Tide Simply Clean vs Tide Original: Which One to Choose?

The laundry detergent aisle in a lot of stores is full of different brands of laundry detergent. Each one of them claims to be the best. Laundry detergent promises users cleaner clothing through science. They can remove stains and odors from fabric and easily rinse away without compromising your clothes, washer, skin, and environment. Perhaps none is more popular than Tide. Tide is an American brand of laundry detergent that is manufactured by Procter and Gamble. It was introduced in 1946 and ever since then, it is the highest-selling detergent brand all over the world. There are several lines of the Tide detergent, and among the most popular is Tide Simply Clean and Tide Original. So what is the difference between these two?

Tide Simply Clean is cheaper, is a thinner liquid, has additional brightening ingredients, and has added dyes and perfumes as compared to Tide Original. On the other hand, Tide Original is a much more heavy-duty detergent and therefore much more effective than Tide Simply Clean.

Tide Simply Clean vs Tide Original: Which One to Choose
Tide Simply Clean vs Tide Original: Which One to Choose

In this article, we will have an in-depth discussion of how Tide Simply clean differs from Tide original, as well as talk about whether you should use Tide Simply Clean or Tide Original. So stick around to read more on this. It will be an insightful read for you!

Difference Between Tide Simply Clean and Tide Original

Tide has grown to become one of the most popular brands of laundry detergents in the world today, and this is no mean feat. Procter and Gamble, the manufacturers of Tide detergents, spend a lot on scientists and R&D than any other company out there. They regularly test their products against others and have proven to always come out on top.

The thing is that there are several Tide detergents out there. One thing that is constant among all of them is the formula, as Tide claims. The product ingredients are virtually the same and to most people, these detergents don’t differ that much from each other.

Perhaps the most popularly used lines of Tide detergents are Tide Simply Clean and Tide Original. Tide Original has always been around for some time but Tide Simply Clean was introduced in 2014 as a lower-priced laundry detergent to boost sagging sales.

So from the above, we can say that one of the differences lies in their pricing. Tide Original costs more than Tide Simply Clean. While Tide Original costs around $15 for 150 ounces, Tide Simply Clean costs around $9 for the same amount. So if you’d like to save a bit of cash, the best option would be Tide Simply Clean. It works just as well as the original version.

Another difference lies in how thin the liquid detergents are. Tide Simply Clean has more water and is, therefore, a thinner liquid as compared to Tide Original. So in most instances, you will have to use more of Tide Simply Clean if you have greasy or very soiled clothing. This is of course generally speaking. You can always get a more concentrated formula of Tide Simply Clean which has more cleaning agents and less water in every drop.

Also, while the product ingredients are virtually the same, Tide Simply Clean has a boost of additional brightening ingredients. Unlike Tide Original, synthetic chemicals are found in Tide Simply Clean that makes clothes appear whiter and brighter.

In addition to all this, Tide Simply Clean has added dyes and perfumes as opposed to Tide Original. This means that with Tide Simply Clean, your clothes will have a revitalizing scent to keep them smelling great.

Tide Original is a more effective cleaning detergent since it is heavy-duty when compared to Tide Simply Clean which is thinner and therefore requires you to use a lot of it.

All in all, both of these detergents are better than a majority of the brands you’ll find in your local stores. It’s safe to say that Tide has built quite a reputation for itself as being one of the best. Most people will claim that Tide is only a good brand thanks to the intensive advertising campaigns it undertakes. Some, in an effort to cut expenses and save some cash, will opt for regular cheap detergents. Only, the thing is that you need more of such detergents to get your clothes clean and you, therefore, end up spending more

So at the end of the day, Tide, whether Original or Simply Clean, is your best bet at keeping your clothes clean and fresh smelling.

Should You Use Tide Simply Clean or Tide Original?

Shelves nowadays are packed with numerous laundry detergent bottles of every color and at times, picking the right one can be a hassle. So which one should you get? Maybe you are loyal to the brand your mom used, or the one with the scent you like, or you just buy whatever your eyes land on first.

This is often the conundrum that faces most people when deciding between Tide Original and Tide Simply Clean. This is quite understandable.

For all intents and purposes, you should consider using Tide Simply Clean. It is a revamped version of Tide Original and as can be seen from the above differences, it is the better option.

For one, Tide Simply Clean saves you money. If you are an original Tide lover, use Simply Clean as the best alternative to lightly soiled clothes to save some cash. However, if clothes are stained or sweaty with lots of body soil, then consider using a heavy-duty detergent that is Tide Original.

If you prefer to obtain an amazing and pleasant scent for your clothes, then you should use Tide Simply Clean which has wonderful smelling perfume additives. You can get aloe and floral notes to keep your clothes smelling as great as they look.

If you are after a brightening effect on your clothes, then Tide Simply Clean is your best bet. It has brightening properties to keep your clothes looking whiter and brighter.

Tide Simply Clean is also cheaper than Tide Original so you should consider using it if you’d like to save a few bucks.

In conclusion, Tide is a brand that has stamped itself as a leader in the detergent world. So whether you go with Tide Simply Clean or Tide Original, at the end of the day both are better than a majority of detergents out there.

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