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How to get rid of roaches in the car

Dreaming of buying your car is one of the things that motivates us to be better in our job or our business. Having something to call your own is everybody’s dream and owning a car is something that you consider a trophy in your long series of hard work. The new car smell feels so good to the senses, and keeping it that way requires meticulous care and cleaning. It is only natural and fitting considering since your new car was not handed to you for free.

How to get rid of roaches in car?

La Cucaracha or simply the cockroach is something you don’t want to be living inside your car or anywhere within or near you. The cockroach’s menacing look, paired with its thorny and spikey legs not to mention its long and curling set of antennas is just simply scary and object of nightmares. And for roaches to be living and making an abode in your car is not only unacceptable but also totally insane and ridiculous. You might be able to ask yourself with this question, “how to get rid of roaches in the car?”

Why do roaches invade and infest?

Finding a live cockroach doing its own thing as if it owns the entire property is a disturbing, frightening, and hair-raising experience. Roaches can conceal themselves really good that not until you drive on the freeway they do begin to fly mercilessly anywhere and landing on places where they shouldn’t be stepping, that’s where the problem starts to worsen when one creature lands perfectly in your face while you are traveling in the freeway around 60 miles per hour and from there all hell breaks loose.

Of all the places, why inside your car?

Whether in your home, inside your cabinet, or inside your car cockroach invade and infest because it is looking for food. Yes, roaches go places to find some chow and it just so happens that you left some goodies in your car like bread crumbs, droplets of chocolates, and other sweets like some pieces of fruit that your drop, traces of spilled drinks, and some munchies (roaches simply cannot resist munchies and all the good stuff you have in your car).

After the cockroaches are done feeding and are filled up to the brim, it would be time for them to make some love, and the couple would be producing offsprings that are just as aggressive as their old man and carries a cocktail of different types of bacteria that would make you seriously ill and sick. Since they live in your car, they also leave their dumps in your car and after just a few months you have a nice roach sustainable community right inside your car.

How to get rid of them?

Well, getting rid of cockroaches inside your car means that you have to change some bad habits. As much as possible do not eat inside your car if you do that you are always at risk of dropping something that will serve as food for roaches. Like most animals, when your car is someplace that they can easily survive and thrive it will become a haven for them. To prevent that, be clean in everything that you do, do not just leave some pieces of food crumbs that you have dropped. Clean it thoroughly because of you don’t somebody is going to be happy and you won’t going to like it.

It would be best to use a car vacuum cleaner to effectively clean even the hard-to-reach areas of your car. A cockroach can dig a hole and burrow in different places. They can hide and reproduce under your seat, in your car frame, in the speakers, in your aircon vents, and in other small places that you have no idea that they are there. A clean-appearing car is not really an assurance that they are gone, if living outside your car would make them cold, they would probably stay inside and wait until everything is quite warm and normal for them. They can survive for almost a month without food and about a week without water, that is why they are good in hiding without resurfacing for a long time.

If you have gone through the process of vacuuming your car and washing your covers to remove any food and other debris, try having some roach bait just to make sure you solve your pest problems. You can place the cockroach bait under your seat or in the corners of your car’s trunk.

Understanding Cockroach feeding behavior why a cockroach bait will be effective in dealing with your pest problems

Cockroaches live and thrive in what we call harbourages or simply the nest. Adult roaches and older nymphs (not yet fully grown cockroaches) leave their nest to eat and feed. The young ones remain in the nest until they are a bit older and they survive by feeding on other roaches’ feces and secretion. A cockroach bait consists of food that is attractive to cockroaches, it is a slow-acting insecticide which means that if it is consumed by a cockroach, the cockroach that has eaten it will not die immediately and will still survive for a couple of hours.

The cockroach who had fed on the bait goes back to his nest and starts vomiting or dumping a poisoned feces or vomit that has traces of insecticides that will be mixed with their waste material. The young cockroaches will feed on vomit and feces and will unwittingly consume the insecticides that were in the older roaches’ dump and puke. In this way, the entire cockroach colony is controlled and extinguished.

Choosing the best option for stopping roach infestation in your car

Do not make your car a breeding ground of cockroaches. Like what I have highlighted in my article to effectively curb cockroach infestation is by having the right attitude towards taking care of your car. Avoid eating inside your car to prevent crumbs from falling or spilling underneath it. We have here some cockroach bait that you can use to completely remove and irradicate roaches that are building a colony inside your car, choose from this wide selection of products.

