How To Get Rid Of Mice In Attic?

How to get rid of mice in attic? Mice are destructive. They not just gnaw on electrical cables but are also disease-carrying animals. Diseases they can spread include salmonellosis, listeria, hantavirus, and lymphocytic choriomeningitis. These diseases are spread through their droppings, urine, and in their nesting materials. The dust where their urine dried up can be the spreader of disease as well.

How to get rid of Mice In Attic
How to get rid of mice In attic?

How to tell there are mice tin the attic?

Any homeowner may be careful and is keeping their home clean, but with this highly intelligent animal, they can navigate for routes and memorize how to get inside your property using any small openings. But how do you know if you have mice in your attic?

Scratching and scampering noise

Sounds may be faint, but you can still hear them. It can also come from the walls as the mice may travel to find a food source. Other sounds you can hear are squeaking noise, as well as gnawing sound.

They are nocturnal animals and forage for food at nighttime when people are already sleeping, and they can move around freely.

A putrid, and musty smell

If there are several mice in your attic, sooner or later, you will start smelling this malodorous smell. It is their urine as well as their feces. The pungent smell will spread in your home, and even though the mice are in the attic, there is no stopping the smell from spreading around the house.

Lights or appliances that turn off or flickers

Intermittent lights or appliances that suddenly turn off may be a sign that there are cables or electrical wiring that has been chewed on or damaged by mice. It is dangerous and one you must prevent from worsening.

Mice droppings, urine stains

If the mice are leaving feces behind, you will notice this because of the distinct appearance of their droppings. There will be visible marks on the wall or the countertop because of their urine. It can be anywhere the mice pass by.

A familiar question for homeowners with mice problems is how to get rid of mice in attic? Here are common solutions that are proven to be helpful.

How to get rid of mice In attic?

Remove the nearby branch or trees used as a climbing point

It can be the bushes or any trees near the window or small openings that mice can pass through. Because they are small and nimble, it is not an impossible feat for them to use even the smallest entry point to get inside your property. They will find a space where they can live peacefully and where humans will not be disturbing them, which is usually the attic.

Remove food and water availability

Mice will stay where there is an easy food source. If you have a dog bowl around where some dog food is left overnight, remove it. Food storage and other containers must be completely sealed and not something they can burrow on. Materials that are not easily chewed through by mice should be your option for food containers.

Clean the Attic to get rid of mice in attic?

The reason mice prefer the attic is because it is undisturbed, and there are plenty of things they can bite and chew on. There is also comfortable furniture, old chairs, or even foam where mice can live satisfactorily for months, even years.

If homeowners will not clean their attic once in a while, it will be infested with mice, and there may also be other pests that can live on the attic besides mice.

Get Rid of all the Clutters

Removing old furniture, and other items that mice can use as their nesting place should be a priority. As long as mice can leave comfortably and they can roam around freely, they will not leave the place, and they can multiply in your attic smoothly. Any materials that are unused, broken, or defective must be thrown away or disposed of.

Seal other entry points

Check if there are damages on the roof, on your wall, or your window where the mice can gain entry. Sometimes it may be too small that homeowners fail to notice the damage. It can be an easy entry point for mice, and it must be sealed or repaired.

Find any gaps between windows and doors as mice can pass through these entryways. They are so deft and agile, not to mention intelligent finding an entry point is simple for mice.

Use of Mouse Traps and Poison

All-Weather Bait Chunx by Tomcat for Rats and Mice

Good product to get rid of rats and mice. The 4-lb quantity of this product may be used several times and can kill rats on all life stages.

Just place some portion of the bait chunks in the attic, let the mice feed on them, and they will slowly die in just 4 to 6 days. A perfect product to help you get rid of the mice in your attic once and for all.

Reusable Pest Control Rat & Mouse Traps Set of 6 Large Easy to use

This is usable if you only have a few mice up in the attic, but if you have more living there, you might need several of these mouse traps. It is reusable, which makes it economical, but if you are not one to clean each after it kills mice, then you can just buy more just in case.

It can trap a rat in minutes without letting the mouse escape. It is durable, sturdy, and is very effective.

Any lure can be used together with this mousetrap, and if you don’t want to use chemicals or other environment-destroying solutions to get rid of mice, this should be your choice.

Calling the wildlife control specialists is another option. If you want to let the mice live and want them unharmed and freed in the wildlife, then this is another alternative for you. The experts can handle your mice problem in the attic and determine the best way to get rid of the mice for good. They are also knowledgeable about the entry points of mice and the best way to seal these entry points and keep them secure.

Repair and Cleanup

After letting the professionals catch and remove the mice from your attic, you can then hire people to clean up and repair your attic. Damage insulation that needs replacement, disinfection of the area, and throwing clutter should be the priority. You may not have the time nor the knowledge in cleaning the attic, and letting the professionals handle it is the ideal way to do it.

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