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How to sew on a patch

Looking for pro tips for how to sew on a patch?

Have you ever had a shirt or a jean that you really love but was torn or damaged? You’ve been wanting to wear that shirt or jeans for an occasion but it won’t do you any good if you went out with a torn shirt or jeans.

How to sew on a patch
How to sew on a patch

Worry no more, patches exist! If that situation arises, you got patches as your best friend. Now, all you need to do is know how to sew that patch into your torn shirt or jean. Calm your senses, we have outlined these easy and simple hacks you can try to sew a patch on your shirt or jean. Okay, let us check one of these steps.

How to sew on a patch?

For your peace of mind, anyone can sew on patches. It is no rocket science when you want to sew a patch on your clothes or jeans. You don’t need to be a professional tailor or seamstress if you wanted to sew a patch on your clothing. If you are a mom, a teenager, or a student, you can actually manage to sew a patch. When you try to sew a patch by hand, you can pace yourself and control your stitches. It will save you a lot of stress! Sewing a patch on your clothing is an easy job to do. Well, if you need any backup idea on how to sew a patch on your clothes, we got you covered.

Embroidering Patches

At this point, all you have to do is to get your garments such as a shirt or a pair of jeans that you want to sew on with a patch. Embroidering patches on your clothes and jeans are not too complex as it sounds. Make sure that you know where to place your patch before sewing it onto the shirt or jeans that you have. Now, if you have done this, you can finally sew the patch on that garment. For starters, using a straight stitch is the easiest thing to do in embroidering your patch. Now, if you want to try something new, you can do a zigzag or curve embroidery on your patch. But, keep in mind that you need to sew that patch on your piece of clothing.

How to sew on a patches by hand

This is an easy feat to do when you try to sew a patch in your garment. Beforehand, make sure where you want to sew your patch. If you have a torn shirt or jeans, make sure that you locate it first before sewing on a patch. Using your hand in sewing a patch requires you to be keen on positioning your patch. We don’t want a misplaced patch on your shirt or jean. Also, make sure that you are familiar with using a needle and a thread. These two are your best friends when you sew on a patch in your garment.

A pro tip: make sure that you use the right thickness of thread and needle. This also depends on the type of garment that you have. If you want to sew a patch on your jeans, then you may need a thick needle and strong thread for this one. If you have chosen the type of needle and thread that you want to use in sewing a patch on your clothing, then you can now start sewing the patch.

How to sew on a patch by machine

This one is much more difficult compared to sewing your patch by hand. If you have tried sewing anything with a sewing machine, then your experience will probably aid you in sewing a patch. But, if you are a total novice in using a sewing machine, you will need help and aid in sewing a patch using a machine.

But first, choose the color of the thread that you want to stitch into your piece of clothing. If you want to be creative, you can choose bolder and darker colors. But, bear in mind that the color of your thread should also be appropriate with the garment where you want to sew a patch on. After this, you can now stitch the patch onto the piece of garment you have. Thread it using the sewing machine. Also, a pro tip: don’t forget to do a backstitch. In this way, if you want to turn your shirt or jean inside out, the stitch marks left in sewing your patch is crystal clean.

Now, if you lack the confidence to try using the sewing machine, you can visit a professional tailor or seamstress. If you want to sew your patch in the cleanest way possible, you should probably leave that to an experienced tailor.

How to sew on a patch on a Hole?

Now, if you have a hole in your jean or in your shirt, you probably need to sew that patch on your piece of clothing. Make sure that you locate where the hole is before stitching the patch on the garment. Your patch will depend on how large or small the hole of your garment is.

After this, make sure that you sew the patch on the inside, not the outside part of the shirt or jeans. In this way, when you turned the garment inside out, the stitch marks left are clean and not messy. Okay, another pro tip: if you want to see how the patch tuned out, try to wear that piece of garment on. If you liked the look of the patch on your piece of clothing, then job well done! But, if you want to redo it again, just unstitch the patch and start all over again. Don’t worry, it will come out better the second time around.

DIY Patches on Your Garments

Have you remembered the time when having a lot of patches in your shirt or jeans makes you the cool kid in school? Or, have you seen a famous kid in a movie who wears a lot of cool and sassy patches on the back of their jeans? Now, that’s what you call the trend in fashion. Sewing a patch on your clothes is a fun way of upcycling your clothes and make them look anew.

Just make sure that you have a definite design or style of patch that you want to sew on your piece of clothing. Make sure that you consider the style and design of your patch as well as the garment where you plan to sew it on. If you want to b creative and unique, you can totally customize your patches. You have the choice of where you want to stitch that patch on your garments.

But, keep in mind that sewing a patch does not need to just be creative and decorative. It must also be functional and practical. Sewing a patch on your clothes must cover the holes and tears of your shirts or your jeans. Sometimes, sewing a lot of patches makes you cool, but sometimes it is not just too cool anymore.

Sewing Cool Patches on Jeans

Remember that cool jeans you at home? With that cool patches and creative design, you stitch on it? Well, sewing a patch on your jeans is not as difficult as it sounds. It is like sewing a patch on your shirts. But, the thickness of your jeans also affects the type of patch you want to sew on them.

If you want to have creative jeans that will match your outfit, you need to think twice before stitching that patch on your jeans. Also, consider the overall look that you want to envision yourself with while wearing those jeans with the sewn patches on. You have the choice of where to place your patches and what design you want to incorporate into them. Keep in mind that you want to come out with a better and cooler outfit with the patches you saw on it.

Our Final Say

Sewing patches have come a long way. It became both a trend and a tad in the fashion industry. But, there than that, sewing patches on your garments has also served its purpose. If you want to upcycle or decorate your shirt and jeans, you sew a patch on those garments. The pro tips that we have provided just for you are just some of the tricks and magic that can guide you in sewing patches on your clothes.

If you want your patches to stay longer, there are different factors that come into place. The way you wash, rub or take care of your clothing with the patches on also makes your patches stay longer or shorter. All you need is to give the right treatment to the pieces of garments where you stitch the patches on. Remember, you get what treatment you worked on with your patches.

Sewing patches is not a complex task you can try at home. You need to consider the style, design, and size of the patches that you want to stitch on the garment you have. Remember to take your time and not rush into sewing patches on your pieces of clothing. Also, you will discover that some patches are not so cool while other are just as unique as it can be. Our pro tip: reread each step before sewing your patches.

Whichever you want to follow and the style that suits you best, then you have the choice to go with it. Bear in mind that sewing patches are an enjoyable task. No need to worry and stress yourself.

How to sew on a patch
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