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6 Best quesadilla makers to consider in 2021

Quesadilla is a famous and highly delicious Mexican cuisine everyone needs to try. It’s a replica of grilled cheese sandwiches loved so much in American. This tasty dish has incredibly evolved over the past decades into more mouth-watering and pleasing variations, and it has been adopted by most non-Mexican restaurants and citizens today.

To prepare a quesadilla, you need a good cooking surface, cheese, and any kind of tortilla. The traditional quesadilla cooking method utilized a flat griddle known as a comal to make a tasty and well-cooked quesadilla. As this dish continued becoming more popular, other new and easier ways of preparing it emerged.

6 Best quesadilla makers to consider in 2021
6 Best quesadilla makers to consider in 2021

Nowadays, you can prepare your most favorite quesadilla quickly without struggling to use a modern quesadilla maker. Today, many brands create very stylish, effective, well-built, and fast-functioning quesadilla makers and distribute them worldwide.

So, are you’re looking for the best quesadilla maker for your home or eatery? Then please keep reading to discover the six best quesadilla makers, their features, pros, and cons, how they work, plus other crucial information about these appliances.

What’s a quesadilla maker?

A quesadilla maker is a kitchen appliance designed to prepare quesadillas. Besides making a quesadilla, some quesadilla makers can prepare cookies, burgers, pancakes, grille cheese, stir fry, and eggs.

This appliance comes in varying colors, sizes, shapes, and designs. They are usually portable and ideal for homes, cozy apartments, restaurants, and dorms. So, anyone can use it from whichever place they want.

Different brands make varying qualities of these makers; some are sturdy and long-lasting, while others can be standard and non-durable. We’ve assembled some of the best quesadilla makers for you to help you get hold of the most effective and high-end makers without hassling.

Six best quesadilla makers you should consider in 2021

With all the many emerging brands, it isn’t easy to know which brand provides the best quesadilla makers in the market. Besides built, there are various aspects you should put into consideration before procuring a quesadilla make.

So, what are some of the finest quesadilla makers in the market today? Here are 8 top makers I thought you should know about too:

George Forman electric quesadilla maker

George Foreman quesadilla maker has been in the market since 1994, and it’s among the most efficient and preferred quesadilla makers since then. It has a non-stick cooking surface, uses electricity, has fixed plates, and measures 10x10x3 inches.

It has 10+ inches cooking diameter, and several deep pockets (usually six) provide ample space for filling. It’s also easy to operate; you simply sandwich your favorite filling between large-sized flour tortillas (almost the size of a burrito), then press.

This maker will provide you with a broader cooking surface for your tortilla and cheese, which can be tricky to achieve while using flat grills. When using a flat grill, you need to melt your cheese properly to hold together well for perfect flipping, which risks burning the bottom of the tortilla.

Using a quesadilla maker eases you all this struggle since heat is simultaneously transmitted from both sides of the maker. This cooking method makes these appliances faster and more efficient compared to the flat grills.

You can get the quesadilla maker at a very affordable price online. For example, Amazon sells the George Foreman quesadilla maker at $44. 17, and shipped to you at a fee, which usually varies depending on your location.

Here are the pros and cons of the George Foreman Quesadilla Maker:


Some of the benefits you’ll enjoy from using this quesadilla maker are;

  1. A faster cooking- It prepares quesadilla in only 3-4 minutes.
  2. Easy cleaning due to its non-stick surface
  3. It’s simple to use.
  4. It’s durable


THE GEORGE FOREMAN Quesadilla Maker has only one disadvantage; it’s not suitable to use with smaller tortillas, only those measuring 10+inches.

Hamilton beach 25409 quesadilla maker

If you have a slightly fixed budget, you can opt for a much pocket-friendly yet effective quesadilla maker. One good example is the Hamilton Beach Quesadilla Maker, which goes at only $32.10 on Amazon, with exclusive and unique features.

It has a red plastic outer surface and a non-stick cooking surface. It can accommodate a 10+inches quesadilla. It’s portable, durable, and more effective for its price. You can also find a smaller and much affordable Hamilton Beach quesadilla maker, but it’s a bit smaller; it can hold a 6-8 inches tortilla.

