18 Tips on How to Clean a Coffee Grinder

When was the last time you clean your coffee grinder? How did you clean it?

Coffee grinders need to be clean, maintained, and properly cared for. This equipment is so important, especially when you’re running a coffee shop business or in personal home use.

How to Clean a Coffee Grinder
How to Clean a Coffee Grinder

Why it is so important to clean our coffee grinders? The first thing first is for you to achieve the tastes of coffee, to make sure that we cleaned the leftover coffee off. And we need to wash it now and then the coffee dust so that it cannot be bad for the coffee drinkers. And your grinder machine will last long.

In Particular, what kind of coffee beans do you use for grinding? Because dark and light coffee have different extracts and they have different solubles. It’s so important to check first your equipment before using it and it should be well cleaned and taken care of so you can enjoy the best tastes of a coffee.

Coffee business owners, homemakers, and coffee lovers are the users of coffee grinder machines. The coffee grinder machines are now in use and the quality of coffee is so rich.

There are different coffee grinders, but the cleaning techniques are quite the same. Others have their coffee grinder machine but they don’t know exactly how to clean it. Most of the purchasers of coffee grinders have this kind of question. How to clean a coffee grinder?

18 Tips on How to Clean a Coffee Grinder

What are the cleaning tools needed, ways on how to clean it, and other tips you need to consider?

Another thing is, how often do you have to clean your coffee grinder? Let’s find out below these 18 tips on how to clean your coffee grinder.

Let’s Do This. !

1. Unplugged first into the grinder

Why is it important to unplug it first?

Because when you forgot to unplug your machine or coffee grinder, this could be a serious problem. Still, plug into the electricity is dangerous to the cleaner and the barista. Unplug your grinder first before cleaning and disassemble the parts of the coffee grinder.

Unplugging the wire before cleaning, is the best way you can clean your coffee grinder right away after you unplug the wire.

And it is good to know first that before doing reassembling the parts of a grinder is you must do this first step before anything else.

2. Disassemble the parts of the grinder

A screwdriver is a tool when disassembling the grinder part, especially when you want to remove a small blade or other parts.

This tool is so useful when cleaning your coffee grinder and mostly grinder has a part that needs to be screwed off. Find a screwdriver that fits the size of a screw that needs to unscrew.

Disassembling the parts of the coffee grinder is another technique when cleaning a coffee grinder. The coffee grinder is easy to open and reassemble the parts of the grind but make it sure that you separate the parts in an area that is far from the child if you’re a mother. And set aside all the important parts of the grinder.

3. Unscrew and set aside

After unscrewing the screws from your grinder, set aside the screw and keep it for the meantime while cleaning the grind.

But don’t lose it because when you’re done cleaning the machine, screws have an important role when reassembling the part. Screws can be small, medium, or any size but the normal size of a screw in a coffee grinder is small. This small part thing can be tricky because if you lose a single one of the screws that you will use, your coffee grinder is now in a trouble and it is another problem aside from having a problem of how to clean your grinder.

4. Clean it with a brush

We need what kind of brush for cleaning?

A soft brush for cleaning your grinds can help remove the coffee dust or the leftover coffee. Using this soft brush makes your cleaning easier to reach those hard-to-reach places on the grind. And it is useful for scrubbing and removing the coffee dust from the grind.

You can use a toothbrush but choose the soft bristle and any other brand of cleaning brush as long as we use it for scrubbing the coffee dust.

When cleaning the bur grind or any other parts of the grinder brush is the number one tool cleaning that is so helpful. Lack of soft brush when cleaning is not well ready to clean the grinder. Before doing some reassembling or unplugging the wire, you must at least prepare already a soft brush for scrubbing the leftover coffee dust.

5. Vacuum the grinder

Using a vacuum cleaner can help your coffee grinder cleaner and faster. If you want deep cleaning techniques, use a vacuum cleaner.

You can use the cordless car vacuum cleaner or any vacuum cleaner that will help remove the leftover coffee in the grinder.

