Can You Use Glasses Cleaner on a Computer Screen?

All computers need cleaning every now and then.  Computer screens tend to get messy over time from dust, fingerprints, oils, and grease smears.  You can easily forget to do the regular maintenance needed to keep your computer screen clean, especially when there are too many things to do.  A grimy screen can cause a bad eye strain, and this is why you should make it a habit to keep it clean.

You should not use glasses cleaner to clean a computer screen even if it is the only thing you have at hand.  Screen manufacturers do not recommend using glass cleaners because many cleaning solutions contain chemicals that damage screens.  So don’t use something that is not specially designed for the job.

Can You Use Glasses Cleaner on a Computer Screen
Can You Use Glasses Cleaner on a Computer Screen

To find out if you can, you can use Glass cleaners on your computer screen, continue reading

Can You Use Lens Wipes On A Computer Screen?

Although some people use lens wipes to clean the computer screen, it should not be encouraged. The reason is that wipes contain some form of alcohol that is neither ideal nor recommended for cleaning screens. It explains why glasses will always end up with scratches after cleaning them with the lens wipe for some time.

Of course, the best option is to use soap. Unfortunately, some soap varieties may not be suitable for cleaning the LCD screen. They contain some ingredients which may affect the screen. In such a case, just using a microfiber dipped in distilled water could help. Such a piece of cloth could lift the germs and the dirt trapped on the screen. Also, you may use a dry microfiber to clean the screen. A dry microfiber will neither damage the screen nor leave scratches on it.

Using Lysol disinfecting wipes

If your laptop has its screen protected with glass, you can clean it using Lysol disinfecting wipes. The wipes will not just remove the dirt but also disinfect the laptops. But for them to work, they need to remain wet on the surface for minutes. This way, they will clean the screen and kill the bacteria and the virus. If you only wipe the surface, you will only remove the dirt and not the pathogens that cause diseases.

Indeed, LCD screens are notorious for attracting particles of dirt when being used. That is why you must learn how you can clean them without affecting the screen. You can clean the LCD screens by wiping them with a dry piece of cloth. The best way to clean them is to stroke the cloth across. But ensure to move it from top to bottom.                                                                                         

Can You Use Alcohol Wipes to Clean Your Computer Screen?

Wipes could be the best product to use for cleaning your computer screen. Of course, you can clean CRT monitors with Windex.

But never clean the LCD display with ammonia-based cleaning fluids or alcohol. The trouble is that they are laced with alcohol, which makes them unsuitable for cleaning. Instead, you may clean the screen by using distilled water with soap. Also, wipes contain chemicals, sodium, and alcohol.  Now sodium lauryl sulfate is the main problem here. It will remove dirt alright but will also remove the protective coating on the display panel.  Like general rags, wipes could also pick tiny specs that could leave the screen with scratches.  So the best way to clean your computer is to use a microfiber cloth which will clean the screen without leaving it with worrying scratches.

What Household Product Can You Use to Clean Your Computer Screen?

You can use both soap and distilled water to clean the computer. It is a home-based remedy that will give you good results without leaving scratches on your computer. Just get a container, put some bar soap in it, and fill it with distilled water.  Wash the hands repeatedly until there is enough foam. Once the distilled water becomes milky, you will be ready to go.

Do not pour some distilled water on the screen. Instead, dip some part of the cloth into the soap and squiz it so that it is not dripping. Use the cloth to wipe the sides of the computer and the screen. Ensure to use sweeping motions to wipe the screen.  Do not press the screen hard since doing so will damage the screen. Also, it is likely to leave dark marks on the screen. So remember to wipe gently. And repeat the process until the screen is clean.

Other Homemade Monitor Cleaning Solutions

You can also choose to make a homemade monitor cleaning solution if you have the right ingredients. Some of the common household solutions that you may use include:

Baking soda paste

Put a tablespoon of water in a container and add 2 tablespoons of soda to make a thick mixture. Dip a piece of cloth into the mixture before applying it gently on the screen. Use a wet piece of cloth to remove the soda from the screen. The baking soda will leave your screen shining. In some cases, it may make the scratches less noticeable.

Distilled water

You may choose to use distilled water to clean the dirt or any grime build-up. All you need to do is to spray it on the screen and use another piece of cloth to wipe it.

Making homemade screen cleaning solution

It will cost you a few dollars, but in the end, you will have a homemade screen cleaning solution that you can use to clean your computer.


  • A masking tape
  • A spray bottle
  • 8 ounces of isopropryl
  • 8 ounces of distilled water

What is unique about this homemade solution is that it makes use of distilled water. Do not use tap or spring water because they contain residue that will leave marks and scratches on your screen.

To make the solution:

  • Combine one part of alcohol with another part of distilled water.
  • Ensure to shake the mixture well until it is ready for use. You may use vinegar if you cannot get isopropyl handy.
  • Note that the mixture will produce an unpleasant smell, but it will help you give better results when cleaning the screen.
  • Use masking tape to label the mixture.

Once you have your homemade solution ready, you can embark on the cleaning exercise. Here is a step by step procedure that could help you clean your laptop

Turn off the laptop and let it cool down a little bit.. It helps to optimize the cooling conditions. If you don’t do this, you will lose the solution due to evaporation.  Spray the homemade solution onto the screen and use a microfiber cloth to clean it. Use the wet cloth to wipe the screen gently in a circular motion until all the specs are removed.

If you are satisfied with the job done, use a dry piece of cloth to remove the remaining streaks. Repeat the cleaning while moving the wipe in a circular motion. Also, use the dry side of the piece of cloth to dry the laptop.

Can You Use Vinegar to Clean Your Computer Screen?

Absolutely, you can use vinegar to clean your computers. But you would need to ensure that you buy white vinegar because it is a 50-50% mixture of distilled water and vinegar. The secret is that if you decide to buy any vinegar, you must use distilled water and not bottled water. It can help you to get a solution that will give you excellent results.

Just fill half of a spraying bottle with water and the other half with vinegar. You will then need to mix and shake well so that you obtain the right mixture. Spray the mixture on a piece of cloth and wipe across the screen. Turn the piece of cloth once more and wipe the remaining portion of the screen again. It will clean the screen and free it of oils and accumulated grime.

The problem with using concentrated vinegar to clean the screen is that it may cause other problems. It will remove the dirt alright but will also remove the oleophobic coating and make it less responsive. It means that if it is a touch screen, it may not be responsive.

But using the microfiber cloth may give you better results. It will wipe smudges and leave the screen functioning.

Therefore, before you decide to use home products to clean your screen, start by assessing how dirty it is. If it has accumulated a lot of dirt, you may not get good results by merely wiping them with a microfiber cloth. So it may be necessary to use soap and other household products to clean the laptop.

Indeed, having a greasy and dirty computer screen may be unpleasant. You will feel uncomfortable working on it. Besides, it could also damage your eyes.  So doing everything you can to ensure that it is clean is something you may want to do any time. As such, we recommend that you only use homemade solutions. They can help you clean the screen and make your computer pleasant to work with.

Can You Use Glasses Cleaner on a Computer Screen?
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