Steering Wheel Cleaner – How Clean Is It Really?

Steering Wheel Cleaner? We touch our steering wheel in most part of our lives. Every time we drive our cars, it is a necessity that we have to touch our car’s steering wheel. Not unless you see visible marks or your steering wheel gets soiled or dirtied. We can only assume that it is clean. But is it really clean? Questions have plagued us like: “How do I take care of a leather steering wheel?”, “How can I make my steering wheel look new?”, and a lot more.

Steering Wheel Cleaner
Steering Wheel Cleaner

Getting our steering wheel to look brand new can give us a wonderful feeling when we hold it as soon as we sit tightly on our car. It is important to get everything in our car cleaned and sanitized thoroughly. When we take good care of our steering wheel, it is like taking care of ourselves, because the steering wheel serves as an extension of our limbs when we sit behind it.

Let us answer some questions on how to clean our steering wheel.

How to clean a steering wheel?

Steering wheels absorb all kinds of dirt, ranging from oil, lint, and bacteria when you don’t clean them. If it is possible, having to wipe them daily can help minimize the amount of dirt they can accumulate every day. Your steering wheel is easy to clean with some home supplies that are readily available at your disposal.

  • SPRAYING OFF DAILY BUILD UP – Choosing the ideal cleaning solution for your steeling wheel is important. If you think of it, they made steering wheels out of several materials like plastic, wood, leather or a combination of those materials. Faux leather is a common material in steering wheels. A cleaning solution can be easy to prepare and apply.
  • For steering plastic and faux leather steering wheels – prepare a mixture of 3 parts all-purpose disinfectant and 1 part water.
  • For steering wheel made from natural wood – use a small amount of wood polish.
  • For steering wheel made of genuine leather – use a leather cleaner or conditioner. Faux leather and genuine leather can be hard to differentiate. Please consult your owner’s manual to be sure of the material construction of your steering wheel.
  • GET A MICROFIBER TOWEL AND SPRAY YOUR CLEANING SOLUTION ON IT – Place your mixed cleaning solution in a spray bottle. Squirt a liberal amount of solution into the towel until it gets moist. Do not spray the cleaner directly into your steering wheel because it could get caught and trapped behind your dashboard and would look messy.
  • RUB THE TOWEL AROUND YOUR STEERING WHEEL – Wipe the steering wheel around and never miss a spot. Move your microfiber towel front, back, top, bottom, and back and repeat if necessary. Make sure you are not putting too much pressure to avoid getting some color off the steering wheel. Don’t forget to wipe thoroughly the center and other “not seen” surface of your steering wheel.
  • GET ANOTHER CLOTH AND WIPE IT OFF – Get another cloth, wet it with water, remove the excess water by wringing it. Go over to those areas in your steering wheel where you applied the cleaning solution. In case you don’t have an extra cloth, you may use a paper towel to wipe off your steering wheel dry.
  • WIPE YOUR STEERING WHEEL OFF WITH A DRY PIECE OF CLOTH – After you have wiped off your steering wheel, you need to wipe it off with a dry cloth to remove any excess liquid or water that is still in your steering wheel. Give it a few minutes to dry off completely. It would look shiny and new after you have completely it dried off.

How to clean your steering wheel more thoroughly?

Removing more stubborn dirt requires more drastic action. Sometimes, wiping with a piece of microfiber clothing won’t be enough, and requires extra effort and another extra set of tools that are found at your home.

  • USING A SOFT TOOTHBRUSH TO CLEAN THE DIRT IN TEH STERRING WHEEL’S STITCHING – Wet the toothbrush with your homemade cleaner and scrub the steering wheel using a small circular motion. As you do it gently, bubbles are working into the material. You need to scrub those areas with much build-up and grime. Give the stitching a nice scrub. After doing some scrubs, you can wipe it off with a damp cloth to remove the excess cleaner.
  • You need to remind yourself that you don’t have to exert much pressure during scrubbing to avoid damage on the steering wheel.
  • You can use an interior scrub pad if you don’t have a toothbrush at hand.
  • IF YOU HAVE A STEAM MACHINE, PLEASE USE IT – Using a steam machine can help you cleanse your steering wheel. Fill it with distilled water and switch it on. Use the single-hole nozzle to spray your steering wheel. Gently wipe off the dirt off your steering wheel with your microfiber cloth and work around thoroughly killing any bacteria while loosening all the grimes that stick to your steering wheel. After you have finished cleaning, wipe off the excess moisture with a microfiber cloth. A lot of steaming machine are available online.
  • IF YOU ARE BUSY AND ON A TIME CONSTRAINT, HAVE YOUR CAR SERVICED PROFESSIONALLY – If time does not allow it, get a complete professional cleaning service to manage both your interior and exterior part of your car. They will surely clean your steering wheel nice and smooth and leaves your car smelling fresh and looking new.

