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How To Clean A Jute Rug?

Are you tired of having common home textiles? Do you want to explore something new and unique to enliven and freshen things up in your home? Well, this might be the time to shed off those bygone floor covers and try a more off-beat design to give your home a more eccentric yet elegant accent. If you’re up to revitalizing your floors, a jute rug might be precisely the one you are looking for! So, if you want to learn more about this, keep reading about this new and eco-friendly decor.

How To Clean A Jute Rug
How To Clean A Jute Rug?

What are Jute Rugs?

Jute rugs are made from the fibers of jute plants that are endemic in tropical and subtropical regions. In some countries, Jute is cultivated for culinary purposes, while for others it is considered as one of the primary sources of fabric in the world. Jute fabrics were used anciently drawing back to the third millennium BC. In addition, it is said that poor villagers of India used this kind of fabric to weave their own clothing. Presently, India is the biggest producer of jute fabrics. This fabric is known to be one of the most durable natural fabrics weaved and used in producing rugs, curtains, furniture coverings, and even rope when complemented with other kinds of fabric. Surprisingly, jute rugs are really soft and due to their knot designs, they give off a comfortable walk and a little massage in every step. Aside from its notable characteristics, it is also eco-friendly and cost-efficient.

Are Jute Rugs good for allergies?

ABSOLUTELY! Aside from their soft texture and elegant design, jute rugs are one of the most hypoallergenic floor coverings for modern homes. Woven into thinner rugs with strong fibers, jute rugs prevent allergens and dirt from sticking in the fabric. Although it does shed off, jute rugs are extremely easy to clean and maintain. Since this rug is made from all-natural fibers, it tends to shed less which can definitely lessen allergic reactions.

Do Jute Rugs stain easily?

Despite the exemplary characteristics of jute rugs, one of their cons is it stains easily because of their absorbency. It is one of the very absorbent rugs hence it is not advisable to use in areas that are often damp such as outdoors, laundry areas, and bathrooms. Jute rugs when drenched in moisture for a long period of time may grow molds and mildews which may be difficult to remove and may lead to deterioration.

What happens if the jute rugs get wet?

You should avoid your jute rugs from being wet! Aside from it being super absorbent, light jute rugs when wet become brown. Water brings forth a discoloration effect to the vibrancy of jute rugs as it releases oil from the fiber. Hence, jute’s unique characteristics impose a challenge as to how to clean and maintain it properly. Never place your jute rugs in places where spill-offs were likely to occur. It is best if the rug is placed in areas such as living rooms and bedrooms where you are able to feel its comfy texture.

Are jute rugs pet-friendly?

ABSOLUTELY! Purchasing a rug that would perfectly fit your home and pet may sometimes don’t go along together. For sure, you don’t want your carpet to have furs and paw prints all over especially when surprised visitations come off. Also, you don’t want to purchase a carpet that fall-off easily after a month or week. Instead, a pet-friendly, durable, and long-lasting rug that is easy to clean and maintain is best for you!

Luckily, natural fiber rugs are your pet’s best friend! Pets love playing around, hence you might worry about your hardwood floorings and antique decorations that might fall off. DON’T WORRY, natural fiber rugs will always save the day. Jute rugs’ texture along with their durability is perfect for homes with pets. It has minimal shedding and can withstand scratches. Because of the tight weaving of the natural fabric, it can stay together putting an end to those loose fringes on the rugs. In addition, natural fiber rugs such as jute rugs are soft on paws and comfortable to snug-off providing an extra cushion from hard surfaces.

So if you are a pet person, jute rugs are definitely for you!

Why does my dog pee on my jute rug?

Since jute rugs are very absorbent, they also hold odor nimbly. Peeing on the carpet is one of the dog’s natural behavior. Rugs are absorbent hence keeping their feet dry. Also, it is a great place to go since it is very accessible for them. Moreover, pets’ urine is one of the toughest stains to remove!

Prevention is the best option, hence one way of taking care of your jute rug is to potty train your dog. Maintaining a jute rug requires a lot of effort. Not only on the cleaning process and steering clear off the water but also in terms of potty training a pet. It may demand intensive labor, but trust me, you will benefit from this in the long run. Not only will you save your rug’s life but also your entire home from the stinking odor of your pet’s urine. Patience, reinforcement, and reward are the key!

How will I clean my jute rugs?

Rule of the thumb: Never ever wash your jute rugs. If you want it to last, refrain from using water. As with any other rug, you need to vacuum your rug regularly. Jute rugs are easy to clean and usually require normal vacuuming.

For heavier stains, some owners use a 50/50 water and vinegar solution and diluted laundry soap and damp cloth IF NEEDED. It is also important to dry it quickly to avoid water staining and discoloration. You may use a hairdryer to fasten up the drying process and avoid leaving any residual water behind.

