How Do You Make It Smell Good at Home?

Everyone loves being in a home that smells great. It makes us relaxed and improves our mood. It also helps you achieve a certain feeling, for example, using cinnamon, cloves, pine, and oranges, makes you think of Christmas. So, how do you make your home smell good?

The first step when trying to make your home smell good is to remove any sources of odor. If you just try to cover up bad smells, you will have a much harder time making your home smell good. You should keep it clean and clutter-free, and use air fresheners, potpourri, and oil diffusers.

How Do You Make It Smell Good at Home
How Do You Make It Smell Good at Home?

It’s best to stick to natural scents because not everyone likes overpowering, strong smells, and you don’t want your guests to feel uncomfortable. If you don’t like using store-bought air fresheners, you can make your own. 

How do you make it smell good at home?

The most important thing when trying to make your home smell good is to keep it fresh and clean. 

Clean out your clutter

Start by clearing your clutter, and use natural cleaners which you can easily make yourself using baking soda, vinegar, essential oil blends, and so on.

Open windows

To get the old, musty air out, open the windows and let clean, fresh air come in. You will get the best results if you open windows in multiple rooms to get a cross-breeze. If there is no wind blowing outside, you can turn on your ceiling fans and place box fans or desk fans near the windows to draw in the fresh air.

Get rid of bad smells

Eliminate any sources of bad smells. These are usually pet beds, garbage disposal, damp laundry, oven or microwave, musty pillows, throw rugs, trash cans, and so on.

Cover up the smell of the litterbox

If you have a cat, sprinkle some dry tea leaves in the litterbox to eliminate any smells. 

Use fabric softener

You can make your home smell amazing by adding a cap full of fabric softener to two capfuls of water and then allowing it to simmer. You can also add fabric softener mixed with water to any potpourri pot.

Use vinegar

Vinegar is often used as a natural odor eater. To remove any stale odors in your home, you can simply add a small bowl of vinegar to the room. 

Use eucalyptus

Eucalyptus is both a natural deodorizer as well as an anti-bacterial agent. It helps eliminate bad smells and gives your home a great clean scent. Just place a few eucalyptus branches in closets to help eliminate musty smells. Replace them every couple of weeks. 

Homemade potpourri

You can bring natural scents into your home by making a homemade potpourri. You can make it from things you find outside your home, or things that you already have in your home. 

Homemade scents

There are many ways you can make your own scents if you don’t want to use harsh air fresheners. Keep reading to find out how to make your own scents that will make your home smell amazing. 

Odor neutralizer

Odor neutralizers are great for people who don’t want their home to have any specific scent. A great natural odor neutralizer is activated charcoal filters that come in small bags you can hang.

Clean the garbage disposal

If you notice a lingering smell in your kitchen, you should clean your garbage disposal. Spritz some lemon-scented dish soap down into the disposal, run the water, then turn it on. If you don’t have any lemon-scented dish soap, you can run lemon or lime rinds through the disposal, followed by lots of water. If the smell is still there, pour a 1/2 cup of baking soda into the garbage disposal while running warm water.

There’s a popular misconception that, in order for your house to smell good, you have to feel the smell as soon as you walk through the door. You want to achieve a general feeling of energy and relaxation. You should also take into consideration that your guests might have allergies, or don’t like strong smells, and you don’t want to make them feel uncomfortable. 

It’s a good idea that you stay away from overly sweet, cloying smells when scenting your home. You can make your home smell like that when you’re alone, but your guests might find it overwhelming. Try sticking to more natural scents when you’re having company, like woods, florals, and citrus.

How can I make my house smell fresh?

It is easier to make your house smell fresh if you remove the source of unpleasant smells than to just mask it. Some sources of bad smells could be pet accidents. These smells can linger for weeks or even months. Leftover food can start to smell quickly, as well as food stains and spills. Your hamper is a breeding area for bacteria, which will cause it to smell bad. 

