How to clean copper jewelry

The reason why someone wears jewelry is to be more beautiful and amazing, nothing more and nothing less. The more the jewelry glitters, the more fabulous and stunning a person would be. Something that would glitter even from a distance will surely make somebody a star. That’s what jewelry is all about, making anybody wearing it a shiny and sparkling star.

Jewelry wearing can be traced back to the earlier human civilizations. Wearing something can be a sign that the wearer is someone or somebody significant important. For example the crown, the crown symbolizes power, authority, and prestige. You have the ring, another piece of jewelry that symbolizes authority and power. That is why you can see people kissing someone’s ring because it is a sign of authority.

How do you clean copper jewelry?

Earrings, necklaces, and bracelets are also forms of jewelry that men and women wear for various reasons. But it boils down to one reason which is to make the wearer more attractive and more pleasing. Several metals and elements were used as jewelry since the dawn of time.

People have used precious stones and metals like diamond, gold, silver, and recently copper became popular as an adornment. It is said that copper has medicinal properties, and wearing copper for adornment and medicinal purposes became a trend.

What we need to learn about copper

After gold and silver, another metal that is used for jewelry is copper. Copper is also used to make currencies, utensils, conductors (as in cables and wires), weapons, and many more. It is one of the four metallic elements in the periodic table that has a unique color of its own. Copper is mixed with other metals and, in the process, produces brass and bronze.

Where did copper come from

Copper can be found in nature. In a simpler explanation, dig a lot of earth, and you’ll find copper. It was first used for making tools and weapons by ancient people. It is considered the second most used metal in the world. Copper is a great metal to be used and fashioned as jewelry. The use of copper as jewelry dates back to the 8th century BC and is sometimes added with blue, red, and green gemstones. It is perfect to be paired with gold and silver as it gives a piece of jewelry a more vintage touch.

Why copper is used as a jewelry

There are several reasons why copper is used in jewelry making. We have enumerated some practical reasons why many opt to use copper in making fashionable adornments and jewelry.

  • Copper is durable – pure copper is not durable, it needs to be mixed with either brass or bronze to make it like how it is felt hard, durable, and sturdy.
  • Copper is believed to have some healing effects – when someone wears copper jewelry, after some time it leaves some green stains in your skin which is believed to be the healing effects of copper. Copper is an essential mineral that our body needs and wearing copper jewelry is said to leave enzymes which were those stains. Those stains can be washed with soap and water.
  • Copper has antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties – you simply need those things no matter what. If using copper allows you to enjoy that antimicrobial and anti-fungal benefits what is the reason for not using it?
  • Copper is said to be a balancing element of spirit and mind wearing it is encouraged.
  • Copper is versatile – a copper jewelry maker can easily shape, make engravings, and even imprintings.
  • Copper is valuable – when shopping for copper jewelry, you can find an expensive one and as well a more affordable one.
  • Copper is said to have a property of an enhancer crystal where it is believed to promote self-improvement, love, and peace.

How to clean copper jewelry

  • Do not wear your copper jewelry when it is exposed to any kind of chemical especially if that chemical is strong and highly abrasive.
  • Always make it a point that you clean regularly your copper jewelry for it to maintain its shine and luster for a long period of time. Compared to other metals it needs more TLC (tender loving care), it simply needs more maintenance time as opposed to other jewelry.
  • Cleaning copper jewelry is just easy and convenient, all you need to do is wash it with warm water and soap. You may use a soft bristle brush to remove away any grime and stain. When you take a bath, your copper jewelry is also cleaned as the soap and water will serve as a cleaning agent for it.
  • Copper tarnishes easily. You can avoid this by soaking it in vinegar or lemon for about 20 minutes. But if copper is paired with some gemstones like ruby, topaz, sapphire, and other stones, please refrain from doing this. The acid from vinegar or lemon can damage the stones. For complicated cleaning works, please refer it to a professional.
  • After cleaning your copper jewelry, before you are going to wear it make it a point that it is completely dry. Because moisture will tarnish copper and we do not want that.
  • Your body secretions can also tarnish your copper jewelry over time, as a precautionary measure wipe your copper jewelry thoroughly and regularly.
  • When you are going to store your copper jewelry, use an air-tight bag and store it in a cool and dry place.
  • As an added safety measure, if you have an anti-tarnish bag use it to care for your copper jewelry and then seal it inside a ziplock.
  • Do all of these things diligently as these things will help you preserve your copper jewelry. Protect your investment and make it last longer than it should be.

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If you want cleaning your copper jewelry to be thorough, fast, and effective, why don’t you choose the things you will need to clean your jewelry from your list? Most of these things are inexpensive can be readily accessed. Please choose from our list some items you would need in cleaning your copper jewelry.

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These premium jewelry cleaning cloths are the perfect partner for your cream cleaner. Apply a liberal amount of cream to this cleaning cloth, and it works like magic giving your copper jewelry its original luster and shine. This premium jewelry cloth uses two separate powerful cleaning steps. The inner solution treats and removes dirt and tarnish, while the outer cloth makes it shiny and polished. Each pack comes with three sealed cloths which means more cleaning time. It measures a whopping 6 inches by 7.5 inches, a couple of inches more than other jewelry cleaning cloths in the market today. It is perfect for silver, stainless steel, platinum, brass, and copper, and the best part is that it does not leave any weird and funny smell like other jewelry cleaning cloths out there. Each cloth is made of a special mixture of secret formulations making every piece of cloth guaranteed to be of excellent quality, and we are not allowed to tell you because it is a secret.

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Tarn-X Tarnish Remover


After cleaning your copper jewelry spic and span, give your jewelry the best care it deserves. Apply this Tarn-X tarnish remover, and your jewelry would shine bright like it was new. This tarnish remover easily and effectively eliminates every trace of tarnish in metal or precious stones without scrubbing. Yes, you read it right, without scrubbing and rubbing. Wipe and rinse, and everything looks new in minutes. It is perfect for your copper, sterling silver, silver plates, platinum, gold, and diamond. It brings back the shine, and you will fell in love with it again. Apply it using either a cotton ball or using the premium jewelry cleaning cloth, and your jewelry will come back to life. Just rinse it with cold water after application, and do not leave Tarn-X to dry on your jewelry. Don’t wait for anything. Make something happen. Order yours right now.

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