How Do You Get Rid of Moth?

When you buy a new pair of shoes, you always get a small bag with beads with DO NOT OPEN on it in the box. Do you know what it is for? For months, of course. Moths can be real little temptations. Of course, they are harmless to humans, although the larger ones can look a little scary. For your clothes and food in the kitchen cabinets are not so safe. The invasion of moths in your house can cause considerable problems, but also costs. Surely you are wondering how to get rid of them then?

To get rid of moths you need to throw out all moths, their larvae, and eggs from your house. Wash infested clothes at high temperatures. Throw away products from kitchen cabinets attacked by moths and wash the shelves. Clean carpets with moth spray. After that, use moth repellents that will prevent them from returning.

How Do You Get Rid of Moth
How Do You Get Rid of Moth

Moths can be found in different sizes and different colors. They resemble butterflies, but in monotonous, muted colors. They are usually gray, brown, or brownish-red. There are many types of moths, but clothes moth and pantry ones are a problem for humans. Moths love dark places so they find refuge in your closets and kitchen cabinets where they have enough food to survive for a long time. However, if you spot them in time, you can prevent potential damage that moths can cause.

What causes moths in the house?

It is common knowledge that beetles love light. It is a summer evening, you are sitting on your terrace, and a bunch of beetles has gathered on a light bulb above you. Like other insects, moths love light. If you keep the doors and windows open or have holes in the mosquito net, moths will easily enter your house.

In addition to light, what attracts moths is food. Pantry moths love light, but they also love your food. Once they crawl into your cupboards, they won’t go out to be in the light because they have plenty of food. Except because of the light, pantry moths often enter your house in purchased groceries that they have already attacked. They use items in the house to feed or to lay their eggs on them. Your cereals, spices, nuts, chocolate, and flour will be served in the kitchen.

Clothes moths are a little different. They prefer to stay in dark closets and will not go to the light often. They can be accidentally brought in from the outside or stray into your closet on their own, finding the ideal place to leave their eggs. Clothes moths prefer fabrics such as wool, silk, or fur. Briefly. their favorite are animal-based materials, but they won’t hesitate to attack other materials if it becomes their food.

Moths can also attack carpet, but if you vacuum regularly, moths are likely to avoid your carpet. Still, it’s good to know that moths like to settle on wool and silk carpets. They are especially suited to dark places such as under the sofa, behind heavy curtains, and under furniture that rarely moves. They settle in these parts of the carpet because it provides them with ideal living conditions.

Should I worry about moths?

Moths usually invade two things in your house: food and clothing.

If moths crawl into your kitchen cabinets, they will create several problems. In addition to not being comfortable having insects in your food, you will need to inspect all food to make sure no moths have settled in it. Not only can you find moths in food, but also their eggs, larvae, and feces.

An additional problem is that moths are not too picky so they will feed on all the dry food they find. Flour, spices, cereals, you name it, they eat it. If moths have attacked your kitchen cabinets, you will probably need to throw away large amounts of food. You can browse and choose what they attacked, but perhaps it’s easiest to throw away anything that seems suspicious. Better safe than sorry.

If it forms in the carpet, females can leave about 200 eggs in it over several months, which can turn into a real invasion.

Moths eat your clothes and leave irregular holes in them. As they move around it, they leave fecal dropping along the way that looks like small spots. Also, your clothes will likely be full of their eggs. The eggs later turn into larvae and then grow into moths. It is certainly not comfortable to find holes, eggs, or larvae on your clothes. Invasion of moths can cost you quite a bit, so yes, you need to take care of moths.

How do you get rid of moth?

To get rid of moths you need to use different methods depending on the place they invaded.

To prevent moths from attacking your clothes, you need to keep them clean at all times. Moths are attracted to human sweat as well as stains on clothes which can be a great food source for them.

When storing clothes at the end of the season, be sure to wash them to remove any larvae that may be on them. Dry your clothes well, then store them in bags or boxes that moths will not be able to enter. Place stored clothes in dry places where they will not come into contact with moisture. This will prevent moths from getting on your clothes and in your closet.

If you find only one moth in your house, get rid of it right away so it doesn’t lay eggs and make a real invasion of your house. Even if moths hatch in the house, don’t worry. There are a number of ways we can get rid of these troublesome insects.

1. Wash clothes at a high temperature

If you suspect an infestation of your closet, wash your clothes at a high temperature and dry them. Then put the dried clothes in a plastic bag and in the freezer for a few days. Once you take it out of the freezer, you are free to store it for next season.

2. Cleaning the kitchen

If you have moths in your kitchen, take everything out of the kitchen cabinets. Inspect the products for holes. If you notice holes, be sure to throw away the products as this means they have entered the packaging. Don’t just look for adult moths, but look for larvae and eggs. Moths also like to hide on the lids of containers, so pay attention to them. When you have inspected and throw away all the products you suspect to have been attacked by moths, wash the shelves thoroughly. Wash them with a mixture of water and vinegar. It won’t hurt if you add a little mint to the mixture. After cleaning, wash the cloth in bleach or throw it out of the house.

3. Lavender

Lavender has a very intense scent that repels moths and other insects. In most stores, you can find bags of dried lavender and put them in a place attacked by moths. If it is available to you, you can pick the lavender yourself, put it in a canvas bag and then use it to get rid of moths. The third option is to use lavender essential oil which you will simply drip on a cotton ball and leave to solve the math problem. 

4. Mint

Due to the intense scent, mint has the same effect on moths as lavender. Put dried mint leaves in a plastic bag or put peppermint essential oil on a cotton ball and then place it where the moths are.

5. Cloves, Thyme and Rosemary

These are all spices that are quite tempting to humans, but not to moths. Their intense scent is a natural repellent for moths. You can use the spices separately or mix them and put them in a bag. If they are quality spices, their scent will last for 6 months after which they need to be replaced. You can buy these spices in almost any store.

6. Use anti-moth paper

Anti-moth paper successfully fights moths. You can put it in kitchen cabinets as well as in the closet. For the closet, you can buy anti-moth paper of different scents to make your closet smell nice. You can buy these papers in almost all stores.

7. Moth spray

In addition to clothing and kitchen cabinets, moths can also attack carpets. If moths have attacked your carpet, use moth spray. Be sure to spray it between the threads to get to the bottom of the carpet where the larvae are most often found. Repeat the procedure after 30 days to make sure you get rid of them.

8. Vinegar

Vinegar is a real lifesaver for bug problems. Simply wipe the closet or kitchen cabinet with a cloth soaked in vinegar to get rid of moths. Its strong scent repels moths and will make your closet an inhospitable place. However, vinegar has a rather intense smell to humans as well. Take your clothes out before cleaning the closet or consider adding essential oils in it.


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