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Leather Sewing Kit

Leather is a strong, breathable, and comfortable material that can make its finished product luxuriously stand out. There are several tools used in leather crafting but below are the 10 most basic tools that you need to get started in this impressive and fulfilling hobby.

Leather Sewing Kit
Leather Sewing Kit

What tools do you need for sewing leather?

Skiving Knife

It is the most important tool that you need when crafting leather. A skiving knife features a wide blade with straight edges that you can effectively use in shaving off your leather. Before you can actually start stitching, first you need to prepare the leather by thinning the areas that you need to stitch or join. If you stitch two unprepared leather pieces together, the stitched areas will bulge and become prominently thicker. The skiving knife will allow you to create a smooth finish on the stitched area of the leather.

Adjustable Groover

After thinning the necessary areas on your leather, you will then need to create a visible stitching path using an adjustable groover. First, position the grooving blade according to your desired size then lock it in place. Then run the groover along the leather edges to put a groove that will serve as your mark as soon as you start stitching. It is a tool that will allow you to synchronize your stitches so that they will come up neat and well-aligned. If you want to be more creative, you can also do so using the groovers.

Swivel Knife

The ornamentation is one of the distinct features of leather goods that displays the craftsmanship of its maker. It is the reason why a swivel knife is one of the most important tools that every leather crafter should own. The knife features a chisel cutting edge and a yoke where the forefinger can comfortably rest while you’re carving. As you move and turn the swivel knife’s body, you will be able to create intricate designs on your leather product.

Steel Prongs

When it comes to punching multiple holes for stitching heavy leathers, you will be needing the steel prongs in order to achieve maximum productivity at a lesser time. Piercing holes through your leather one at a time can be tedious but by punching the steel prongs on your leather, you will be able to create multiple holes in no time.

Stitching Wheels

The stitching wheel is one of the most popular tools for new leathercrafters. It features a metal wheel with multiple sharp points around it. After grooving your leather, you can run the wheel to mark the areas that you will sew. By using the stitching wheel, you can work a lot quicker and finish more goods in a lesser amount of time.

Leather Awl

It is a small pointed tool used for piercing holes through a piece of leather so that you can smoothly run stitches through the material. This is one of the handiest tools that you need in leather crafting for it works like a needle with an eye on its pointed end. After pushing the thick and sharp point of this awl on the leather, you can then pass the thread through its eye and pull it back together with the thread. Leather is a thick and strong fabric that requires you to use a tool that can penetrate the material smoothly and effectively in order to stitch two or more pieces together.

Edge Beveler

The edge beveler is a sharp hand tool used to polish the edges of your leather. It comes in many different sizes and shapes depending on your preferred finished look. This is an important tool to have in order to create leather goods that are neat and refined.

Wooden Burnisher

A burnisher is a hand tool typically made out of wood material. It is the last tool that you would use when crafting leather goods. This tool can smoothen the fibers of your leather by constantly rubbing it on the edges and surface of the material. There is no limit on rubbing the burnisher on your leather. In fact, the longer you rub it on the leather, the cleaner and better it would look.

Here are a few examples of good leather sewing kits that you can get from

B&B Leather Sewing Kit

It is a 50 pcs leather sewing kit specially designed for beginner leather crafters. All the tools and supplies that you need are packed in one durable and transportable box that you can carry wherever you go. The package includes a skiving knife, adjustable groover, waxed threads, swivel knife, steel prongs, leather stamps, stitching wheels, wooden awl, needles, edge beveler, wooden burnisher, emery board, and finger cots. Also attached to your package is a complete tool guide that can help you get acquainted with every single item that you ordered and paid for. B&B Leather is a trusted provider of high-quality leather tools and supplies for both new and seasoned leather crafters.

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WHDZ Leather Sewing Kit

It is a 52 pcs leather sewing kit that’s made of durable and high-quality material. The package includes leather stamps, needles, nail files, steel prongs, waxed threads, skiving knife, wooden burnisher, adjustable groover, copper awl, wooden awl, scissors, tape measure, swivel knife, and a highly durable toolbox. It is a perfect gift idea for family and friends who are looking for a unique new hobby that they can enjoy in their leisure time.

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FEPITO Leather Sewing Kit

It is a 58 pcs leather sewing kit that’s perfect for your next crafting project. The kit includes all the tools and supplies that you need for you to start working on that elegant leather product that you’ve been meaning to craft.

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Wonsidary Leather Sewing Kit

If you feel that you’re now ready to bring your leather crafting to a whole new level, then this kit will be the perfect fit for you. It is a 111 pcs leather sewing kit enough to bring out your artistic side. With this kit, you can easily adorn your leathercraft with letters and names using their complete letter stamping punch tool. Using this complete leather sewing kit, you will be able to sew multiple leather goods, including fabrics, mattresses, upholstery, and a lot more.

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Leather Sewing Kit
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