How to Steam Hot Dog Buns

Hot dogs are a classic American food. Who doesn’t love to eat a hot dog at a ballpark or in the backyard with friends and family? The only problem is biting into a warm hot dog in a cold hot dog bun can create a weird feeling. So, you want to heat up the buns and get them warm, but then that also presents the problem of accidentally burning the buns. So, how are you supposed to warm up the buns? Well, you steam them! When done correctly, steaming a bun will get you a warm and soft hot dog bun that becomes the perfect accessory for a hot dog and all its toppings. But, that must leave you wondering how to steam hot dog buns. Well, simply look below to see a couple of methods how.

How to Steam Hot Dog Buns
How to Steam Hot Dog Buns

Use a Steaming Basket to Heat Up the Hot Dog Buns

Put about 2-3 inches of water into a pot and boil it on high heat

Once the water starts to boil, it will form steam. The steam will rise and gently warm the hot dog buns, all without them get soggy.

Of course, be careful when boiling the water because both it and the pot will be very hot. You can never be too cautious.

Place your steaming basket so that it is over the pot of boiling water

The basket should fit inside the pot but not touch the water at all, if it does then your hot dog buns will end up being very soggy. If you do not own a steaming basket, then look below for some easy alternatives.

  • Use a colander instead. Simply, place it inside the pot; again, make sure that the water is not going through the holes in the bottom and touching the buns.
  • Put any oven-safe bowl in the bottom of the pot, upside down, and then, place a plate on the top of the bowl, make sure that it’s around 2-3 inches above the boiling water.
  • Simply place a pair of standard chopsticks over the pot of boiling water and gently place the buns on the chopsticks.
  • Just use a pair of tongs to hold the buns over the boiling water.

Put the buns in the steamer, 1-2 at a time, for around 2 minutes

It does not take very long for the hot dog buns to warm up with this method. Use these 1-2 minutes to start prepping any toppings you want on your hot dog so once the buns a warmed you waste no time in getting to enjoy them!

  • You can also open up the buns and put them facedown into the steamer, this will get the insides warm too.
  • Wait to warm your hot dog buns until everything else is done cooking. This way the buns won’t have time to cool down before you begin to enjoy.
  • If you are using a proper steamer to steam your hot dogs, do not cover the steamer with the lid. If you do it will leave your buns soggy and gross.

Use a pair of tongs to take the hot dog buns out of the steamer to begin putting together your hot dog

You have to remember to be careful when removing the hot dog buns from the steamer. If you try to use your bare hands to grab them you could end up getting hurt by the steam or accidentally burning yourself on the pot of boiling water, it is best to just use a pair of tongs to grab them and move them to a plate.

Be sure to eat the hot dogs quickly at the buns taste best before they have the chance to cool down.

Microwave the Hot Dog Buns

Heat up about 3 tablespoons worth of water inside of a microwave-safe bowl for about 1 minute

The water will create steam inside of the microwave, which will help soften up your hot dog buns. A microwave-safe mug would also work for this step instead of a bowl.

  • There is also no need to clean the bowl or mug you use afterward! Just dry it off after you are done and put it away.
  • Be very careful when taking the bowl or mug out of the microwave, as it will be hot. Use either an oven mitt or kitchen towel to keep from accidentally burning yourself.

Place 2 sheets of paper towels onto a microwave-safe plate

The hot dog bun will get steamed inside the microwave, the paper towels will absorb any condensation that forms during the process and this will keep the hot dog buns from getting soggy.

Soggy hot dog buns are gross and tend to fall apart very easily.

Place the hot dog buns onto the plate and lightly cover them with a damp paper towel

Make sure the paper towel is not dripping wet, it should just be lightly splashed with a few water drops. The paper towel will help the buns retain moisture and not get too dried out.

If you are steaming more than one hot dog bun at a time, make sure they are not touching on the plate.

Microwave the hot dog buns alongside of the hot water for about 10 seconds

Make sure to leave the bowl, or mug, of warm water inside of the microwave, so that it remains steamy.

Overall, this method is very quick, you will have your steamed hot dog buns prepared in under 2 minutes.

Turn the buns over and microwave them for another 10 seconds

Take out the paper towel covering the buns and simply turn them over. Recover the buns with the paper towel, and steam them for another 10 seconds. Afterward, the buns should be nice and warm.

If the buns do not feel warm enough, add another 5 seconds of cooking time until you get it to a temperature you like.

Now that you know how to steam hot dog buns, you will be able to enjoy this delicious meal whenever you want with whoever you want.

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