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How to sew on a patch

Looking for pro tips for how to sew on a patch? Have you ever had a shirt or a jean that you really love but was torn or damaged? You’ve been wanting to wear that shirt or jeans for an occasion but it won’t do you any good if you went out with a torn […]

Handheld sewing machine

You can always feel a great sense of accomplishment when you have finished output with your hands. The feeling of elation is such a great emotion knowing that you have accomplished something out from scratch. There is always a strong feeling of joy when you have something to show yourself and your friends that you […]

Serger vs Sewing Machine

Ever wondered what would be the next step in building your sewing skills? Imagining those amazing, professional-looking stitches and knits, but don’t have the prowess to do it with a conventional sewing machine? It may not be common for casual seamstress or tailors, but a serger is one great tool in achieving those clean seams, […]

Sewing machine repair

Patching, fixing, and sewing tattered clothing is a tiresome and yet rewarding task. Having the idea that you have accomplished something is a great feeling and making it last is a challenge. Sewing will demand time, patience, dedication, and hard work. Your tool of choice is obviously your good old and dependable as ever sewing […]

Sewing Baskets For All Your Sewing Needs

Patching up and sewing tears on a piece of cloth can sometimes be a good stress-relieving activity. It can also be a warm and light bonding moment between mommy and her daughter. After someone is done sewing, there is a gentle breeze of a feeling of contentment, a sense of accomplishment on your part because […]

Leather Sewing Kit

Leather is a strong, breathable, and comfortable material that can make its finished product luxuriously stand out. There are several tools used in leather crafting but below are the 10 most basic tools that you need to get started in this impressive and fulfilling hobby. What tools do you need for sewing leather? Skiving Knife […]

Best Sewing Machines for Quilting

Quilting machines can often pose problems for people who work with them as they require a lot of space – the long arm of a quilting machine isn’t tiny, and many people look for alternatives to quilt with. In this regard, many sewing machines have adapted to the process of quilting, and they’re just as […]

Best Irons for Sewing and Quilting

If you’re serious about ironing and quilting, then you’re certainly aware that you need a good iron for all your projects. This, however, isn’t always that easy and it’s unlikely that you’re going to just stumble upon the ideal iron just like that. You most likely know that many issues can arise with irons – […]

How to Repair a Down Jacket

Down jackets are some of the most comfortable and practical jackets there are since they are lightweight and warm at the same time. There are down jackets for all types of cold, and they are the best jackets to call upon when facing freezing cold weather. However, they have one downside (no pun intended): they […]

How to Sew Up Curtains?

When winter starts knocking on your doors (or on your windows, which would be more applicable in this scenario), one effective way of decreasing its hold over your home would be to buy heavy curtains. Many people find this very effective, however, large heavy curtains are very expensive, and it’s actually cheaper to buy smaller […]

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