Vitamix food processor

The Vitamix Food Processor – Is It Worth It?

Our kitchen is filled with dozens upon dozens of appliances and tools that we, honestly, don’t use enough. From that potato peeler that hasn’t been used since Grandma came over for Thanksgiving dinner to the dicer, you used to mince your garlic that one time you wanted to try and recreate a pasta dish from Gordon Ramsay’s Home Cooking show. Overall, studies show that about 35% of the tools you have in your kitchen are used less than three times before being replaced or before you move into a new location. That’s a large amount of product, and more importantly, that’s a giant hole in your wallet right there. As such, don’t you wish there were a better product on the market that may help? Well, I may have found a solution for at least some of the issues. Please don’t count on me for this, but I think this may work well. That’s right. I’m talking about the Vitamix.

Vitamix food processor
Vitamix food processor

What is a Vitamix?

The company Vitamix, founded in 1921, is privately owned and operated by the Barnard family. The company was founded when founder William Grover Barnard began helping a friend of his through a devastating illness, and it started to dawn on him how important nutrition was. The Vitamix joined the product lines when in 1937, William saw a blender at a trade show. He liked what the blender offered, and so he set off to create his own extraordinarily durable and reliable series of blending machines. He named these the Vita-Mix, emphasizing the “vita” part of the name, which translates to life in Latin. In 1964 the company changed its name officially to the Vita-Mix Corporation, with their most significant selling point being the Vitamix 3600, which they claimed was the first-ever blender that could blend ice cream, grind grain, make hot soup, and even knead bread dough. The most noticeable trait of most Vitamix models is that it has two unique motors and has been sporting two engines since the release of the Vitamix 5000 model in 2012.

This long backstory is needed to illustrate the detail of such a product. The Vitamix is a multipurpose blender of sorts, and it works as a food processor, grinder, blender, and much more. They are also straightforward to purchase from the Vitamix website, where each of their models has their unique listings and profiles to explain more in-depth what exactly they do. What makes it the most stand to me is that you can buy multiple attachments to go along with the base model, allowing it to perform all of these actions that you would want it to do. This also prevents you from paying for something you don’t need and using up room in your kitchen that you may not have or that could be allocated to other tools that hold more importance. Nobody likes a messy kitchen, after all, least of all the chef.

What can a Vitamix Food Processor do?

The Vitamix has a powerful motor, and with the food processors addition, it allows people to do a variety of things. Add a few more extras, and you’ll be able to do whatever you want that may take you hours with your hands. For example, I love my garlic. It’s to the point that my fiance will joke that I’m walking vampire repellent. Lousy breath aside, it is a pain in the absolute rear end to mince garlic. From peeling the gloves to chopping them up all fine, I always get anxious that I’m going to cut my finger or that the minced up pieces aren’t small enough to work in the dish I’m preparing, even though most times they always are. However, a Vitamix takes all of that stress away. There is a lot of things that fit into this sort of ‘hard to handle’ area. Not all of us can be world-renowned chefs, and sometimes we are simply trying to provide a good meal for our families. That requires a lot of time and a lot of effort. That’s why Vitamix does help a lot.

Whether you are trying to mince garlic, sliced carrots, shred vegetables, or don’t feel like crying over sliced onions, the Vitamix really can help you with all of that. It takes only a few seconds, and with all the add-ons that both come with the food processor and the cheap stuff you can buy to add to the overall setup, it is a boon in the kitchen. There is nothing like it. I mean, I’m sure there is, but I haven’t found it for an at all affordable price in my opinion. Nor do they have any reviews to back them up. Also, not many other products have a plethora of youtube videos explaining how to use every aspect of the product as Vitamix does. It’s just generally an excellent tool to have.

Also, don’t think this is just for food that’s popular in places like America. I, for example, like making Japanese food specifically. There’s nothing better than a nice warm bowl of Kitsune Udon with an appetizer of Yakitori and a glass of green tea matcha on a chilly day. Well, Vitamix helps with that too. When I need a quick dicing of leek or scallions, it comes in a pinch. On top of that, it also allows me to know exactly how much I’m adding, which is a bonus that’s hard to see sometimes when you are moving so slow manually cutting things. I suppose what I’m trying to say is that it doesn’t matter what you’re making. The Vitamix Food Processor can make overall cooking much more straightforward.

Is a Vitamix Food Processor good?

There are many reviews online about the Vitamix Food Processor, but I would like to discuss the company first before I get into that. In this day and age, company responsibility is a huge deal. When I researched the company, I only saw two stains on their record. One was a lawsuit between Vitamix and another company essentially accusing each other of one issue that is no concern to the consumer. Never mind the fact that it was quite a long time ago. The other stain was that back in 2016, they did have a small recall of a few select blenders, but since then, there have been no recalls, and issues seem to have been a problem with the manufacturer that these blenders came from, not necessarily the blenders themselves. Regardless, Vitamix issued an apology and full refunds for the recalls, taking full responsibility for these blenders’ defects. That’s something I can appreciate, given that many companies would instead turn a blind eye until someone gets hurt. When it comes to blenders, I think we all know how bad a blender accident can be. We’ve all seen the stomach-churning horror movies or heard the terrifying stories in the schoolyard. Those things can be pretty dangerous when broken! So it’s good that Vitamix stepped up to the plate and issued a recall before any major accidents had happened.

