How to unclog a toilet when nothing works?

Let’s be honest, we are all embarrassed more if our toilet is clogged than anything. A stinky toilet makes us worried till we find a suitable solution. Yes, our comfortable life comes to a standstill until we solve the clogged toilet. You might have taken a lot of steps to solve the clogged toilet issue but in vain. Yes, you might be having a bad smell after having tried many methods. You must be exhausted and frustrated due to this problem.

A clogged toilet is disgusting indeed for you, and hence you have to unearth the methods to clean your clogged toilet. The below article may tell you various basic methods to clean your clogged toilet when nothing works for you.

How to unclog a toilet when nothing works?
How to unclog a toilet when nothing works?

I have listed some essential but easy methods to unclog a toilet in your place. You can try the below methods for top-notch results as you expected. Let us delve deeper into the methods now. Are you ready?

How to unclog a toilet when nothing works?

Using a plunger

Using a plunger is a wise idea to unclog the toilet. You can go for a heavier one by purchasing it at the shop. A plunger with a can help you a lot with desirable results. Wear gloves for your protection because toilet water may splash on you.

Ok, now you can start the process by inserting the plunger, especially the rubber part, by handle holding. Push and pull the tool in the toilet repeatedly. By doing so, the clog may get sucked out. The waste and water are pushed down if you skillfully handle the plunger into the toilet. Yes, this method can help to an extent, I hope. No worries if this task does not work for you because we have many solutions available like below.

Vinegar and baking soda mixture

Do you have any trouble with the above method of unclogging the toilet? If yes, you can go with the mixture of baking soda and vinegar to the unclog toilet. This mixture is an excellent alternative to other methods. You can get the items from a store without any trouble. You can mix these two items as instructed using warm water. However, you have to ensure thorough mixing of baking soda and ensure it has dissolved completely. Once the mixing is over, you can pour it into the clogged toilet. That’s it and wait for a few minutes or half an hour.

Later, you put the vinegar, say, about one or two cups, into the toilet and wait for the reaction. The chemical reaction starts once you pour in the vinegar that makes the clog break up. I hope, your problem can be solved by this method.

Toilet Tank Cleaning

You might know about the toilet clogging issues due to bathroom supplies. Yes, items like soap and brushes get collected in the bowl of the toilet tank. You can make sure this problem and accordingly take steps to clean the toilet tank to remove the clogged items.

Boiling Water and Dishwashing Detergent mixture

The basic idea behind removing the clog in the toilet is to break the clog items first to remove them easily. Yes, you can use warm water for the purpose by mixing it with the detergent soap. Yes, pour the cooled water after the warm task. While you take some time to cool the hot water, it is good to add some detergent soap into the toilet bowl.

Now, you can pour the water that you prepared above into the toilet bowl slowly. The reaction takes place in the bowl, making the clogged items break down. Once the process is over, remove the clog and clean the toilet.

How about a plumber snake?

Yes, a plumber snake is known to many homeowners nowadays and they might have it. The house owners shall have a tool or can purchase one from the nearby store. This plumber snake is a flexible tool to clean the toilet bowl without any restrictions. It is also called Close Auger by technical people in the field. This wire can clean the clogged toilet to the core.

How does the process occur?

It is a simple one because the wire can be sent into the drain of the toilet to clean. The rubber coating of the snake does not cause any scratches or any other damage when it is inserted. So, you can push the snake into the toilet drain without any fear. You can stop pushing the snake when you feel resistance from the other side. Now, you can twist the snake wire on either side by pushing alternatively to remove the clog in the toilet. How long should it take to do it? You can proceed until you move into the drain without any effort or resistance.

If you do not find any obstruction when you push the snake, you start flushing the toilet for the checking process. If water flows freely without any obstacle, you can confirm that no clog is not there anymore.

Growth of Tree Roots

Did you check for the growth of tree roots in your toilet drain? Yes, the adjacent tree that is near your toilet may disturb the sewer lines. So, you will have to ensure the issue is resolved before you proceed further. The growth of tree roots disturbs the normal functioning of the sewer lines. The roots penetrate the toilet pipes and clog them. So, if you have a tree in the place, it is better to clear the doubts about tree penetration. You can get the help of a plumber professional for the issues.

A thorough inspection by the plumber ensures the tree roots’ penetration. If found, the professional will clear the roots technically, and if not, you can proceed further for other methods of unclogging the toilet.

Using Wet/Dry Cleaner to suck out

One of the effective methods to remove the clog is to suck it out by using a wet or dry cleaner. However, this technique is irritating and embarrassing despite its effectiveness. You require a vacuum for the task to achieve the goals. Using both wet and dry to cope with water withstanding features is fine.