Some of the pros and cons of this maker are;


  1. It’s affordable
  2. Simple to clean
  3. It’s faster. Your quesadilla will be ready in 5 minutes
  4. It’s long-lasting


  1. It can only work with bigger tortillas that measure 10+ inches.

Outset Quesadilla Basket

Some people love quesadilla to an extent they can’t stay more than a day or two without craving for one. What if you go for those long camping or have some of those exciting regular backyard events? You’d need something convenient and efficient to make one of those favorite quesadillas without having to worry about the power source.

Well, then Outset Quesadilla Basket can be one of your best choices. Its non-electric, made from robust material, and designed to prepare a tasty, large, and enjoyable quesadilla over a short time.

Its made from heavy-duty chrome steel, has a rosewood handle for easy use, and can be used with a direct campfire or heat it over a grill. It can comfortably accommodate a 12-inch tortilla. However, with this maker, you’ll first have to heat one side of your quesadilla before flipping it to heat the other side. Hence it’s not as first as the electric quesadilla makers.

You can also use it for cooking pita bread, grill veggies, or prepare plain tortillas. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of the appliance:


  1. Produces tasty smoky quesadillas
  2. It’s easy to use
  3. Effective for BBQs, outdoor events, and camping.
  4. It’s pocket-friendly. In Amazon, this appliance is worth $17, minus the shipping fee though


  1. Requires more monitoring compared to electric quesadilla makers
  2. It isn’t easy to clean.

Betty Crocker Pizza Maker

The Betty Crocker Pizza Maker isn’t entirely a quesadilla maker, but you can still use and get excellent results, which is why it’s among the best multipurpose kitchen appliance. Its features and effectiveness are worth its price, and they’re durable.

It has fixed plates, is electric, has a non-stick cooking surface, and can work with a maximum of 12 inches tortilla. In Amazon, this appliance costs $49.97, which is fair considering you can use it to prepare things other than pizza and quesadilla, for example, bake cookies, make nachos, and frittatas.

The advantages and disadvantages of using this appliance include:


  1. Its non-stick cooking surface makes it easy to clean
  2. Can hold a large quesadilla
  3. It’s multipurpose. Hence you can use it to prepare other foods


The only disadvantage of this maker is you’ll have to flip your quesadilla during cook sine its top lid doesn’t touch the tortilla.

Nostalgia electric taco tuesday quesadilla maker

Some of us like over-stuffed and tasty quesadillas. However, not all quesadilla makers are great for making such combos. What if I tell you there is one appliance that can do an excellent job for you? The Nostalgia Electrics Taco Tuesday Quesadilla Maker has a two-position latch and six large wells for easy cooking of thin and stuffed quesadillas.

Cooking with this maker will melt up your cheese perfectly, making the bottom and top tortilla fuse together well. It also has a drip tray to collect any cheese and excel oil that drops while cooking, and you can clean it separately.


It has indicators to tell you whether it’s on and ready to use. It can work with an 8-inch tortilla, but they’re a bigger one for 10+ inches tortillas, which comes at a different price, but with the same benefits.


The only disadvantage is this maker can’t work in other tortilla sizes other than the one designed to hold. It’s worth $24.99 on Amazon.

Things to consider befor obtaining a quesadilla maker

We all prepare quesadilla for varying crowds and people with different preferences. Therefore, they’re some things you should keep in mind to buy an appropriate and valuable quesadilla maker; some of these things include;

  1. Size– You should get a bigger-sized maker if you have a heartier appetite or cooking for a big crowd.
  2. Material– Go for easy to clean and durable appliances.
  3. Price– You don’t need to break your bank to get yourself a quesadilla maker, its best to obtain one within your reach

Can you make a quesadilla healthier?

Yes, you can make healthier and yet tasty quesadillas that suit your lifestyle and preference. Today, there are many healthy quesadilla recipes you can try, free from meat, calories, and paleo. Most health-sensitive people usually assume that quesadilla is junk food and full of starch and calories, which isn’t entirely true. You can experiment with the myriad healthy quesadilla recipes for more healthy and tasty options.


Making the best quesadillas can be tricky if you don’t use a suitable cooking surface. It would be best to use an effective quesadilla maker for more tasty, well-cooked, and pleasing quesadillas.

The above quesadilla makers are among the most effective you can get in the market today. They’re faster, easy to use and clean, efficient, portable, and come in varying sizes and designs.

6 Best quesadilla makers to consider in 2021
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