Take some time to inspect your home for any mold, mildew, water leaks, condensation, or moisture. Start by looking for mold in air conditioning and heating vents, laundry baskets, furniture and curtains, potted plants, windowsills, carpets, around the sink and toilet, on the shower curtain and liner, and on the walls and the floor.

If you find any signs of mold or mildew, you should clean it right up. 

The next step to making your home smell fresh is to dust it. Dust is made out of both indoor and outdoor particles like dead skin and pollen, pet dander, and insect droppings. Dusting will keep your home free of dust and help you breathe better. It will keep the particles found in dust from making your home smell musty.

The next thing you should clean is your floors. Floors collect dust, spills, crumbs, pet hair, and so on. Use a damp mop to clean your hardwood floors. You will have to work a bit harder if you want to clean your carpeted floors. Sprinkle some baking soda across any spots that smell bad on your carpet. Let it sit for about two days to allow the baking soda to absorb the odor. Then, vacuum the baking soda out of the carpet. 

You should keep your windows open for at least half an hour every day. This will allow fresh air to break up any stagnant air that’s trapping unpleasant odors in your house.

Make sure you bathe your pets regularly to keep them from contributing to the unpleasant smells in your home.  

Wash your sheets at least once a week, and make sure you are emptying your laundry hamper regularly. If your hamper is filled with clothes for a long time it will start to smell because bacteria break down the oil and sweat left behind on your clothes and release gases. 

Same as your sheets, your upholstery attracts dust, dust mites, and other indoor pollutants. To keep your fabric from smelling bad, wash your curtains, use white vinegar and water mixture to remove any spot smells on upholstered furniture, and vacuum upholstered furniture to remove any built-up dust and dirt.

Moisture can cause a lot of problems when you’re trying to get your home to smell great. To make sure your home isn’t humid, invest in a dehumidifier. This will pull the moisture out of your home, and make it feel less stuffy. 

Another way you can make your home smell great is to use indoor air purifiers that trap and destroy pollutants found around your home. When you eliminate indoor air pollutants, you remove some of the sources of foul smells. 

You can also use a natural odor absorber like baking soda to trap any lingering odors in your home. 

How can I make my house smell naturally?

Most commercial air fresheners are filled with chemicals that can be potentially harmful. You can make your home smell great a natural way. 

Essential oil diffusers are a great way to make your home smell good. It’s very easy to use, you just add a few drops of essential oils and turn it on. The diffuser will then create a fine mist that carries the scent of the essential oils throughout your house. 

Air purifying plants are not only pretty, but they’re also natural air purifiers. Some of the best ones are palm trees, orchids, and peace lilies. 

You can also make your home smell great naturally by making your own room spray, reed defuser, carpet deodorizer, and gel room scent. 

Lemon basil room spray

Make your room smell great with this lemon basil room spray. To make it, you will need water, dried basil, 3/4 cup distilled water, 1 tablespoon vodka, and lemon essential oil.

Start by boiling 3/4 cup water in a pot and pour it into a liquid measuring cup. Then, add 4 tablespoons of dried basil and let steep for a few minutes. Line a funnel with a coffee filter and place it in the opening of a spray bottle. Pour the mixture of water and basil into the bottle through the filter to remove the herbs, then throw away the filter. Then add 3/4 cup distilled water, 1 tablespoon vodka, and 5 drops of lemon essential oil to the bottle. Put the spray bottle top on and shake to combine the mixture. 

DIY reed diffuser

You can make your own reed diffuser using baby oil. Just add 1 teaspoon of your favorite essential oil to a small glass jar and fill the rest of it with baby oil. Put rattan diffuser sticks inside the container and gently stir the mixture. 

Carpet deodorizer

This is a great way to naturally remove any lingering smells from your floors. Mix one cup baking soda and 1/2 cup cornstarch in a medium bowl. Then, add 5 drops of his favorite essential oil, and stir well to combine it. Pour the mixture into a jar. Use a hammer and a nail to create small holes in the lid. Sprinkle the mixture onto the carpet when you want to get rid of any unwanted smells and let sit for at least 30 minutes before vacuuming up.

