Fleas in bed

You may prefer to sleep with your cat or dog in bed as you want them to feel loved and want them close by, but sometimes there is a downside to letting them cozy up to you in your bed. It is when you find fleas hopping not just on the floor, tables, chairs but especially on the bed.

Our four-legged pals may find themselves with fleas that are attached to their fur. These fleas can jump high and can land on any surface in your home.

Fleas in bed
Fleas in bed

Fleas victimize dogs, cats, and other furry animals but when their host is not around, humans are the next best choice. They can bite people and if you are allergic to flea bites it is going to be highly uncomfortable because it can lead to excessive scratching. Some people can be allergic to flea saliva that once they get bitten by the flea, they will have days or weeks before the manifestations wane. Symptoms are extreme itchiness of the lower extremities, sore or painful bite marks, and rashes.

You have to be aware if there are fleas in your bed, and even if you are not allergic to fleas, it is not their place to be in your bed. You need to treat fleas from your pets and remove them completely.

How to detect fleas from your bed?

Finding flea dirt or tiny black, grain-like speckles on your bed. It is the feces of fleas, and you will see it because of the color. Flea feces have dust-like particles and are black in color.

Presence of bite marks on your body

You can find bite marks particularly on the lower extremities, such as on your feet, ankles, and knee bends. You will also see these bite marks on your elbow. The appearance of the bite marks are smaller, like the appearance of a pimple, and have a reddish color.

Flea bites are random and do not have a pattern like bed bug bite marks.

Flea Eggs on your bed

If you are not yet feeling the flea bite, seeing grain-like particle on the bed that is likened to salt grains indicates flea eggs on your bed’s surface. It may not be an easy feat to see flea eggs cause you will need a magnifying glass to see whether it is an egg or just any particle on your bed.

Flea Skin

The skin is shedding from flea larvae when they are in the pupae stage. It has a tiny off-white appearance which is similar to thin, transparent plastic. It will be hard to detect these flea skin, and you may need a magnifying glass to confirm its presence if you even know what to look for.

Seeing a black, small particle that jumps

These are adult fleas, and they are the ones that bite humans and animals. They are quick to jump and are hard to capture. Their bite can be extremely itchy, and getting rid of fleas may take a long time.

How to get rid of fleas in bed?

Treat fleas from your pet first

Since fleas have a host and it is not humans, it must be your furry friend that has it. Use flea treatment on your dog and regularly check them for flea infestation. You may use flea collars as well as flea shampoo to get rid of the pests from your pooch. Removing fleas from your pet will help curve the incident of fleas transferring from your pet to your bed.

Vacuum Daily

Fleas will stay not just on your bed but also on your furniture, and once you have some protection for your dog or cat, these fleas will find their way to your bed, couches, and chairs.

You may vacuum the surfaces of your upholstery and your bed and secure a tightly sealed bag where you can trap the fleas after vacuuming.

Thoroughly vacuum the entire surface, even the nook, and cranny.

Remove beddings, covers, blankets, and pillowcases

Once you removed all the materials mentioned, you can wash everything using a hot wash cycle as fleas can’t withstand the heat and will not survive. Wash other furniture covering as well as fleas may be inside in hiding.

Use of flea home spray

There are several fleas and tick home spray that is proven useful, and do not have harmful ingredients.

Flea and Tick Home Spray by Vet’s Best Flea Killer with Certified Natural Oils

A gentle yet proven flea and tick solution to your pest problems at home. It has an active ingredient of natural oil that is also potent for fleas.

You can use this product on surfaces, whether indoor or outdoor, and what’s more, it is not harmful to your pets.

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Flea and Tick Home and Carpet Spray by SENTRY HOME

The formula is not just effective for adult fleas but can kill any stage of the flea. It is also effective against cockroaches, spiders, mosquitoes, among other insects. Effectivity can last for several months and even up to 7 months.

It is fast action for flea infestation because it can kill fleas in 5 minutes and keep your home and your pet protected against fleas for months.

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Cleaning the rest of the items inside your bedroom

You need to launder the rug, carpet, or curtains as well since fleas can jump from your bed to the rug and carpet. You may also vacuum the materials if you prefer, as long as you ensure that every spot is treated with heavy vacuuming.

Ensure frequent vacuuming in your bedroom and discard any items where fleas may hide.

If the flea infestation is severe, you are also required to check and vacuum the crevices and cracks, even the baseboards, to ensure no fleas are hiding there.

Your dog and cat’s beddings may also be the culprit and where fleas may dwell. Keep your pet’s beddings clean, spray it with animal-friendly flea spray or have it vacuumed so that there will be no adult flea or flea larvae that are burrowed on the sides or underneath.

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