Do Fleas Fly?

Most of us, often have this question of, can fleas fly? because we often see our dogs and cats, scratching themselves excessively, or rubbing their body against the wall for apparently no reason at all and suddenly we can see a tiny insect crawling in our carpets or in our cushion, even in our beds and we wonder how it reaches there? Can fleas fly? That’s leads us to the conclusion that that yes do fleas fly. But in reality, they don’t. Fleas don’t have wings. Contrary to our belief, fleas don’t fly, they just jump. They have these super-strong back legs that push them up to 150 times their height or approximately around 8 inches from one place to another.

There are some pieces of information saying that fruit flies and gnats are fleas too. And they are flying. Sounds contradicting, right? But actually, fleas, fruit flies and gnats are not related to each other, they may have often group in one category, but in reality, they are different insects.

Do Fleas Fly
Do Fleas Fly?

If we will be going to look at the life cycle of a flea, we could notice that after hatching from the cocoon, the flea will begin its first and last leap into the new world as the fleas will look for a host, as the flea will stay on a host until the end of their life cycle. So naturally, they only have one chance to fly. Though they tried to jump from one host to another, it is a huge risk for them, as one wrong move can be fatal. They could fall off to their death.

Do fleas have wings?

If seen under a microscope, these small bugs don’t have wings, that’s why they can’t fly. The body of the flea is when examining under the microscope, it doesn’t look like a bug at all. They are almost like an incredibly tiny mix of an insect and a lobster, it has an oval abdomen, a tiny head, and six legs that dangle underneath the insect, its back legs are longer than the others, let your imagination runs, you will see a little similarity with the shrimp because of the way its leg dangle. Though the shrimp’s back legs are for propelling through the water, while the flea is propelling through the air. Thus a flea needs those powerful legs to leap onto its chosen host animal.

Can fleas fly?

Fleas do not fly and are wingless as adults. Just by crawling, they will be able to penetrate their host skin to locate food and provide protected shade that is favorable for their survival. 

Fleas prefer a temperate climate; they cannot survive in either extreme heat or extreme cold. That’s why these insects love living indoor with us and with our pets. They find it comfortable living in the same condition that we do and they love hanging out in our air-conditioned living space.

Fleas Infestation, how you will handle it?

Even if you don’t have dogs, cats, or any furry pets around your house, there is still a possibility of flea infestation in your home. Other animals like rodents, rats, raccoons, and even squirrels who get trapped inside your ceiling, attics or walls, can be the carrier of fleas.

A flea infestation is so disgusting and a very highly undesirable situation. Because not only they are annoying, these tiny parasites can also cause health problems for you and your furry pets. Flea bites are itchy, often they will leave a tiny red and swollen mark. It will cause also anemia, hair loss, or an allergic rash to your furry pets because of their sucking ability. Fleas sometimes carry infectious diseases also.

If you are not yet certain of any flea infestation, you can call first a professional technician to have a thorough inspection of your surroundings, to determine if there is any sign of infestation, and to make and recommend a treatment plan. Or if you don’t have a budget for professional help, there are many available products now in the market that you can on to get rid of them, if you want to do it yourself.

A regular visit to the licensed veterinary, the one who specialized in fleas and parasites can go along in controlling and preventing flea infestation to your dogs and cats.  By providing proper medication and treatment and lifestyle options to keep your pets healthy and flea-free. Bathing them regularly also will help. One of the effects of the counter medication for your pets. You can try to use:

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Studies said that 5% of fleas live on your pet while the remaining 95% live in your home or yard so it is really necessary to make sure that all corners and edges should be inspected as well. Also always make sure that you vacuum regularly, pay most close attention to the carpeted areas, rugs, and furniture where pets spend most of the time. Fleas need an animal host to survive, that’s where they’re getting their food but their eggs and larvae can survive for days or weeks without access to food, so it is necessary to do the vacuuming at least once a week. Consider as well deep cleaning of carpets and rugs at least once a year. Beddings, that include your bedding and pet bedding, should be wash at least once a week especially if your pet has the tendency to sleep on your bed. Use hot water in washing as much as possible to kill off fleas.

As they always said and always true, “prevention is better than cure”. So the best route of avoidance is aiming to prevent it.

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