How to remove polygel

Polygel in the Nail Art Industry

Nail art had appeared in various cultures as early as 5000 BC. There are various reasons for the use of nail art. In some cultures, it is to show their social status, in some their marital status, but for most, it is to express beauty. The materials used for nail art had also evolved over the years. From using natural colors from the sap of the tree to acrylic, hard gel, and polygel. These are just a few of the materials used over the years to express nail art. The art in nails had also evolved. From using monochromatic colors limited to what is available in nature to using synthetic colors that technology can create. The evolution of the materials and the colors used for nail art and nail extension had evolved that various choices are now available in the market.

How to remove polygel
How to remove polygel

With nail art being used as a form of expression for most, it is a huge industry. The market value of the industry amounting to USD 9Billion, nail enhancement is a promising industry. It is not only its market value that proves its stability but its existence for thousands of years had proven that this industry can survive as long as it evolved. Its biggest evolution is the material. With the existence of different materials in the market that can aid the enhancement of nails, one that is recommended is the polygel. Polygel is a combination of acrylic and clear gel. This material is preferred by professionals since it is easy to use. Another benefit of using polygel is because it is odorless. Some nail enhancement products are heavily scented that it is not only the one attaching the extension or enhancement but also the wearer of the nails that have to bear with the odor. Some odors would even last longer so it is challenging to tolerate them. Polygel is also easy to wear and is flexible.

The challenge in using polygel in nail enhancement is that it is more expensive than most. Other options like acrylic can cost half the price of the polygel. When applying polygel, when using a different light it can cause heat spikes which can result to nail infection. It is not only the application of the polygel that can have challenges, wrong removal of the polygel can result in a damaged nail. Certain products are used in removing polygel nails, but there are also ordinary ways of removing them without using chemicals. When using polygel to enhance the nails, the question of how to remove polygel would always arise. The reason why this question is asked is that there are various ways on how to remove polygel. Removing polygel can be done by professionals while some would opt on removing the polygel on their own.

Removing polygel can be easy for some and can be challenging to others. Different ways on how to remove polygel are tried by both the professionals and individuals who are wearing polygel. Polygel could last as long as three weeks so it needs not to be replaced immediately, but some individuals would want to remove the enhancement as soon as its purpose no longer serves them. For example, some enhancements are worn for socialization or special events, if the event is over then they would want to remove it. In the absence of professionals, some would want to remove it on their own so it is important to know what are the basic ways of removing the polygel, whether on their own or with professionals. The challenge may be that some methods may not require the use of chemicals but it may require the use of equipment. Two of the equipment used in removing polygel are electric nail drills and nail files. These two pieces of equipment are easily available in shops and online shops. In, one will easily find equipment that can help on how to remove polygel.

How to remove polygel?

The method on how to remove polygel without chemicals may be a bit challenging but some preferred it since attaching the polygel already requires the use of chemicals. There are different methods on how to remove polygel, these options may be limited but those always wearing polygel would have a solution they can use at home.

  1.  Soaking nails in water for 15 to 20 minutes – This is not the best method on how to remove polygel. Polygel is not soaked off gel so it may take time to remove it when soaking in water. To soak your nails, pour some warm water in a bowl that would fit one or both hands when soaked. Add dishwashing soap and then soak the nails with polygel. Soak it for 15 to 20 minutes. Note that for some it may take longer especially if the polygel is only 1 or 2 days old. If the water gets cold while in the soaking process just add more warm water.
  2.  Using nail files – Deemed to be one of the most effective ways on how to remove polygel without using chemicals. Before using a nail file to remove the polygel, it is advised that you cut the nails as short as possible. Then use the nail file to file off the polygel from the nails.
  3.  Peeling off the gel – peeling off the polygel may be another challenging task on how to remove the polygel but it is easier especially when it is already starting to peel off on its third or fourth week. Polygel can only last as long as three to four weeks so it would naturally peel off. A peeled-off polygel will not look good on the nails so peeling off the whole polygel off the nails would be better. In most cases, some would use oil to aid in peeling it off, others would use cuticle oil.
  4.  Use electric nail drails – This can be done by individuals and professionals. With the availability of the equipment in shops and on Amazon, it would not be surprising if this tool is part of the women’s bathroom since they would be needing this to remove the polygel. Electric nail drills have nail bits you can use depending on the need of your nails or what you want to remove. People who always use polygel nail enhancers must know how to remove polygel using an electric nail drill.
  5.  Use Acetone – Probably the most effective way on how to remove polygel. Acetone is different from polish remover. Both can remove nail polish but the chemical composition of acetone allows it to remove nail polish faster than the polish remover. Using acetone on the nails can be harsh to the nails and the skin around the nails.

After removing the polygel from the nails, you must use nail and skincare products to make sure that your nails and skin are beautiful and do not suffer from the harsh chemicals used to remove the polygel. Even when not using acetone or other harsh chemicals for the skin, it is still important to use moisturizers as soaking your hand in warm water for a long time could cause dry skin. There are different ways one can try on how to remove polygel at home. Some prefer professionals to remove the polygel but frequently asking professionals to do the job can be costly. When removing polygel at home, there are products you can check on that you can check out and buy. It is not only the chemicals in removing the polygel that one should have, equipment like nail files, nail cutter and others included in some kits can be of great help in getting the job done.

What can be found on showcases a lot of products that are good for removing polygel. Prices range from USD 3.48 to USD 39. 90. This range of products feature removing polygel and some even have aftercare in their packages. Mineral Fusion Nail Polish Remover has one of the perfect five stars and is a customer’s favorite. It is sold in 0. 33oz, 3 oz, and 6 oz. This product can be bought in a pack of 2 when buying the 6oz size.

Amazon’s Choice is Pronto 100% pure acetone. This comes in 2 sizes, the 8 fl oz, and 16 fl oz, This product also comes in bundles. You can buy it in a pack of 2 or with nail files.

Mineral Fusion Nail polish remover is a favorite among customers because it does not dry the skin and the nails when used. It has a natural moisturizing effect so in a way it is not harsh neither to the skin nor to the nails. Pronto, on the other hand, does not have the features of moisturizing the skin and nails when used but it is more effective in using to remove the polygel, acrylic, and gel from the nails. Another product is Morovan 2 in 1 formula which comes in 4 fl oz and 8 fl oz. This product is dubbed as a professional nail polish remover and it is a four in one nail cleansing solution which is a good deal when finding products online.

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