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Where to sleep if you have bed bugs?

Are you looking for sleeping options if you have bed bugs? But where to sleep if you have bed bugs? Discovering that you have bedbugs can make you and your household panic. Bed bugs are reddish-brown parasites that feed on humans and animals. So you and your pets can be at the mercy of bed bugs in your home.

The big question is if bedbugs have invaded your bed, where do you sleep? We have some pretty cool sleeping alternatives you can try if you have to move out of bed.

Where to sleep if you have bed bugs?

Where to sleep if you have bed bugs?

Option 1 Sleeping Bag

An excellent alternative for where to sleep if you have bed bugs is a sleeping bag. Sleeping bags are made of polyester, nylon, and other synthetic materials. They are water-repellent so they keep out moisture. They do not create a comfortable environment for bedbugs. They are tested to keep the critters out.

One of the good things about a sleeping bag, it covers your entire body and keeps your body protected while you sleep.

Option 2 Camping Tent

If you are outdoorsy and go camping, you may consider sleeping in your tent if bedbugs have invaded your bed. There are two reasons why a camping tent is an excellent place to hide out from your bed bugs:

·Bed bugs do not thrive well outdoors.

·The materials that camping tents are designed to keep all types of bugs out so that the occupant can sleep in peace

Option 3 Tiles

If you have any tiled area in your home, you may want to consider relocating your bed there. Bedbugs cannot crawl on smooth tile surfaces. They will generally avoid tiles since they have difficulty walking on them.

Option 4 Hammocks

Another excellent idea for sleeping if you have bed bugs is in a hammock. A hammock is a type of bed usually made of rope or canvas. It is suspended at both ends on poles that can be purchased or, depending on your setup, on two sturdy beams in your house.

Hammocks are great for avoiding bed bugs because of the material they are made of and the fact that they are totally off the ground.

You should be pretty comfortable while you sort out your bed bugs infestation.

Option 5 Car

If you have a car, you may want to consider relocating to your wheels. Albeit, it may not be the most comfortable locale, your car is a pretty good bet. Whether you sleep in the backseat or recline the seat, it can be your safe place against bed bugs.

One word of advice- take fresh linings with you into your car. Bed bugs may be in your pillows, pillowcases, sheets, or blankets. You don’t want to track your unwelcomed guests into your car.

Option 6 Certain Carpets

You may notice we made a distinction. Rugs and carpets made of cotton fabrics make the perfect home for bed bugs. However, not all carpets are created equal. Other types of materials are pretty safe. So if you know what carpets you have and are made of nylon or some other material, you can consider hitting the floor.

Carpets are generally the last resort for bedbugs. They do prefer beds!

Option 7 Another room

This one should feel like an obvious option of where to sleep if you have bed bugs. If you have a spare room, by all means, relocate!

The same rules apply, though. Set up your new digs with clean pillows, pillowcases, sheets, blankets, and pajamas.

Bonus tip

Wherever you decide to sleep, keep the lights on. Bedbugs hate the light!

So now that you have entirely a few possibilities for where to sleep if you have bed bugs, you can focus on working on getting rid of these awful insects from your bedroom. There is no need to worry. While getting rid of bedbugs can be tricky, it is no insurmountable task. High heat is quite effective against bed bugs. Once you are methodical, you will be bed bug-free in no time! Good luck!

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Where to sleep if you have bed bugs?
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