The vacuum is used to suck out the clogged debris. The vacuum removes the debris present in the clogged toilet water. Once the toilet bowl is sucked completely, you shall send the vacuum into the toilet bowl by pushing it down still.

A tower can be tied to the hose of the vacuum. It is allowed to enter the toilet bowl for suction effect creation. Now vacuum is switched on to remove the clog present in the toilet. After this task, you can observe the water flow in your toilet drain and found free-flowing, you are successful.

Other solutions to your question how to unclog toilet when nothing works

An Enzyme Product use

An enzyme waste removal may give you surprising results for your aim to unclog the toilet. It liquefies the clogged materials to a great extent. You can purchase the enzyme cleaner from the nearby grocery store. This enzyme product that is used in the septic cleaning process can be used to clean the toilet. It unclogs the toilet quickly making you feel relaxed and stressed. This enzyme product breaks the waste materials into pieces for easy draining. This product is safe to use as it does not harm any of the pipes or bowels.

You can be careful when you use the enzyme product as stated on the label. You have to use the advised amount when you pour into the toilet. You will have to wait for minutes to see the reaction after pouring in. The softened clog will allow the toilet to drain.

Double Flush More Often

Many people use tissue paper in the toilet, and as a result, it gets accumulated in the toilet drain leading to clogging. Both poop and tissue paper worsens the situation. So, the requirement of water is heavy to drain the toilet. Sometimes, due to clogging issues, the flushed water may get reversed, and it overflows to the top of the toilet.

So, you have options for double flushing tasks in your toilet either you can flush out the poop first by using more water, followed by tissue paper flushing. You can flush out the water to drain the tissue paper after throwing it insider the toilet. You can feel comfortable using the double flush toilet instead of fear. Yes, the powerful flushing of water can eliminate waste.

Use a Wire Coat Hanger

Are you aware of a wire coat hanger? If so, do you know that it works for your unclogging efforts in a toilet? Yes, it works. A wire hanger is straightened first by you. Later take a cloth and cover it on the other end of the wire. You can also use duct tape for the purpose to prevent any scratching or damage.

You can use this method if you found that the clogging issue is only a little or some inches into the toilet. You can place the flexible wire that is covered with cloth into the bowl. Push the wire until you feel resistance. This step may clear the clog by repeated tasks of twisting and pushing the drain for clearing.

Use Chemical Drain Cleaner

This cleaning method is applied only if you do not have any results by following the above techniques. The chemical drain cleaner works well to soften the clog to drain. However, the chemical drain cleaner is not safe for humans and pets. So, you must apply this method as the last one.

Use a chemical cleaner that is recommended for cleaning the toilet and do not use other materials for the purpose. Never go for unbranded chemicals as you will have to face many issues after using them. So, go for recommended and branded chemicals to clean the toilet. Also, be wise to use the chemical cleaner as per the recommended levels or dosages for best use.

Tips to prevent the toilet from clogging

Why does clogging happen? You must be aware of the basic reasons for the clogging issue. If you know the reason and knowledge, you can prevent it from the disaster or embarrassing situations that you may face in the future.

1. Never allow toilet paper to pile up inside the bowl. So, you will have to flush it after using it. Never forget to come out without a flush. The stored tissue paper gets clogged, thereby troubling you a lot. So, using enough water to drain out the toilet paper is a must.

2. Flush cleaner is not used. Using a flush cleaner is a must and has become indispensable to your neat and clean toilet. Yes, the recommended flush cleaner does not allow the waste to settle down. Thus it prevents the waster to settle down inside the toilet drain. The flush cleaner remains in an active state every time you use the toilet.

3. Not cleaning the toilet regularly. Do you maintain a schedule to clean the toilet regularly? If yes, fine and if not you will face the problem of clogging very often. Especially in a family of many members, the toilet drain has to be cleaned regularly, and if not debris clogged together adding worries to your life. So cleaning the toilet at regular intervals gives you the desired results that you aspire.

What are other things present in the toilet other than tissue paper?

  • Diapers
  • Floss
  • Kitty litter
  • Female hygiene products
  • Medications
  • Cotton products

So, you will have to ensure that the above products are not thrown inside the toilet if you do not want issues. Yes, they are thrown in the dust bin separately kept in the toilet. Use the toilet the best for avoiding the clogging issue.

Wrapping up

It is not a fun thing to see a clogged toilet. You must act immediately if your toilet is clogged and also keep it neat and clean. Try to follow more methods that are convenient to you. The above unclogging methods may help you to achieve your goals. The above solution to the question of how to unclog the toilet when nothing works to your satisfaction.

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