How To Pit Olives

How to Pit Olives? A known fact, olives are antioxidants that possess a lot of health benefits like lowering bad cholesterol and help you keep your blood pressure in check. It also helps in reducing the risks of cancer and bone loss, which affects many people. Olives have been around and used by many ancient civilizations for a variety of uses.

You can enjoy olives in salads, in sandwiches, and in some other delicacies. Olives are fruits and belong to a group known as drupes or stone fruits which are related or a cousin of mangoes, cherries, peaches, almonds, and pistachios. Olive is a great “must-have” in every kitchen because of its many health advantages.

How to Pit Olives
How to Pit Olives?

We have heard a lot of good things about olives, but how about pit olives? Is it a skill that needs to be learned? Why should you put olives in the first place? We will answer everything about how to pit olives, and we hope you enjoy using it as it provides a lot of advantages and is an excellent ingredient in cooking. Enjoy and bon appetit.

How to pit olives

There is always a sense of satisfaction when you have done something by yourself. You can pit an olive and enjoy it in whatever it pleases you. Something you have done yourself would always taste better if you have done it correctly. You can pit an olive-like pro at home with these easy-to-follow steps.

  • Work with one olive at a time, although doing it the first few times may be challenging, but when you get the hang of it, you can buzz your way smoothly with few issues. Place a delightful piece of olive on your cutting board and place the flat side of your knife over the olive. A chef’s knife would be great because it allows you to have a lot of surface area when you pit those juicy olives.
  • Position your hand’s heel on the knife where you have placed the olive steadily underneath it. For maximum juicing power, put your entire weight on your knife and press it nicely all the way down until you feel that the olive gives way.
  • Take off the knife and set it aside. Look at the olive as if its flesh has been flat and broken around the pit. Pull the flesh apart using your fingers and separate the pit from the meat.
  • If you are planning to pit several pieces of olives, always keep in mind that you need to keep and flesh and the pit separated. When you are putting too much concentration on pitting the olives, chances are you might forget separating the flesh and the pit and you’ll get those things mixed up. And a few pits would get end up on your tapenade which is not an excellent thing.
  • When you have mastered pitting olives, you’ll definitely enjoy it on your salads, potatoes, pasta, pizza or in any treat that you would dive into. The possibilities are endless when you have this handy skill. Good luck and just practice it and you’ll become a master in no time.

OXO Good Grips Cherry and Olive Pitter

How to pit olives in simple steps? Use this olive pitter, and you’ll get your pitted olive in no time. It has an excellent design which is perfect for both olives and cherries as well, and it has a recessed design that allows you to pit smaller cherries with no fuss.

It features a removable splatter shield that protects your work area and your clothing from any splatters. It has locks that allow you to close it for safe storage and safekeeping. You can pit any variety of olives with ease and in no time. Since this is dishwasher safe, cleaning it is never a problem, a great kitchen essential that you should have.

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CCGAHE Portable Olive Pitter Tool

Getting those olives pitted is easy as a breeze with this portable olive pitter tool at your disposal. This all-in-one kitchen equipment is durable because they made it from high-quality 304 food-grade stainless steel that ensures your safety every time you use it. This is great in pitting cherries, olives and crushing cloves of garlic with ease.

It is easy to operate. Just put your olive and lock it in place, give it a firm squeeze with just your hand, and you pit an olive nice and easy, just like that. It is also easy to clean. You can place it under a running tap or have it done on your dishwasher, and it is ready for another round of pitting olives. You’ll love having this one in your kitchen.

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Westmark Olive Pitter/Stoner

You need this olive pitter in your kitchen, period. Made from aluminum and spring-loaded, you’ll always get the best pit olives every time you use this bad boy. You can always pit a lot of olives with this great kitchen essential and create a lot of wonders with this excellent piece of Westmark olive pitter.

Having this Westmark olive pitter clean is also easy. It is dishwasher safe, so you’ll always be sure that you have a clean piece of kitchen utensil that allows you to do great wonders in your kitchen every single time. You can always feel relief no matter the situation because this excellent piece of olive pitter has got your back. Come and get this one now.

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imarku Chef Knife with Ergonomic Handle

When you don’t have an olive pitter, but you need to pit olives, you don’t have to worry yourself too much when you have this excellent imarku chef’s knife at your side. Made from high-carbon stainless steel blades of premium quality that are very functional and versatile for many kitchen needs.

A multi-functional knife that is great for slicing, cutting, chopping, and, of course, for pitting olives. You are always in control no matter what when you have this superb chef’s knife at your disposal. It is corrosion-resistant, which gives you confidence with your every move every single time. Get this excellent knife now.

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