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Do Fleas Fly?

Most of us, often have this question of, can fleas fly? because we often see our dogs and cats, scratching themselves excessively, or rubbing their body against the wall for apparently no reason at all and suddenly we can see a tiny insect crawling in our carpets or in our cushion, even in our beds […]

Fleas in bed

You may prefer to sleep with your cat or dog in bed as you want them to feel loved and want them close by, but sometimes there is a downside to letting them cozy up to you in your bed. It is when you find fleas hopping not just on the floor, tables, chairs but […]

Does bleach kill fleas?

Bleach helps you clean your home. An application of bleach in your bathroom and sinks can help you make them squeaky clean shiny. Bleach is your all-around “go-to” chemicals in giving your home the much-needed cleanliness it needs. Having a gallon of it can be handy most of the time. Does bleach kill fleas? An […]

Do Fleas Have Wings?

Fleas. Tiny but incredibly annoying pests that feed off animal blood, yes, that includes humans as well. Have you ever found itchy red welts on parts of your body like your ankles? Well, it’s no doubt you probably encountered the attack of a flea- or a whole pack of them! Those infuriating insects can become […]

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