Gel room scent

To make your own gel room scent, boil one cup of water in a medium pot. Add four packets of unflavored gelatin to the pot and whisk until it has dissolved. Add 1 teaspoon of your favorite essential oil. You can also add some food coloring if you want your gel to have color. Mix in 1 cup water and 1 tablespoon salt and stir it well. Pour the mixture into a glass jar and allow it to cool until the gel is solid.  

How do you make homemade fragrances at home?

If you prefer doing things yourself, you can try making your own air fresheners and potpourris. 

DIY essential oil wax mix

To make your own wax mix, you will need white beeswax, peppermint essential oil, red candle dye squares, and molds. 

Start by filling a small pan about 1/4 full of water and wait for it to boil. Put a metal bowl on top of the pan, and make sure the bowl isn’t touching the water. Pour in 2 cups of beeswax pellets and heat it until it’s completely melted. Keep mixing and add in one square of red dye and stir until it is completely melted. Mix in about 20 drops of peppermint essential oil. If you want a stronger fragrance, add more oil. Pour the melted wax into the molds and let it cool completely for about 2 hours. Remove them from the bowls. Put 3 or 4 on your candle burner to make your house smell great. 

DIY potpourri

This potpourri is a great way to make your home smell like autumn because the main scents are oranges and cinnamon. To make this potpourri, you will need 1 orange, 1 valencia, or navel orange, 3-5 cinnamon sticks, 1-2 vanilla bean pods, 1 small  

branch of fresh pine, 4-5 cups of apple cider, a knife, and a medium-size pot. 

First, pour apple cider into the pot, and add a few sprigs of pine and the cinnamon sticks. Cut open the vanilla bean pod lengthwise and add it to the pot. Next, you will slice up the citrus into ¼ to ½ inch thick slices and add them to the pot. Then, put the pot on medium-high heat and wait until it reaches a gentle boil.  Simmer it on low for a few hours. Once the liquid in the pot begins to get low add water or more apple cider.

Homemade Lilac scented spray

To make your own lilac scented spray, you will need some vodka, water, and Lilac fragrance oil. 

Get a spray bottle and fill it with a 50/50 ratio of water to vodka. Add 12 drops of lilac oil. Shake it and spray to see if the fragrance is strong enough. If it isn’t, add more drops of lilac oil. 

Lime, Rosemary, and Vanilla potpourri

This is a great way to make your house smell good during spring. To make this potpourri, you will need 2 sliced limes, 3-4 sprigs rosemary, 3 Tbsp. vanilla extract, and 4 cups water. 

You can either slice limes or cut them into wedges, it doesn’t matter which method you choose. Add 4 cups of water and lime, rosemary sprigs, and 3 Tbsp. of vanilla extract to the pot. Make sure you use pure vanilla extract. Put the pot on low and let it simmer. Add more water when it gets low. 

Christmas potpourri

There’s potpourri for every season, and this one can make your home smell perfect during Christmas time. To make this potpourri, you will need 1 1/2 cups fresh cranberries, 3 halved tangerines, 3 whole cinnamon sticks, 1 teaspoon whole cloves, 1-inch piece of fresh ginger, 1 tablespoon vanilla bean and 1 vanilla extract, 1 small branch of fresh pine, 1 cup apple cider pomegranate or cranberry juice, and water. 

Start by combining all ingredients in a medium-sized pot. Fill the pot with water until it’s ¾ full. Put it on the stove and bring it to boil. Let it simmer and add more water whenever it gets low. Let it simmer for about 4 hours, then let it cool overnight and simmer again the next day. 