Other than that, there hasn’t been all that much foul talk on the company. As far as I see, they do their due diligence as a company, and while you may find the bad review now and again, most are overwhelmingly positive. Every company will mess up now and again. It just is what it is. Even the best in their field have critics, but it seems as though Vitamix is no different. Sure they have the few vocal people about how the product is terrible and how things aren’t up to their standard, but otherwise, there’s just enough raving about the product. Often people will only leave comments and reviews if they don’t like a product. I leave reviews constantly because it’s like saying thank you to the cashier at the grocery store who takes the time to make sure your eggs aren’t crushed by your milk when you bag it. I don’t need to say it, but I like to say it. But I realize that for me, I’m the odd one out in most cases. People don’t tend to leave good reviews because they got what they wanted. They are content. More often than not, you will find bad reviews instead. When discontented, people are much more likely to rant and rave about how terrible service or product is. So when I see a company that’s left enough of a profound impact on their products that would warrant good reviews, then I would bet my money that it is a genuinely good product to own.

Is a Vitamix Food Processor better than a normal food processor?

I wouldn’t say better. Better insinuates it works better than the average food processor that you would find at a Walmart or Amazon. In the end, it doesn’t work any better or worse than those. Can I say that it certainly lasts longer than I could have hoped? Yes, the Vitamix Food Processor certainly does have a long life span. Can I also say that for me it’s much more convenient? Yes, I could also say that. Having one tool that I can change around, almost like the heads on a screwdriver, really changes the entire atmosphere of cooking something. That paired with how easy it is to clean it, it’s just overall an excellent product. I can’t say it’s better because it depends on when you are asking and who you are asking the question to.

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If you don’t need all the add-ons of the Vitamix, then it probably isn’t better for you when you can just get a much cheaper, one-setting food processor that will do the job for you just as well without all the bells and whistles. But if you want something that’s truly a home run, and you are willing to pay for all the add-ons that you will probably need, then yeah, the Vitamix is better in that regard. I will also say that five years ago, this product would be revolutionary. It would be something truly out there and nothing that anyone has ever seen. But there have been such massive advancements in the modern-day, and this technology is getting easier to find and make. However, in my opinion, Vitamix is the best. But that’s just my opinion. It simply fits my needs the best. So weigh it against your needs before buying.

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Is a Vitamix Food Processor worth buying?

I’d say a Vitamix Food Processor is worth buying, if not just to try it out. It can be a bit on the pricey side, but it’s worth it. It is a state-of-the-art piece of machinery, so really, it’s no different than buying a fancy new deep fryer or pressure cooker. The price may be relatively large, but it’s worth it, in my opinion, for all that you get with the product. However, as I said before, if you don’t need all the parts of the Vitamix, I’d look into some alternatives first. But if you want something small, compact, and will do all that you need to do, then the Vitamix is undoubtedly the way to go. I don’t need to fear how hard it is to mince garlic, leeks, or scallions anymore. I don’t have to worry about cutting myself with a knife, especially since I am pretty clumsy for sharp objects or taking hours to prepare a meal. The Vitamix handles it all for me and allows me to prepare those meals quickly and with minimal hassle. Working all day to provide for the family is just really difficult. A dinner that takes hours to prepare is not what I need in the slightest. So I guess, in a way, the Vitamix is worth buying. But if you still are doubtful, do your research. Don’t make a commitment just based on one article. Go searching for the prices and the reviews yourself. You won’t be disappointed, I’m sure, and you will most certainly enjoy what you find. Not to mention you will be able to decide which Vitamix model you need precisely, which is something I can’t help you with. Only you know what you need out of your Blender/Dicer/Mixer/Grinder/Food Processor.


In the end, I can’t convince you that a Vitamix Food Processor is a good product. You will have to figure that out all on your own, but to recap what I have said about it anyways, I will tell you once more why I think that it can’t hurt to try one. First, the company was found on noble intentions, and that’s something I can genuinely get behind. Health and happiness are two things that I feel people don’t hold in a high enough regard today. When you’re young, you can always benefit from a home-cooked meal. Still, when you grow older, it is hard to remember the last time you could take the time to cook something good for yourself and not just slam pizza in the oven or pick up McDonald’s, especially now with the pandemic hitting us all where it hurts. On top of that, the company seems pretty reputable. WHavinga company do that in light of things like the Facebook Whistleblower is a huge deal when it comes to responsibility.

It’s so easy to get scammed, and you don’t know who is trying to steal the money right from under you. Having a company that can own up to its mistakes and makes change is a huge deal! As for the Vitamix Food Processor in itself, well, it’s just a good product overall. It does its job well and manages to help you in all the ways that matter. Was it a bit expensive? Yeah, a bit. But otherwise, it isn’t the worst thing you could be spending your money on, especially with all the things it can do to subsidize the work you need to do to make dinner every night. It can dice, slice, grind, and much more. I don’t know about you but making ice cream in a blender sounds fun! Take my word for it when I say making ice cream by hand can be very hard and can even be a good workout, ironically. So a machine able to do that is pretty impressive.

I guess all I can say is do your research supplemental to what I told you here. Go on Wikipedia to start, go on their website, visit the BBB, and watch reviews on Youtube before making your decision. If you already did so, and this was the final nail in the coffin to whichever way you want to go, I hope I can help. Now, if you don’t mind, I have some garlic to mince, Halloween is right around the corner, and those vampires aren’t going to repel themselves!

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