Aside from the greatest enemy of the rug, which is water, solid dirt may also cause staining. When this happens, act quickly to avoid further spreading of stain. Scoop solids up and grab an absorbent towel. DO NOT RUB IT! Rubbing causes friction which may damage the fiber and will only push the liquid to sink deeper into the fabric. Always stick to dry cleaning. Avoid steam cleaning as a minimal amount of moisture may damage the fabric, change its color, and encourage the growth of molds and mildew.

In terms of pet stain, there are several ways to remove it, but it does not always guarantee to give off a satisfying result. But if you want to try some DIY, you should blot off the stain on both sides as much as you can. Since water should be out of the picture, baking soda is to the rescue. Leave it for a couple of hours or as long as you want. Not only will it absorb the moisture but will definitely take off the urine odor from the rug. Vacuum the rug afterward.

Again, it is best to avoid using water when cleaning your jute rugs. If you needed to do so, make sure to quickly dry it up to avoid damage and discoloration as you don’t want your beloved rug to have patchy look.

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If you find these DIY tips risky and you feel uncomfortable with the result of your efforts, you may ask a professional jute rug cleaner to do the job.

Is there a specific cleaning product for my jute rug?

YES! Since water is a big NO for jute rugs, powder cleaning products are the best to use. Capture’s Carpet and Rug Dry Cleaner is up for sale on Amazon, roughly costs around $18 to $22. It comes in a four-pound size and in powder form which is totally excellent for jute rugs! This product is totally safe for all types of carpets and rugs and has a resealable seal. When used regularly, it prolongs the life of the carpet and fabrics plus removing any odors, dirt, and pet’s spill. It is also a deep cleaning powder that easily absorbs water and eliminates stains and smells. It is also safe from humans and vacuum cleaners. A whole pail may clean up a 400 square feet surface. Very affordable and convenient!

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Is it normal for my jute rug to have an odd smell after cleaning it?

Since jute rug is made from 100% natural fibers, sometimes it does emit an odd smell. It is not necessarily unpleasant and only a result of the plant strands in which they are made of. Once the rug breathes out, the odor should disappear.

Why should I purchase one?

It is 100% biodegradable and eco-friendly. So, if you don’t want it anymore, you may toss it outside your house, and it will decompose on its own. Kidding aside, if it accidentally comes across the water and there is no hope of saving it, it decays back to the soil hence it’s a free fertilizer for the plants! It is also very soft and will not irritate your skin. Children can also play on it since it is totally safe and comfortable. In addition, jute rugs won’t harm your hardwood floor. You don’t need to hardly clean it as sometimes all you have to do is shake it off. However, like any other carpet frequent vacuuming will benefit jute rug in the long run. It also comes in different patterns and colors thus making any room look elegant and classy depending on whatever design you want your room to look like.

Where can I purchase one?

Now that you have already decided to give your home a new look, jute rugs come in various shapes and designs! From common rectangular and large-scale ones to round, floral and elongated ones perfect to place on anywhere in your home. Having their natural and invigorating look, these jute rugs are becoming popular hence making them accessible to purchase anywhere even online!

Depending on its size and design, a jute rug roughly costs around $110-$400. Expensive? Naahhh! Again, jute rugs will be one of your best investments ever. Jute rugs will definitely give your home an ideal, picturesque, and Instagram-able vibe, plus you are able to support the artisans with their handweaving skills, and also saving Mother Earth. A win-win situation for everyone!

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How do I store my jute rugs?

You should store your jute rugs in a dry, clean, and cool place to preserve their elegance and vibrancies. Since it is an all-natural rug, it is recommended to keep it in a dry place to avoid any build-up of molds or mildews which may further lead to damage.

Is there any cons of jute rugs?

Like any other product, it does have its own pros and cons. Jute rugs may pose a health hazard if they are maintained improperly. It is easily infested with molds and mildew if exposed to the slightest water. Also, it is only useful in specific spots in the house to avoid crossing off from any liquid. It may also shed off easily if not taken care of especially if you have indoor pets that are not potty trained.

I hope that answers all of your questions and you have learned everything you need to know about jute rugs. Personally, I think jute rugs is one of the best investments when it comes to home decors and textile. I really love how it is perfectly made to change a monotonous carpeted home design over the years. Overall, I think that it is a good deal justifying the “quality over quantity” phrase as it is very affordable and low maintenance yet gives off a beautiful accent to the house. It sure brings a lot of coziness and texture to any room. Because of their unique characteristics and style, jute rugs are a good addition and decoration to any empty space! With its sleek and natural look, it will perfectly fit and compliment any other decor piece. The quality of the jute rug will utterly exceed your expectations!

How To Clean A Jute Rug?
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