Homemade air freshener

You can use this air freshener as a room spray by adding it to a spray bottle and misting the air. You can use it in a mist diffuser by filling an electric fragrance diffuser with 1/4 to 1/2 cup of liquid and letting the heat spread the aroma through your home. Or, you can use it in a reed defuser by filling a bottle or jar 3/4 of the way with your homemade air freshener. 

To make your air freshener you will need 1.5 ounces of distilled water, 1.5 ounces of vodka, and 20-30 drops of your favorite essential oil. 

Combine these ingredients and use it as a  spray, or in a reed or electric diffuser. Make sure you keep it in a cool and dark place.

Cinnamon and pine fragrance jar

To make a cinnamon and pine fragrance jar, you will need 2 to 3 pine branches, 2 cinnamon sticks, 1 teaspoon Jamaican allspice, and water. 

Mix pine, cinnamon, and allspice inside an 8-ounce jar. Fill the jar with water and seal it. Make sure you leave 1/2-inch headspace. To make your house smell great, pour the contents of the jar into a small pan. Simmer it on medium heat for 10 to 15 minutes. 

DIY water bead air freshener

To make your own water bead air fresheners, you will need 1 tbsp. water beads, 2 glass jars, and 100% essential oil. 

Start by adding a tablespoon of water beads to a large bowl. Fill the bowl with water and let it sit overnight so the beads can expand. Drain the water. Then, fill jars with the water beads and add your favorite essential oils. Start by adding 10 drops of oil and increase drops if you want the smell to be stronger. 

Cinnamon, orange, and clove room spray

To make this room spray, you will need 1 3.38 oz amber glass spray bottle, 10 drops cinnamon leaf essential oil, 60 drops orange essential oil, 20 drops clove bud essential oil, water, and 1 oz of vodka. 

Pour the vodka first into the bottle, then add essential oils. Shake the bottle and leave it for about 2 hours. Once the 2 hours are up, fill the rest of the bottle with water.

Smudge stick

Smudge sticks are a great way to make your home smell like flowers. You will need white sage, cedar, lavender, roses, or any other herb or flower that dries well, and cotton culinary twine.

Start by bundling together herbs and flowers so they look nice. Wrap them tightly with cotton twine and wait until they dry.

DIY orange-scented muslin tea bags sachets

You can keep these sachets under your pillow, in your closet and drawers, or on your desk. You will need, 1/4 cup of dried orange peel, 1/8 cup of dried lemon peel, 2 teaspoons of dried ginger root, 2 cinnamon sticks, broken into four pieces, 3 drops of 100% pure clove essential oil, 2 drops of 100% pure orange essential oil, 1-2 drops of 100% pure cinnamon bark essential oil.

Start by breaking each cinnamon stick into four pieces so they can fit into muslin bags. Mix all dried ingredients into a bowl and add in each essential oil. Mix it with your hands or a wooden spoon to make sure the smell is evenly distributed. Scoop the mixture into a muslin bag with a spoon. The bag shouldn’t be fuller than ¾. Tie it so nothing spills out. 

Scented wood blocks

Scented wood blocks are both a nice decoration and a great way to make your home smell amazing. You will only need wooden blocks, scented oil or perfume, and small paintbrushes. 

You can either paint or spray the blocks with oil or perfume. Once you cover them, put them in a sealed container with some extra oil. Shake it up to make sure they are coated well. Make sure you let it sit in the container overnight to absorb all oil. 

Cinnamon stick candles

This is a simple and cheap way to make your home smell better. You will need a pillar candle, at least 3-inches in diameter, cinnamon sticks, floral shears, hot glue gun, dish, or coaster.

Start by measuring candle height and cutting cinnamon sticks to size with floral shears. You will need about 20 cinnamon lengths per candle. Then, run the hot glue down the cinnamon stick. Place the stick vertically to the side of the candle. Once the first cinnamon stick is glued on, glue the next stick snugly against it and repeat until you cover the whole candle. When you’re done, put the finished candle on a dish or coaster. 

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