and gently wipe with dry material.

If it is impossible to remove the dirt with a brush, talc, starch, or salt can be poured onto greasy places and left for an hour. If you need to clean a dark jacket, it is better to use coffee grounds gruel. Use a stiff brush to remove the remaining dirt when the time is up.

If the collar and sleeves are so soiled that these methods do not work, the stains can be treated with gasoline and turpentine (2: 1).


The lining of a suede jacket is made of fabric, so if it is detachable, it can be removed and washed. If not, moisten the sponge in warm water with the dissolved powder and wipe the lining. The fabric can be washed intensively, helping yourself with your hands and being careful not to wet the suede.

Dry cleaning A Suede Jacket

A soiled suede jacket can be taken to a dry cleaner with special equipment for cleaning suede clothing. At the same time, it should be borne in mind that this service is expensive, and cleaning is not always effective: even chemicals may not remove stubborn stains (having found such contamination, many dry cleaners often refuse to accept a thing for work).

During cleaning with professional chemicals, suede can react negatively to one or another drug: shrink, coarsen, fade, and acquire a dirty tint (this problem, however, can be solved: the product can permanently be dyed). If the thing turns out to be damaged, its company will not reimburse the cost: when handing over the product to dry cleaning, the client usually signs an agreement that if the jacket is damaged, he will not have any claims.

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How To Clean Suede Jacket? – A Complete GUIDE
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