About me

My name is Annika Vallgren. I work as a web designer at Hjälp with the website every day. But I think it’s fun to find old housewife tips and new life hacks and see what really works.

I think that there is often a lack of information on the internet about things I look for when it comes to things to fix at home, remove different types of stains, clean, wash, and take care of your plants in the best way.

I have started to think about it a lot because of all the chemicals we are exposed to, for example, when we clean at home. So I primarily try to write about housewife tips that are both environmentally friendly and where you use as little strong means as possible. That’s where the housewife tips came in. There is knowledge in the older generation that we need to take advantage of. Not that we need to curl the ribbons for the pillowcase to make it look nice in the linen closet. I think that in grandma’s / grandma’s time, there were not so many super-duper cleaners available today, but you had to try to get clean with simple means anyway. Maybe there is something for us to learn there? Maybe it is possible to both keep clean and wash clothes without so many chemicals?

That’s how I decided to make a website with all the information I myself lacked.