Harris Roach Gel, Ready to Use Cockroach Killer for Indoors and Outdoors, Extra Large 60g


Are you regularly bothered by roaches and other pesky pests? Are you irritated by their presence and just wish they are gone in an instant? Harris Roach Gel may be your best protection for those annoying flying and crawling creatures that will drive you mad. Kills effectively different types and breeds of cockroaches like American, Australian, Smoky Brown, Asian, Oriental, and many more. Use it in your home and as well as in your car. This extra-large tube will give you long-lasting protection against roaches and it is very easy to apply you just open, squeeze and apply and that’s about it and just leave the gel to do its work. It is EPA registered which is good for the environment but tough on roaches.

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Combat Max 12 Month Roach Killing Bait


If you are looking for a cockroach solution is very easy to apply where you just need to put and leave it where you want it to be and let it do its work Combat Max is specially formulated to help you curb and irradicate nest after nest of roach colonies that make your hair stand by just seeing those roaches run and fly around the place. Do you feel threatened inside your car because these roaches seem to follow you wherever you go? We just have something that you badly need to reclaim what is yours. Combat Mix is just so easy to use and does require any activation or whatever, place it where cockroaches are thriving and you can take your life back by just letting it do its work. Use in areas where you think roaches love to hide and thrive like under the sinks, or behind toilets, or within in your car. What are you waiting for? Grab one and start taking your life back.

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Advion 383920 Roach Pest Control


When you bought your car and enjoyed every moment of it, you did not include roaches as part of the picture, don’t let this vermin ruin your perfect moment, driving around while roaches are flying inside the cabin is a nightmare you wish you didn’t have. We have the perfect solution for your infestation problem, introducing the Advion Cockroach Gel Bait. It is easy to apply, you just need to point, aim and squeeze and the pesky cockroach problem will surely go away. Perfect for your home or in for car each tube is a guaranteed solution for every pest problem you may encounter. Why wait for these pests to take over when you can easily get rid of them forever. Take action before it’s too late. Remember to use Advion Cockroach Gel Bait for peace of mind and a lasting pest protection

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Harris Roach Tablets, Boric Acid Roach Killer with Lure


Harris roach tablets are irresistable to roaches that when you apply them in your home or your car it immediately works wonders. It contains a minimum of 145 tablets in a single pack which is a great value for giving you the peace of mind that you truly deserve. It is one of the most cost-effective solutions for your roach problems that seems to refuse to go away no matter how hard you try. It is tough on cockroaches but safe to use in our homes and your car, it is even safe for your pets. What makes it cost-effective? It does not have an expiration date which gives you more than enough time to irradicate and curb any threats infestation made by roaches you are sure that in every pack there is no chance of a takeover. Be in control use, Harris.

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A good set of vacuum cleaners to help you with your car’s roach infestation problem is equally important after using some chemical solution that helps you drive away and kill all the roaches that reside in your car.

Baucatlan Car Vacuum with Powerful Suction, with Three Layer HEPA Filter for Deep Cleaning

Are you tired of chasing those pesky roaches that seem so fast in hiding in your car’s tight spaces and crevices? Do you feel desperate that with your best effort those roaches don’t seem to go away and look like they are mocking you because you seem slow in catching them? Stop wasting your energy chasing them. use this high-power Baucatlan car vacuum cleaner. It has a powerful suction that will make cleaning almost effortless, pick up stubborn dirt and debris in your car that encourages roaches to live and thrive. It has a powerful motor that picks up food residue, liquid, pet hair, and other debris that are hidden in your car. It is so lightweight and portable that you can easily use it in a breeze and so as junior and grandma. It includes several extensions, making cleaning easy, convenient, and fast.

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THISWORX Car Vacuum Cleaner

Are your hands getting tired of holding heavy vacuum cleaners that you use in cleaning your car? THISWORX Car Vacuum Cleaner might be the vacuum cleaner you are looking for. This vacuum cleaner is compact and light it is perfect for cleaning tight and small spaces just like your car’s cabin. Did you just eat some doughnuts, or some sweetbreads, a burger, and some fries perhaps? Roaches will surely love the treats after you leave your car for the night and come back in the morning with those pesky vermin enjoying the night treats you leave them. Stop worrying and let THISWORX fix and undo things, the powerful suction force will instantly make your problems disappear and leave your car clean, and roach-free.

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CHERYLON Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner

CHERYLON helps you provide professional deep cleaning for your car every time. It has a strong suction motor that will suck away dirt and debris including roaches and their eggs. It has a long-distance extension that helps you clean all the hard-to-reach areas of your car cabin. For your car cleaning needs, choose CHERYLON portable car vacuum cleaner for a spotlessly clean car that you will truly enjoy. What are you waiting for? Get one and order now.

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How to get rid of roaches in the car
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