How Do You Wash Your Down Duvet

How Do You Wash Your Down Duvet?

Sleep is not only a human’s need but sometimes it is also a pleasure. Is there anything nicer than coming home after a hard day and jumping in bed? There may be, but the bed certainly gives us a little shelter. When you have done everything you need in winter, you come home to your warm bed. If you also have the best duvet in the world, it is unlikely that someone will get you out of bed in the morning. If you’ve ever slept covered with a down duvet, you know what I’m talking about. It’s like sleeping under a fluffy cloud. For your down duvet to be equally soft and fresh from year to year, it needs to be maintained. How do you wash your down duvet?

How do you wash your down duvet? The down duvet needs to be washed in a large machine to have enough space. To wash it, use a small amount of gentian detergent and put the machine on a delicate cycle with warm water. When washing, ensure no soap remains in the down duvet to avoid clumps. After washing, let it dry completely.

How Do You Wash Your Down Duvet
How Do You Wash Your Down Duvet

Down is a fluffy coating found under a duck or goose feather. It’s lighter than a feather, making your duvet so fluffy and comfortable. Down produces heat through a process called lofting. Down clusters expand to fill space and trap air to create insulating pockets. More clusters mean more heat provided by the down duvet. The quality of the down depends on the age of the bird. The older the bird, the better the down. The down is better if it is taken from a bird from colder parts. Down is one of the best insulators in the world.

How do you wash your down duvet?

1. Put the down duvet in a large washing machine

How do you wash your down duvet? To wash the bedding, you will need a large washing machine. Ordinary washing machines will not do their job well, nor will top-loading machines. A top-loading machine can be worse for your duvet than a regular one since it has an agitator in the center. The fabric can easily get tangled and torn, and that’s not the scenario you want. If you do not have a large machine, go to the local laundromat. Down duvet must enough room in the machine to be washed whole, not partially

2. Two socks and two tennis balls (optional)

To thoroughly wash your duvet, washing it will require a slightly strange addition. You read that right, two socks and two tennis balls. Put one tennis ball in each sock and then insert them into the machine. The balls will prevent the feathers from gathering in one place and will help you wash your duvet thoroughly so that all the dirt, body oil, and cosmetics passed from your body to the duvet come out of it.

3. Gentle detergent

When you have inserted a down duvet into the machine, with or without tennis balls, add a gentle detergent to the washing machine’s soap dispenser, such as the one you would use to wash baby clothes. It is recommended to use a natural detergent. As for the detergent, use half the amount you would usually use for washing.

4. Delicate cycle type and warm temperature

Select a delicate cycle type. Use warm but not hot water for washing. Hot or cold water can damage the down. If possible, set the extra rinse cycle on the washing machine. If this is not possible, use the rinse cycle twice. This will ensure that all the detergent comes out of your duvet so as not to lead to clumps in the duvet.

5. Checking your duvet

After washing, remove the duvet and check if any detergent is left on it. If you spot it, turn on your washing machine again with the same settings, but without detergent.

6. Unload the washing machine

Remove the down duvet from the machine, taking care not to tear it. The duvet will be heavier and less bulky, and this is normal.

7. Air drying or using drying

If you are air-drying your duvet, you need to know that it will take much longer than drying in a dryer. The advantage is that you will avoid shrinking or any damage that may occur in the dryer. Put the duvet in the sun to speed up the process and add freshness to it. Air drying can be combined with dryer drying to speed up the process.

The same rules apply to the machine if you dry your down duvet in the dryer. The dryer must be extra-large. With your hands, spread the down duvet as much as possible. Add tennis balls in socks to the dryer. Tennis balls will help break down any clumps that may arise. If you do not have tennis balls, you can insert a sneaker without laces or a dryer ball. Set the dryer to the lowest temperature.

8. Check your duvet every half an hour

Check it every half hour if you decide to dry down the duvet. If you dry it in the dryer, take it out and ensure the fabric dries evenly. Shake the down duvet to distribute the down in it evenly. If you feel clumps, it has not dried enough yet and needs more time in the air or the dryer.

9. Be patient

Drying in the dryer will take a minimum of 3 hours and can take up to 12 hours if air-dried. Be patient and let it dry completely. Putting it on your bed too soon could take on an unpleasant odor. You will know it is dry when you feel it is light, puffy, and airy, like when you bought it.

10. Put the down duvet on your bed and enjoy

Once washed, shake it well to encourage loft and place it on the bed. You will feel like you are sleeping in a fluffy cloud.

Additional tips:

• Although some advice using bleach on a white down duvet is unnecessary. In addition to being unnecessary, there is a possibility that you will damage down.

• Do not use fabric softener. Although fabric softeners have a pleasant scent, their use can coat the down and reduce their fluff.

Note: If the maintenance instructions on your down duvet contain instructions not to wash in the machine, go to a dry cleaner before washing. Consult with workers if you can wash your down duvet to prevent damage.

How often should the down duvet be washed?

The good news: You don’t have to wash down a duvet often. Moreover, if you wash it often, you can damage the down. Frequent washing can lead to the loss of its natural oils, making it less effective in retaining heat.

Wash the down duvet once a year.

How to maintain a down duvet without washing it?

Before washing your down duvet, there is something more important than washing. To retain its softness and puffiness, you must air it regularly for your down duvet. Every 4 to 6 weeks, leave your down duvet in direct sunlight. The sun will help all the moisture accumulated in the duvet to come out of it. Regular airing will help restore a loft in the duvet.

Another way to return the loft to your duvet is a good shaking regularly. Don’t be afraid to be rude to your duvet. Shake it every morning to rejuvenate the clusters and restore the loft. Shake until it is puffy. Trust me. You’ll see when you’re done.

If you notice that the down is flying from the duvet during shaking, it is a sign that the fabric has worn out. Take a good look to see if there are any holes or signs of wear. If you find a hole, take a needle and thread and simply sew. If this keeps repeating and you no longer have the strength to patch the holes, some professionals will replace the fabric with a new one leaving your down in them. Find out where in your local area you can replace the fabric and get a new down duvet with the old one.

If you don’t have time to wash down the duvet, visit a dry cleaner every 12-18 months. Dry cleaning will allow thorough cleaning of down clusters from dead skin cells, sweat, cosmetics, or other accumulated accumulations. Also, it will clean your duvet from any surface stains.

Does the new down duvet need to be washed?

Leave the new down duvet in the sun. Also, shake it well to get his loft back. You don’t have to wash it. Just put the bedding on it. Bedding will keep it cleaner, and you will avoid stains on it.


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