Tiny black bugs in the house near window

Seeing a lot of crawling and flying bugs in our windows is a horrifying sight. It resembles a scene in some horror and sci-fi films. We usually want to get rid of them, but getting that thought of touching them is horrendous. What could be those tiny black bugs in the house near the window? Could they possibly hurt us?

Identifying those bugs may not be that simple. If you will not inspect, you may mistake them for just almost anything. On a cold and windy night, there are lots of flying things that may stick on our window and we would just presume that they are just all the same. We may think they are harmless because they are just so little.

Tiny black bugs in the house near window
Do you have tiny black bugs in the house near the window?

If, after a close look, you have found out that they are bugs, most likely those critters might be clover mites and carpet mites. Both bugs are something you don’t want in your home. Clover mites feed on plants and the carpet mites eat any fibers that they find in your home. If you are unlucky, a few book lice could lurk side by side with both of them.

On a much closer look, what exactly are those things?

Your window provides you with views on the outside. It gives you a glimpse of how beautiful the world is. When a bug or bugs are making a scene in your windows, it means they are feeding there and there is something that makes them comfortable thriving on that part of your home.

Bugs love to explore and expand their area of ownership. It could be anywhere, it could be inside a drawer, underneath your sink or in this case, your window. You need to identify them properly so you’ll have an idea of how to eradicate them safely without making much mess.

Let’s go get those magnifying lenses and find out what those critters are exactly. On a quick glance, they all look the same. They have a round body, six pairs of legs and they run fast. Others may secrete an obnoxious odor that makes you wish you wish you just leave them be and not touch them.

If you are ready, let us have a closer look.

What are we going to look for?

To identify them, we need to check for the following things:

  • Their color is bright or dull? Are they black, brown, or red?
  • Identify the shape of their bodies. Is it round, flat, or elongated?
  • How many legs do they have? Six, eight, ten or just too many to count?

We relate mites and spiders because both have eight pairs of legs compared to other types of insects who only got six pairs of legs. When you squashed clover mites, they often leave red marks. Carpet mites look like brown ladybugs. Both of them are tiny. Clover mites measure 4 millimeters and clover mites are around 7 millimeters.

Booklice are gray and would look like tiny dust particles when they stand still. Booklice feed on molds and love a humid environment. In most cases, Booklice love to position themselves on windowsills because most of the time, those places are wet. They feed on algae and fungi growing in those humid areas.

There could be more of those critters on your windowsill. It is not only limited to those three. Getting a lot of information about them can help you remove them from your windows and ensure that you’ll never be going to be bothered with those insects again.

Getting rid of those pesky insects that stay on my windows

Book lice

You can get rid of Booklice by cleaning your windows and drying them out. When you cleaned your windows and dried them properly, the molds will no longer grow on them and the Booklice would no longer find their food source in that area. It’s the molds that attract the Booklice to thrive in your window.

Get rid of the molds, and you’ll get rid of the Booklice.

Clover mites

Clover mites feed on plants and anything that has something to do with them. Clover mites rarely do well on gravel or wood surfaces. If you remove any plant that is near your windowsill, chances are clover mites would not return. You can use a spray that can eradicate clover mites.

Clover mites may be harmless, but those critters cause allergies.

Carpet mites

Carpet mites are more complicated compared with the other two. They can cause more damage in your home since they eat natural fibers like carpets, clothes, and other things that are made of fibers. When you notice that you have holes in your clothing like sweaters and shirts, chances are a carpet mite caused it.

Carpet mites are not very easy to get rid of because they hid in dark spaces and if you see traces of them on your windowsill, it does not mean those are the majority. You need to locate them manually and you can use your vacuum to get rid of the ones that you see.

You can sprinkle boric acid on your carpets to kill the mites, their eggs, and their larvae. Make it sure that your pets don’t go near your carpet. After a couple of hours, you may vacuum your carpet. A steam cleaning can get those pesky critters gone for good and monitor for any signs of survivors.

Are they really generically called window mites?

Technically, those bugs you are seeing are not really window bugs. There are no such species of bug that are known as “window mites”. Maybe because most people often find them on a windowsill that they use the term “window mites” to refer to these critters.

In reality, these bugs are wood mites. If you have windowsills that are made of wood, chances are these critters would stay and thrive on them. Wood mites feed on rotten wood that has already passed its prime. A simple application of anti-mite spray can help you deter their presence.

You can temporarily get rid of them for a while as long as you don’t get rid of their food source. That is rotting wood. Replacing your old and past its prime windowsill with a new, and fully treated windowsill would stop them from infesting your windows. It may cost a bit, it’s worth the shot.

How about if I use bleach, can it keep those critters from my windowsills?

Bugs and a majority of them don’t like bleach. An application of bleach can make them move away from it temporarily. Bleach can remove any smell of food that attracts them, bleach can help you get rid of those window bugs temporarily.

Using bleach can help you get rid of booklice because using bleach can get the algae and fungi that are sticking in your windows. But when your window gets damp again, those booklice will get back, eventually. Ultra-violet light attracts carpet mites even if they are no longer finding food.

Can they just go away?

Sadly, then don’t, unless you do some action. It is usually something that drawn them to your windows. You need to do something that will disturb their existence and when they are no longer comfortable, most likely they’ll go. They might not harm you directly, but they do damage on your properties that would eventually cost you big.

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