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LED Shower Head

Throughout the years and since ancient times human beings have created habits to maintain their hygiene, among those habits, the daily bath has been one of the activities that people have learned to enjoy, and with technological advances, every day more sophisticated, the daily bath has become a real rite of pleasure.

A bathroom with formidable decorative tiles, with its very attractive looking accessories, and a good shower, captivate anyone, these showers have evolved to the point that today it is common to get a bathroom with a LED shower head.

But, what is a LED shower head?

It is ahead designed with technology that is based on electroluminescence, emitting photons, which have a novel feature, give colors to the light emitted, these systems are known as LED, these heads contain light-emitting diodes **But what is a LED shower head?

It is ahead designed with technology that is based on electroluminescence, emitting photons, which have a novel feature, giving colors to the light emitted, these systems are known as LED, and these heads contain light-emitting diodes that are located at the bottom of the showerhead, where the water outlet holes are located.

The disposition of its location makes that when the water comes out they light up producing colors in it, such as those of a spectacular luminous source, or those that are observed infamous public places, these showers turn the bath not only into a pleasant pleasure but also in a great amusement full of consequent stimuli that turn the daily bath into an addiction.

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How does a LED shower head work?

The operation of a LED shower head is simple but very effective, the main objective is to provide information in the form of colored lights about the temperature of the water coming out of the holes of the showerhead, for which it uses a system of resistors that are sensitive to the temperature of the water.

The LED shower head does not require batteries or external electric current, since its energy source is provided by an electromagnetic motor, which operates at high speed and through impellers that are driven by the flow of water, produces the movement that generates the energy required by the LED system of the showerhead and the temperature controls, and is designed to operate at extremely low water pressures.

This motor is located inside the shower housing, inside a highly advanced, completely watertight structure, which guarantees protection against oxidation due to contact with water, providing the unit with greater durability and high working efficiency.

A LED shower head illuminates the water in colors, depending on the temperature of the water, the essential colors are blue, red, and green, additionally, they are provided with special warning functions, emitting the red light intermittently.

Green shower head

When the water has not reached temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius, the showerhead LEDs emit green light. This green light is usually maintained at temperatures below 32 degrees Celsius in all shower heads with this function.

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Led shower head blue color

The showerhead LEDs emit blue color when the water that comes out of the showerhead orifices presents average temperatures that are in the range of 33 to 41 degrees Celsius, informing that the water is hot and that there is no risk of suffering a burn.

This type of showerhead has five settings, providing the possibility of hydro-massage, power shower, economic shower, pulsating massage, and pause for water-saving, and the option of emitting the water in two colors more green and red.

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LED shower head red color

When the showerhead dispenses water in red color, it is transmitting a message indicating that the temperature of the water coming out of the showerhead is very high, and that it has managed to exceed 42 degrees Celsius, and that it has not yet reached 45 degrees.

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LED shower head color Black

This is a waterfall shower head, with modern and bold design, in matte black, with square shaped water dispenser of good dimensions with 9.843 in per side, and with water curtain side options, with wall mount arm with a length of 16 in.

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Shower head with speaker

These models are very peculiar showerheads, ideal for today’s young people who enter the bathroom with the cell phone to play music while taking a bath, putting at risk operation of the device, with this new head the risks are eliminated, this head has waterproof speaker, with very good sound quality, the speaker is held to the shower by a secure magnetic connection, so that it does not come off, but it presents great ease to remove it when you need to charge the speaker.

The speaker works with a Bluetooth connection to connect to your Smartphone, or a Tablet, or any other device, and works outside the shower, providing the ability to take it to the beach, a picnic, or anywhere you want.

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How to install the color-changing LED shower head

The installation of a LED shower head is not a complicated procedure, it is an activity that can be done by anyone, since it does not require advanced plumbing knowledge, nor complicated tools, these shower heads do not require complicated and dangerous electrical connections. Just perform a few steps that are extremely simple, and that provide the possibility of saving money by not having to hire the services of a plumber or plumber, let’s see how to install these showers in a simple way.

  • The first thing we must do is to remove the shower that we have installed in the bathroom, make sure that the faucet that gives way to the water that feeds the shower is closed.
  • With the help of a small pipe wrench or a pair of pliers, unscrew the shower arm completely.
  • Unpack the LED shower head to be installed.
  • Place enough Teflon tape on the threads of the shower head arm at both ends, the one that goes to the water supply tube and the one that goes to the shower head.
  • Take the shower head arm and, with the help of the socket wrench, screw it onto the water supply tube.
  • Now screw the shower head on the other end of the arm, remember that the new shower head has a motor to generate the power it needs for the LEDs to light up, and for this reason it comes with a sealing gasket, which has a filter, and is included in the shower package, refer to the installation instructions to make sure it is placed in the correct position.
  • Check that the installed shower head is working properly, verify that the water flows through the shower and does not leak out of the connections you have screwed on, in case you see leaks, tighten the threads again.

In the installation of LED shower heads you should keep in mind that they are the same steps of installing the other types of conventional shower heads, keep in mind that the dimensions of the pipe must be compatible with the threads and arm of the shower head that you will install, so that they can fit without problems.

If your shower comes with a hand shower, the installation procedure is similar, with this simple procedure you will have installed your LED shower head, and you will be able to enjoy a wonderful showering experience.

 Although the main purpose of these shower heads is to inform the water temperature levels through the colors blue, green and red, there are many types of LED shower heads that change colors only for visual aesthetic reasons, just as an attraction, some models provide water in seven and even more colors, which can appear in several colors simultaneously, or one at a time.

Advantages of a LED shower head

  • They avoid water waste, you can enter the water at the time that the lights indicate the desired temperature for you.
  • They do not require any maintenance, are designed to require no special care or cleaning procedures, and provide a long period of durability.
  • Energy autonomy. – It benefits the safety and access to the bathroom, thanks to the color code easy to understand, even for children.
  • It offers a great relaxation when taking a shower, the sensation of bathing in a multicolored fountain causes great pleasure and amuses even the smallest ones.

There are very attractive models in online stores of these wonderful and innovative shower heads, which have incorporated technology to provide households the opportunity to turn their moments of hygiene, in real moments of enjoyment and total fun.

The basic idea of these components for bathrooms is to somehow increase the value, both decorative, aesthetic and why not, contribute to the value of the property, as they are pieces of the home that have now become versatile instruments of the welfare of the family.

LED Shower Head
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