How do you get rid of white cockroaches?

Having cockroaches at your home, whether is black, brown, or white, is just despicable. No amount of cockroach color would make anyone get comfortable with it. It has sharp and spiny legs; they go to places where they should not be. And the worst part, everywhere they step, they always bring with them a million disease-causing germs.

They eat everything, munch on your favorite recipe book, leave all kinds of filth inside your cabinet and drawers, and they also have a stinging bite that swells painfully, reminding you that what bit you is the germ-carrying organism. A white cockroach is not by any means clean. Just like its dark-colored relative, they are darn dirty.

How do you get rid of white cockroaches
How do you get rid of white cockroaches?

The white cockroach is not a special or hybrid kind. It is just simply molting, ready to become a dark-colored pest. Despite that, a white cockroach or an albino cockroach is not less filthy. Like its dark-colored cousins, those pests should not be in your home.

Getting rid of white cockroaches

Why there is white cockroach?

Like any other insects, cockroaches don’t have bones to support their bodies. They rely on a hard outer covering called an exoskeleton. The exoskeleton does not grow like bones. When a cockroach matures, they outgrow their exoskeleton, and they molt. When they are molting, they are white.

A white cockroach is not in any way special. A typical cockroach goes through several molting processes like 5 to 14 molts until they mature fully. As they slowly transform into full adults, they become more destructive and despicable as time flies.

It’s not very common to see a white cockroaches because they are vulnerable, so they keep on constant hiding. An albino cockroach does not move fast. They spend most of their days hiding because they have limited movements. Their bodies are soft, and most white cockroaches at this stage get “injured” easily.

White cockroaches don’t bite because they don’t have stingers, but they are less dirty. When their exoskeleton gets hardened, they will fly all around as any regular cockroaches do. They are carriers of diseases, and their shed exoskeleton, feces, and other waste matter cause asthma and allergies.

Cleanliness is the best weapon for all cockroaches

Pests and insects like cockroaches are scavengers. If they smell the scent of food nearby, they flock to that area and make it their home. They are adaptive to all kinds of environments, so a dirty home is not something they have to adjust to. They can easily fit into a place that offers free board and lodging.

Getting your place, especially your kitchen and your cabinets, can help curb the infestation of these pesky insects. A cockroach guttles almost anything in sight. They eat left-over food, eat paper, chew on clothing, and they have no trouble drinking spilled milk that you left the night before. They love rubbish. It’s like a pile of treasure to them.

Getting rid of them using things found at home

You can drive away cockroaches from your home using these simple home remedies that are safe for your kids and pets.

Diatomaceous earth

Diatomaceous earth or DE is a natural insecticide. Made from powdered and fossilized algae, the particles of DE are sharp and would dehydrate a cockroach when it passes to places where you apply a liberal amount of DE. It is effective, affordable, and is safe for kids and pets. It requires re-application and will have to move when a hoard of roaches transfers their location.

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Baking soda

An application of baking soda can help you get rid of those insects fast. Create a mixture of baking soda and onion and sprinkle them in those locations where cockroaches thrive. When it ingests your mixture, it creates gases on their stomach and would make them burst. It is effective and non-toxic, not to mention affordable. Just make sure that you properly dispose of those dead cockroaches properly because your pet might munch on those dead critters.

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Boric soda

Boric soda is a naturally occurring compound that is effective in getting rid of cockroaches. A mixture of water and boron can help you kill those pesky insects. It is harmless to both people and pets. When the cockroach comes in contact with your mixture, it sticks on its legs and wings. If they ingested some, it reacts to their system and on their guts. To apply, get an orange peel or a spoon of peanut butter and put it on the paper plate where you put your boric acid mixture and place it on areas where there is roaches activity.

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Borax is not just a laundry product, but it also doubles as a roach-killing substance. Tor creates an effective mixture, combine equal parts of borax and white table sugar. Sprinkle it on those affected areas. When a cockroach feeds on it, the borax dehydrates them and will give an instant kill fast. It is effective and affordable; it kills all cockroaches that ingested the mixture.

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It is a tasty treat for you but an effective repellant of roaches because the scent of lemons is a deterrent to cockroaches. Adding a few drops of lemon oil and use it to mop your floor can help you get rid of those cockroaches. The smell is almost non-detectable, but it’s enough to send those roaches packing and running.

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Essential oils

You can use either peppermint or lemongrass essential oil and mix it with water. Put it on a spray bottle and give it a nice spray on those areas where you see a heavy concentration of cockroach infestation.

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Commercial pest control products to get rid of white cockroaches

Raid Double Control, Large Roach Baits

When a large horde of cockroaches is tormenting you, you can put a stop to it with this RAID double control roach baits. It kills cockroaches and makes your home free from those carrying pests. You don’t need to stress yourself out. A few of these bad boys will help you curb down your roach problems. Get rid of that roach community within days of application.

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