Tiny Black Bugs in Bathroom

We all use the toilet every day, and we can see different bugs running around sometimes. May it be cockroaches, moths, or even silverfishes, but we always see these tiny black bugs in bathrooms. You may be asking what these bugs are called or what do they do in bathrooms.

You then go to Google and see different types of bugs that correspond to the black bugs, and these search results you find may still not answer your questions. Well, these tiny black bugs in bathrooms are called drain flies or sewer flies; they are tiny and have wings that fly around the walls of your bathroom or your sink.

Tiny Black Bugs in Bathroom
Are there Tiny Black Bugs in your Bathroom?

Bathrooms are a prime place where bugs can find stagnant water, making it the place where some of them might thrive. Drain flies feed on organic matter present in water that has accumulated bacteria or just contaminated waters, and this is the primary cause of why these bugs appear and multiply reasonably quickly because they can reproduce as soon as 48 hours. Dealing with the problem as quickly as possible is a must, so you won’t have to deal with more significant issues in the future.

Tiny Black Bugs in the Bathroom are they dangerous?

You may also be wondering if these tiny black bugs in bathrooms you are speaking of are harmful to humans. The answer is no; they are not harmful to humans, but it isn’t very pleasant to have them inside our bathrooms. Don’t worry though, we will try to help you get rid of them and what products you might need to get rid of them properly.

Before we talk about how to get rid of these tiny black bugs in bathrooms, we should know how to prevent them from coming in the first place. So here are some tips on how to keep them from getting inside your bathroom.

  1. The problem with bathrooms is that they are water sources for these bugs to thrive, so reducing the moisture should be a priority. You can either use a dehumidifier or air vent to help reduce condensation.
  2. Clean your bathrooms regularly to avoid unwanted attention to different bugs that could enter.
  3. Cracks and crevices, even if small, could still be a gateway for these bugs to enter, so be sure to seal them properly.
  4. Issues with your plumbing could be one reason why your bathroom is attracting bugs, so get help from professionals immediately.
  5. These bugs can also go to other rooms in your house, so try to deal with them sooner rather than later.

Drain flies in Bathroom

There are different ways to get rid of the drain flies. One of the ways is going the natural way. Going this route is more accessible as the things you need are commonly found in households, so you won’t have to go out and buy something from the store. Here are some natural things you can do to keep the drain flies away from your bathroom.

  • Boiling water. You can pour it down the drain once or twice a day, which will eliminate the organic materials building up in your drain.
  • Water with soap, sugar, and apple cider vinegar – this solution attracts drain flies due to its sweet smell and trapping the bugs in the process.
  • Baking Soda with salt and vinegar – this mixture can reach more areas than boiling water, thus eliminating more of the organic materials building up in your drain. Just let it sit overnight, then pour some boiling water to flush it out.
  • Apple Cider vinegar and plastic wrap – pour some apple cider vinegar on a small container, wrap the opening with plastic wrap, and put small holes where the drain flies can get in, trapping them inside.
  • Duct tape can also cover drains to catch flies that try to go to the surface.

If the problem still exists, then going the chemical route might be the best way for you. You can use any chemical solutions to get rid of drain flies in your bathroom or pests in general, and there are different types of chemicals depending on your needs. Remember, researching first is better; try to check and see which one is best for your problem. Here are some of the best chemical solutions you can use to remove these tiny black bugs in bathrooms. Here are some of the best ones you could buy.

Drano Max Gel

This drain cleaner is well-reviewed by users. It can clear standing water, as well as remove different bacteria that build up in our drains. It removes clogs quickly, too, so you won’t have to worry about your drain getting your drain clogging again. You can use this to any of your bathroom drains, such as the sink, shower, or bathtub.

Bio-Clean Drain Cleaner

Another drain cleaner that can help get rid of bugs. It removes organic waste build-up effectively and is environmentally friendly if you are conscious about that. This drain cleaner can be used not just on sinks but also on different surfaces where bacteria can build up.

Green Gobbler Fruit Fly and Drain Fly Killer

This formula effectively kills fruit flies and drain flies, making it easier for you to get rid of them. It is non-corrosive, so you won’t have to worry about drains and pipes having problems with corrosion. It is made with natural Citronella oil that kills flies with ease.

Natural Armor Fruit and Drain Fly Killer

The thick gel sticks to drains and pipes, which effectively kills drain flies destroy fly eggs clinging to your drain walls.

Aerosol Insect Sprays

You can also use aerosol sprays as an additional way to prevent flies from coming inside your bathrooms and other rooms in your house. This only complements other effective ways of getting rid of drain flies and gives you more protection than solving the main problem. If problems persist, you can never go wrong with calling a professional pest exterminator. They are just a call away and can give you advice on preventing pests from entering your homes.

Tiny Black Bugs in Bathroom
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