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Termite droppings but no termites

Because of the sneaky ways, termites get inside your house, cabinets, wooden wall, on your ceiling, or even on old books and tables, you may not notice you already have an infestation.

You may not see them, but they are in your home interior, but what can you do if this happens to you? How can you get rid of termites that you don’t see?

Termite droppings but no termites
Termite droppings but no termites

There may be termite droppings but no termites, You will know if you have a termite infestation with the following indications.

Frass or Termite Droppings

These are feces of termites that appear like small pellets that are usually near small holes and resemble a black, powdery matter. You may also mistake the frass for sawdust or wood shavings. If you see any mounds of these droppings near wood or in your attic, this is a sure sign you have a termite infestation.

Mud Tubes

These are like narrow tunnels, and their diameter may resemble the size of a pencil or even smaller. The termites use these mud tubes to move around and carry food with them or go from the soil to another location.

Wood Damage

It can be a part of your wall that looks soft or has a damaged appearance. There may also blister on the wood that when you tap at the nearby surface, it has a hollow sound.

Soft, clicking noise

You may not see them around you, but you can hear a clicking sound when you get close to any wall or any surface where they are housing underneath. Their feeding causes this sound on your wood, or it can be the termites banging their heads and shaking their bodies that result in the sound. When you are alone and maybe relaxing, you will hear this distinct noise, and it will alarm you that there is something beneath your wall or any of your woodwork.

Now that you are sure you have some pesky living with you and slowly consuming your house, the question is, how do you get rid of these termites even if you don’t see them? You don’t need to see termites to know they are invading your space, and professionals can do something about your problem.

You can also DIY or look for ways to eliminate your termite problems, but if it is already an infestation that is already severe, you need to find a solution to ensure you get rid of them for good.

For the mild presence of termites

You can get rid of termites yourself if it is not an extreme infestation, and you have detected the problem earlier. You can use the following natural elements to get rid of termites.

Using Cardboard Traps

Get 4 to 5 pieces of cardboard, wet them, and stack them. Place them where you spot the droppings or the frass of termites, and just leave them there for a couple of days. It will be faster if you don’t use any lights for a few days where you place the cardboard so that the place is more conducive for termites, and they will burrow on the cardboard quickly.

It will surprise you to find the cardboard filled with termites after a few days.

Termite Killer

You can purchase several termite control products online, like the Termite & Carpenter Ant Killer, a ready-to-use anti-termite spray that can also kill carpenter ants, wasps, hornets, yellow jackets, carpenter’s bees, and more.

The product is ready to use indoor or outdoor wherever you think you need it to get rid of pests. You can also use it in your garage, ceiling, wall, or your windows, boats, cabins, and other woodworks you need to save.

There is no need to have it diluted or mixed with other ingredients cause it is ready for use any time you need it.

TERRO T1901-6 Carpenter Ant & Termite Killer

This is a two-way spray nozzle that allows easy reach to crevices and corners, so it will be easy to kill not just termites but other insects as well.

The Terro T1901-6 is odorless and will not stain nor leave an offending smell after you spray it on your wall, woodworks, or any other wood where termites burrow. Perfect for outdoors and indoor use.

Chemical use

Professional pest control services will use fipronil or hexaflumuron as an ingredient to remove termites from your home. They are knowledgeable about this product and can use it with the highest caution.

The product is used on your home’s perimeter and not just where there is obvious termite infestation. They know where to attack and bait the termites so they can carry the chemical back to their colony, poisoning every termite available.

Poisoned Baits

If you take the services of any pest control near you, they can also use baits to poison termites and there is no need to use spray pesticides. It will depend on what you both agree on, as some homeowners dislike using any sprays to get rid of insects and other pests.

It is placed around the house and installed on the ground. The termites will also consume the bait and bring it to their colony, which will lead to destroying the rest of the group.

Other methods used to get rid of termites include the use of boric acid, diatomaceous earth, beneficial nematodes, or poisoned baits on the ground, also on the perimeter of the house.

What is beneficial about the poisoned baits is how they kill the termites even after a few days or even weeks. If you don’t want termites to come back, be vigilant at all times. Using termite control all year round will help stop termites from coming back to your property.

Getting the help of professionals

There are professional pest control services that will make your life easier by eliminating termites. They have a step-by-step plan they carefully follow to ensure they get rid of your worst nightmare for good. They also have equipment and tools that are perfect for termites and can handle not just the equipment but also the anti-termite solution that is specific to the termite infestation that you have.

Termite droppings but no termites
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