Make sure the vacuum cleaner is clean and is ready to use for cleaning the grind.

Vacuum cleaner techniques make your grinder surely clean and free from the hustle of brushing the coffee dust. Especially when you do deep cleaning, all the coffee dust inside that is hard to brush off the vacuum cleaner does the job of cleaning it. Completely clean the area of the grind and a stress-free cleaning technique vacuum cleaner is the easiest way.

6.The minor cleaning and the deep cleaning

Now, the difference between the two cleaning techniques is what kind of coffee grinder you’ll need to clean?

The minor cleaning can apply to all coffee grinding machines but the most useful technique is deep cleaning.

For example, a hand grinder doesn’t require deep cleaning, a hand grinder is easy to disassemble and easy to clean.

While other coffee grinders require deep cleaning, like the ones that they use in a coffee shop business. These grinders need deep cleaning.

Deep cleaning requires effort in cleaning the grind and patience. This technique of cleaning the grind can have an assurance of a clean, dry, and the coffee dust, the leftover beans inside the grind will now remove. Deep cleaning is a way where you can check the entire space inside and how much amount of coffee beans are stuck for a long.

7. Align holes with parts properly or assemble them back properly

It’s important to align the important parts of the ground area. Because when it’s not properly aligned, your grinding machine will cause a problem and can be the start of damaging your coffee grinder.

And also if you misplace the other parts, it’s hard to find a new one.

After reassembling and wiping the parts of a grinder, see if the holes are in good alignment and screwed it back.

It’s important to make sure that you align it properly so your grinder will not have trouble when using it.

8. The Cleaning tools you will need

  • A soft brush (For Scrubbing )
  • Cotton Swabs or Towels
  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • Bowl of warm soapy water
  • Screwdriver
  • Wood toothpicks

9. Find a comfortable space away from the children

When cleaning a coffee grinder, you need to consider the area or space for cleaning your grinder.

It’s hard to clean when there are interruptions, toddlers and adults roaming around the kitchen. So make sure it’s quiet, away from distractions and interruptions when cleaning your coffee grinder.

10. Always check the hopper after cleaning and using

If you mistakenly or forgot to close the hopper while grinding, your beans will spread upon the upper surface of the grinder.

And after cleaning the grinding machine, always close, dried it up, and see that the hopper can be ready to use after cleaning.

Hopper is the main important part of a coffee grinding machine without this you can’t grind your coffee. That’s why it is so important to always check the hopper.

11. Carefully remove the grind, screw, blades, and other parts

A coffee grinder has many parts, and each part has an important role. If you missed one part, then your cleaning will now distract.

You will get busy finding the missing part of the grind, make sure you carefully set aside the small parts which are the screw.

If you’re afraid of losing some other parts of the grinding machine, ask for help from others. Particularly, if there is a blade part or a sharp thing.

12. The burr blade and the blade grinder how to clean

This time it depends on what type of grinder you are going to clean. Burr grinders produce consistent and uniform coffee.

While blade grinder has coarse or uneven results of coffee. But the point is how to clean these two types of grinders?

You can use different tools for cleaning. See above the list of how to clean your grinders.

13. The best time to clean your coffee grinders

Some coffee grinder users or owners clean their grinders every 1-2 weeks, others clean them once a month.

You only have 30 minutes to clean the grinder but it depends on the grinder machine. Of course, when having a coffee grinder you’ll need to set a schedule for your cleaning and it is good when you have the proper tools for cleaning.

14. Never put the base in the water

As you clean your grinder, always keep in my mind that you have to separate first the base after reassembling the other part.

Always make sure to never put the base part of the body of a coffee grinder in the water. Because it is a base component of an electrical thing.

Make sure you wipe it with a dry cloth or wipe it with a clean tissue, but don’t wash in the water as this will cause damage to your coffee grinder.

15.The cleaning product for coffee grinder or cleaning chemicals

They’re a bunch of cleaning products for coffee grinders, you can search it on google on what are the cleaning products aside from soapy water.

