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Most houses we see are designed to have windows on them. A house may not seem complete if there are no windows present. Windows allows the entry of natural light which adds brightness and ventilation to our homes. A house that is built with several windows in it will not look sad and gloomy. Aside from providing access to natural light, windows can greatly influence how homes would look.

Magnetic Window cleaners – are they worth the money?

Why do we have windows at home?

Just like doors and other points of entry and exits in our homes, window plays an essential and vital role in our homes. The overall feel and vibe of our homes are influenced by the presence of windows. For example, during the daytime when you wake up in the morning, when you open the windows everything would feel new and vibrant, on the contrary, if it is dark and gloomy everything feels sad and blue.

Over the years, glass has been the common material used in windows. Glass would go well with almost window design. Its natural light-absorbing properties are a great way of utilizing the sun’s natural light to give our homes brightness. Looking outside to see what is happening is effortless with glass compared to wood and other materials that are used in windows. It is also easy to clean and maintain but if you are not careful, it also breaks easily unlike other materials that wood.

Several reasons are listed why windows are important in our homes.

  • Windows offer convenience – windows allow heat to escape. During hot seasons our home can accumulate heat by having windows, it provides a point of exit for trapped heat inside our homes. If you are cooking, the accumulated heat can be released if you have a window in your kitchen area. It serves as ventilation and an exit for trapped heat.
  • Windows provides efficiency – with the windows we have at our home, it increases efficiency by allowing our homes to be energy efficient. Windows can help keeps the cold air out and keep the warm air in.
  • Windows increase the face value of our homes – if you notice it, a window improves the aesthetic look of our homes. It complements our homes in so many ways. When you want to sell your home, buyers often look at your windows for visual appeal and convenience.

How to effectively clean glass windows?

If you come to notice most homes, the material of choice for windows is mostly glass. It is very seldom that we would find some windows that still use wood. There might be homes that use wood or even plastic but the most common material we see is glass. And why glass? Because glass can absorb, transmit, or even refract light. Most glasses are transparent allowing seemingly unlimited access to light.

Glass smooth and glossy surface allows easy cleaning and care. It doesn’t rust and if ever it breaks, it is cheap to fix and replace. Finding things to clean your windows effectively is not hard either. In fact, you can clean it with water, detergent and some old newspapers just like how it is done in the old days. It is easy to restore its original look and feel with just a few wiping and a little bit of TLC (tender loving care).

If you have plenty of desire to clean your glass window but you have problems and issues with time because of your busy schedule, you use a good quality magnetic window cleaner for your window cleaning needs. Using it is just easy and convenient, and it is not expensive either. Finding an excellent quality magnetic window cleaner may be challenging but we can help you with that.

When choosing the best magnetic window cleaner for your cleaning needs, you don’t need an expensive one, look for something that is cheap, durable, and easy to use and maintain. We hope that as you go along we will be able to give you the most sound and practical advice that you will need regarding choosing the best magnetic window cleaner for you. Without any further delay, let us now discuss some important points regarding a magnetic window cleaner.

What is a magnetic window cleaner?

  • A magnetic window cleaner is a tool that is used to clean windows that use two magnets to clean on both sides of a window. Magnetic window cleaner can be used to clean double-glazed windows.
  • It is a plastic tool that has two magnetic parts that stick together from both sides of the window. One part that is on the inside has a handle that a user can hold to be able to guide the cleaner. It has a string that allows you to attach it to a window which is made to secure the other magnet.
  • Window cleaner varies in price, some window cleaners are cheaply priced compared to others. For magnetic window cleaners that are meant to clean single glazed and thin windows are relatively cheaper compared to cleaners that are designed to clean double glazed and thick glass windows. This kind of cleaner has a more powerful magnet. For cleaning extremely thick glass panels a cleaner with a very strong magnet is recommended.
  • Most magnetic window cleaner comes with a:
  1. Spacer
  2. magnet parts
  3. safety string
  4. microfiber cloth
  5. rubber squeegee
  6. spare magnets

Is it beneficial to use a magnetic window cleaner?

As a rule of thumb, anything that can make you accomplish something in less time and with minimum effort is beneficial. Using a magnetic window cleaner allows cleaning of windows efficient and convenient because it allows less effort on your part. Compare to using a piece of cloth or rag and rub it against a window, there is a noticeable time difference and the amount of effort is also considerable.