Cleaning your steering wheel is easy. You just need to remember to use the cleaner for your steering wheel’s material construction. Don’t forget to protect yourself all the time. Wear gloves when you are cleaning and avoid getting yourself spilled or sprayed with chemicals. Make it a habit to include cleaning your steering wheel every once a month.

Products you might need for steering wheel cleaner

Chemical Guys SPI_109 Leather Cleaner and Conditioner Complete Leather Care Kit

If you are looking for something to get your steering wheel cleaned spick and span, we have something perfect for you. This leather cleaner and leather conditioner leather care kit allow you to clean all leather components inside your car. You need to treat your leather steering wheel like it is part of your body, like your hair and your skin.

Cleaning can be fun and easy with this leather care kit. You always love to smell that “brand new car odor”. Applying a liberal amount would make you remember the first time you took your car out of the dealer shop. You can do a lot with a little application of this leather care kit. It is a perfect addition to all DIY people out there.

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Chemical Guys SPI_109 Leather Cleaner and Conditioner Complete Leather Care Kit Steering Wheel Cleaner

3D LVP Interior Cleaner – Removes Dirt, Grime, Grease, Oil & Stains from Leather, Vinyl & Plastic

Nobody likes to touch a slimy, greasy, and dirty steering wheel. Getting your hands on something that would make you think twice before using it is not a great feeling to start with. When you drive your car, your hands do not leave the steering a wheel and having to touch it for the duration of the trip feels uncomfortable.

Cleaning is convenient as this 3D LVP interior cleaner removes dirt, grime, grease, oil, and stains on any surfaces like leather, vinyl and plastic. Cleaning your steering wheel would never be a problem with each spray of this cleaner. It can clean effectively and it makes your steering look brand new. Made with biodegradable materials and penetrates effectively every area while preserving it with every use.

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D LVP Interior Cleaner - Removes Dirt, Grime, Grease, Oil & Stains from Leather, Vinyl & Plastic Steering Wheel Cleaner

Putty Car Vent Cleaner Cleaning Putty Gel

Are you having trouble cleaning some crevices? Do you need an effective cleaning material that allows you to clean efficiently your steering wheel and other surfaces? This piece of putty car vent cleaner can help you remove dirt, grime, grease, and anything nasty on your steering wheel. Getting your steering clean and looking new all the time is simple as a breeze.

When you are looking for a premium-quality cleaner, this putty car vent cleaner is ideal for you. It leaves a sweet and refreshing scent that makes you want to hold your steering wheel for a longer time. It is versatile and applicable to different surfaces. Cleaning can be fun when you have the right material for all your cleaning needs. Get this one now.

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Putty Car Vent Cleaner Cleaning Putty Gel

MR. SIGA Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Clean effectively any kind of steering wheel, whether it is plastic, wood, leather and many more. MR. SIGA microfiber cleaning cloth is soft and is scratch-free. It is great for your steering wheel and other car interiors. It absorbs effectively any spilled liquid like water and other cleaners that might leave a residue on your car’s steering wheel. Made from premium-quality polyester and nylon, making it an ideal addition to your cleaning kit.

It is ideal for reusing and can last for a long time. The high-quality stitching gives you a peace of mind with each use, knowing that it can last for several uses. It is effective in getting off dust and grease, leaving no unwanted smell. It is a perfect gift item for your fellow DIY enthusiast that loves to perform a lot of tinkering with their stuffs.

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R. SIGA Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

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