I recommend Caffetto Grinder Clean; it has an organic smell, is phosphate-free, biodegradable, and GMO-free. And it suits all coffee grinders.

You can use any other cleaning products rather than the cleaning chemicals which preferred your grinder most. You will be the one to choose of what cleaning product you will use for cleaning the coffee grinder.

16.Don’t forget to wipe and replace the coffee beans

Before putting back together the other parts of the grinder makes sure it’s super clean and dry. The hopper is the first thing to wipe and the bean container makes sure there is no oil and it is dry already before putting it back together. Always wipe after you clean the hopper and the bean container.

17. Wipe all the plastic parts

After removing and washing the plastic parts of a coffee grinder, don’t forget to wipe a towel or a dry cloth just making sure that there is no water left in the plastic parts. And also the metal pieces must dry out and clean.

Wipe with a clean cloth or a clean towel to make sure it’s clean and dry. Coffee grinders need proper cleaning and so the wiping technique is there to help absorb those waters or dense from the plastic, that’s left from washing with water.

18. Don’t wash the burr with water

Always use a clean dry cloth and never wash it in the water. You can wipe it and wipe out any oils that are left. To inner and outer burr wipe it with a clean cloth. Keep in mind that you’re not allowed to wash the burr part with water you can clean it using a clean cloth. But never wash it water.

Because when you wash the burr with water and forgot to wipe it dry, your grinder is in trouble. Burr is for the coffee beans to grind perfectly and it connects to the motor so be careful of cleaning this part of your grinder it needs proper attention.

Why Clean the Grinder?

  • To make sure that the leftover coffee will not stay long inside the grinder.
  • To check if you have a good-condition coffee grinder machine.
  • To remove the old coffee dust or the molds inside your grinder.
  • To maintain the quality of an excellent coffee and the tastes.
  • The coffee grinder will last long.

We all have now ideas on how to clean our coffee grinder with different tools and techniques. But what about the things you should not try to do when cleaning our grinders? Note this, always unplug the wire when cleaning and never include it when washing the dirt part of the grinder.

We want to make sure that our coffee grinders are safe, in a good condition, able to produce excellent tastes of coffee. Now, what I’m trying to say is that it’s really important to take responsibility to take care of our coffee grinder machine.

Because what will happen if you have low maintenance in cleaning your equipment rather than your coffee grinder. They will disappoint your customer with unpleasant tastes or changes in the tastes of a coffee. If you cannot clean your coffee grinder. Sometimes it happens in a coffee shop business, one problem of having bad taste coffee is low maintaining or the cleaning routines of a coffee grinder. That’s why scheduling cleaning coffee grinders is so helpful and effective.

Just remember this

An unpleasant taste of coffee reflects the coffee grinders that you have. It is better to clean the coffee grinder once a month. So that bad feedback from customers will not arise. A clean coffee grinder invites the coffee drinker and it can add up to your sales if you’re running a coffee shop business.

And if you’re a homemaker who loves coffee so much, this article can help you and gives you tip, on how to, what to, and shouldn’t do in cleaning your coffee grinder. Your friends, the family, love your coffee because you clean it once a month. It’s a good thing to know that you have a good friend who comes along to your house and wants to drink your coffee. So it is best to clean your coffee grinder to have a good excellent taste of coffee.

Always follow the tips and ways of cleaning your coffee grinder. So will have a good result and can have a long and lasting consumption of the grinder.

One good thing about a well-clean coffee grinder is that your money will not waste and your grinder will last longer. Another thing about not cleaning your coffee grinder machine is that your grinder will not last and you will purchase again another one and another waste of money.

Cleaning is not a simple task to do it requires patience and willingness and how you love what you’re doing. Like the coffee grinder machine, it needs a lot of patience and willingness to do the cleaning and when you finish cleaning the grinder. Because of the hard work, you invested in cleaning the coffee grinder, your reward now is to have an excellent taste of coffee. Happy Cleaning !

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