How to cut mushrooms

Whatever kind of mushroom it would be, it is excellent. A mushroom is a magnificent ingredient that you can add to meat, poultry, fish, vegetable, or a stand-alone dish. You can even make it as a pizza topping, and you’ll be going to enjoy eating it because it tastes great.

Several kinds of mushrooms are edible to eat, and there are cheaper ones and those that can make you say “wow” because it is so expensive. When you put a mushroom to any dish, you can expect a 360-degree turn because mushrooms can make ordinary dishes into extra or super special ones.

How to cut mushrooms
How to cut mushrooms?

When you buy a canned mushroom, you can have whole buttons, halves, or sliced into thin bits. And you would end up asking yourself how to cut mushrooms? Does it take a unique set of skills to make the perfect slices? Do you need to be an experienced chef just to cut these tasty mushrooms? Let us find out.

How to cut mushrooms?

Mushrooms can be easier to cut than meats or other hard and crunchy vegetables and fruits, and they are easy like pumpkin, and they seem to be softer than an apple or pear. If you need to, you can even tear a piece of mushrooms into shreds, but it won’t look good, but still, the thing is, mushrooms are easy to cut.

Before even cutting a mushroom to be used for various recipes, you need to wash it first and make sure that there is no dirt or soil stuck on it if you bring it fresh. But for a canned mushroom, you need to drain the liquid and can start cutting according to how you like it right away.

In this discussion, you need to prepare your equipment. You would need a good, sharp, and dependable knife. A good quality cutting board, some paper towels and of course, you need mushrooms. Let us work on those knife skills and get ready to cut up some marvelous pieces of mushrooms.

But before even thinking of washing your mushrooms, check first if the mushrooms are still good. Check for any rotting or some things that you rarely see when you have an excellent piece of edible mushrooms. Remember, these things are fungus and can be a bacteria haven when you are not careful handling them.

After you have examined them and did not find any sign of rotting or spoilage, you need to clean them.

Cleaning mushrooms

These fungi are not to be placed in running water. Mushrooms are like sponges, and when you soak them with water, you are not washing them, but you are letting them absorb lots of water. To clean your mushrooms, you need a clean piece of paper towel and wipe or brush these mushrooms off to remove dirt, and that would be it.

Placing mushrooms underwater or putting them underneath a flowing tap is not a good idea.

Cutting the mushrooms stem off

Cut the stems so that you can flush the cap of the mushrooms. When you do this, you will cut the other parts more quickly because of cutting. First, the stem would make them sturdy, making them easier to cut or slice. When your recipe calls for minced mushrooms, you can use the stem, or if you don’t like it, you can discard it.

Slicing and dicing the mushrooms

Place the mushroom on your cutting board with the stem side down. Slice across the mushroom according to your preferred thickness. These slices or cuts are great for pizza, pasta, salads, and other delicious and excellent-tasting treats.

To dice your mushroom or to cut them into much smaller pieces, you slice them into strips and cut them again, going in the opposite direction until all of them are small and diced. Just that simple, no fuss, no refine skills needed, just plain slice and dice. Remember, do not wash your mushroom with water.

Dry it using a paper towel, and it is ready to go.

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