Imagine, you live in a multi-story apartment or building. You can’t just go outside and be a daredevil for your window cleaning routine, it is simply not safe. Do not risk your safety by dangling outside, it is not worth it. You can just stay indoors and enjoy the same benefits with cleaning one part and the other part would be taken care of by the magnetic window cleaner. As a word of caution, be safe stay indoors, leave the hanging and dangling to the professionals.

How do you use a magnetic window cleaner?

This is now the fun part, the “do” part. Cleaning your windows using a magnetic window cleaner does not entail a lot of technical stuff, you will be needing a bucket of warm water, a bit of dishwashing liquid or all-purpose cleaner, and some elbow grease.

  • Step 1 – Put some cleaning solution on a bucket of water
  • Step 2 – Stir the water a bit until you see some bubbles.
  • Step 3 – Dip the magnetic window cleaners on the bucket, be sure not to stick the cleaners yet.
  • Step 4 -Rub the sponges, the more bubbles you create, the easier it is for you to perform the cleaning.
  • Step 5 – The part that has the handle must be used indoors, don’t forget to tie the other part which will be used outside.
  • Step 6 – Clamp the two parts together to start your cleaning.
  • Step 7 – Clean with the sponge first, scrub the dirt off and then use the squeegee if your cleaner comes with a directional arrow for instructions, the better it would be because you will be guided on how to use it.
  • Step 8 – Start cleaning by moving left-to-right, then up-and-down. Do it in a zigzag motion slowly.
  • Step 9 – Move the cleaner to the part which is closest to the edge and slowly separate the two magnets.
  • Step 10 – Wipe with a microfiber cloth some streaks that are left behind, spray the cloth with a cleaning solution or water and glide slowly the magnets across the entire window
  • Step 11 – Store the magnetic window cleaner and keep them dry.

Our recommended magnetic window cleaner

Double-side Magnetic Glass Wiper

If you are looking for a durable but cheap magnetic window cleaner, this cleaner may be the perfect fit for you. It allows you to be efficient with your cleaning routine. It has a sponge that effectively absorbs water. It has a triangular design and is equipped with powerful magnets. You won’t be worrying if the other magnet on the other side might fall because it holds firmly well. It is ideal for 15-24 millimeter glass windows. Works well for double-glazed glass and effectively cleans corners.

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Tyroler Bright Tools The Glider D-4 Magnetic Window Cleaner

If you prefer a magnetic window cleaner that has a strong magnet, this cleaner is for you. Hard-to-reach areas of your window are never a problem, clean it effectively with a both horizontal, vertical, and zigzag motion. Cleaning the outside part of your window is just easy, this cleaner reaches the other part easily. Wash single-glazed windows ranging from 0.1 to 0.3 inches thick. It comes with 2 plush microfiber cloths leaving your windows dry and shiny.

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Compare with similar items

KOKITEA Double-Sided Window Cleaner

Using a magnetic window cleaner for your window cleaning needs is easy as 1-2-3 with this KOKITEA window cleaner. Ideal for double-glazed windows the strong magnets give added confidence that no matter where or however you use it, you know it sticks in place every time. You can adjust and customize the magnet’s strength, giving you complete control over your cleaning routine. You’ll have twice the result with less effort.

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Our Verdict

Choosing which product is best is hard and daunting. We have posted what we think is the best magnetic window cleaner out in the market. We take into consideration its performance, the cost, and its overall feel in cleaning. Cleaners that are intended for thin glasses tend to be lighter and easier to use than cleaners for thicker glasses. Based on some good reviews and experiences of those who have bought the product, we would like to recommend KOKITEA Double-Sided Window Cleaner.

The added weight since it is designed for thicker windows is just a minor issue. You can adjust the strength of the magnets by tuning on a knob/switch for customization of the magnet’s strength. You can never go wrong with KOKITEA it is like having the best of both worlds.

We hope we have provided you with relevant information for your window cleaning needs, stay tuned and follow us always for more tips and advice on how to make your life more convenient and less hassle with your day-to-day chores and activities. Until next time keep safe always.

Magnetic Window Cleaner
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