How to keep couch cushions from sliding

Couch cushions always seem to move around and slide all over the place, but you don’t understand why. You can barely relax for 5 minutes without having to push them back in place again.

Nowadays, there are plenty of solutions on keeping couch cushions from sliding, which ensure you that your couch and your body will thank you for this one.

Follow these tips on how to keep couch cushions from sliding, and your home will become a more comfortable place to live in.

How to keep couch cushions from sliding
How to keep couch cushions from sliding?

Using a Rug Underneath the Couch Cushions

You don’t have to spend much time, effort, and money making your couch cushions from sliding. All you have to do is place a rug underneath them, and they’ll stay in place for as long as you want them to be there.

Attach Velcro Strips on Your Couch Cushions

Velcro strips are one of those things that can provide a solution to almost any problem you have at home. You should attach some on your couch cushions so they can stick together, which will also keep them from moving around the living room every other minute. However, make sure not to attach too many because first, the couch will look ridiculous, and second, it might not be as comfy as you think.

Using a Rubberband to Keep Couch Cushions in Place

If you don’t have any Velcro strips or a rug at home, use a rubber band to keep your couch cushions from sliding all over the place. Attach one end of the rubber band on the couch itself and attach another one on one of its legs so they can be locked together like this: Now, your couch cushions won’t budge. They’ll stay exactly where you put them.

Let’s say that your fabric is too plain for your taste and you want to make it fancier well; all you have to do is make some cut-out shapes and attach them onto your couch cushions. It will certainly give your living room a unique look.

Use a Weight Underneath the Couch Cushions

Using a weight underneath your couch cushions will ensure that they stay in one place as long as you put them there. You don’t have to keep pushing them back every 5 minutes because as soon as you get up from the couch, they won’t budge an inch.

Using Strips of Fabric with Tape Attached on One End – Couch Cushion Hack

This is yet another easy way on how to couch cushions from sliding. You can use strips of fabric with tape attached to one end. First, you have to attach the tape on the couch itself and then stick the fabric strips onto it. The weight of your couch cushions will keep them in place so they won’t slide away when you get up from the couch.

Make a J-Cushion for Your Couch

What is a j-cushion? It’s an L-shaped cushion that goes under your regular sofa cushions to prevent them from sliding away whenever you sit down or get off the couch. You can make it yourself by using some foam cut into the J shape or simply buying one online.

Make a U-Shape Seat Cushion and Attach It to the Floor

If you don’t want to buy a J-cushion for your couch, make one yourself by using foam or some other material that will keep your sofa cushions from sliding away. Once you get the material, just cut it into the shape of a U and attach it onto the floor so they can be locked together like this:

As long as you have these two pieces locked together, nothing will happen to them when you get up from the couch.

Using Wooden Blocks Underneath Your Couch Cushions

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on things that will keep your couch cushions from sliding away. You can use wooden blocks or even books! It’s as easy as that. Just put them under the legs of the sofa, and it will do the trick perfectly well without costing you a fortune.

Place Rubber Bands Around Your Couch Cushions

Let’s say that you’ve tried all these methods, but they didn’t work for whatever reason; well, there is still one option left – rubber bands. Attach them around your couch cushions so they can hold each other in place, and voila, no more slipping. However, make sure to attach enough of them so your sofa cushions won’t move an inch when you get off the couch.

Using a Pool Noodle to Keep Couch Cushions in Place

This is probably one of the oldest tricks on keeping couch cushions from sliding, but it still works flawlessly well. All you have to do is place a pool noodle along with your sofa and stick its ends underneath the sofa’s legs so it will be locked in place.

Use Furniture Pads to Keep Your Couch Cushions from Sliding

If none of these tricks worked for you, don’t worry; there’s always an option left. To prevent your couch cushions from slipping away, you can use furniture pads. Everyone who owns a coach knows that this is the best way to keep couch cushions from sliding, so why don’t you give it a shot?

Use Furniture Hooks to Keep Couch Cushions in Place

This is yet another simple trick on Keeping couch cushions from sliding, so if all the previous tricks failed, you should try this one. First, attach some hooks onto your sofa and then slide the legs of your couch into them.

Make Your Own Adhesive Sticky Mat for Your Couch Cushion Sliding Problem

You can also fix this annoying problem by making your sticky mat. All you have to do is stick some adhesive on it and attach it to the legs of your sofa.

Finally, ensure that the couch has been anchored securely to the wall using screws or nails through its frame. Couches easily tip forward if not properly anchored to the wall. This is the number one reason why someone would seek out this article in the first place, so take common-sense precautions ahead of time and save yourself some grief later.


With these quick tips, you can have your couch cushions stay in place all day long without having to worry about them sliding around. So get ready for a more relaxing time on the sofa with no worries of anything getting out of control.

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