How to get rid of dead mouse smell

The smell of a dead mouse can be nauseating. It is a mix of methane, sulfur dioxide, and other gases released once the tissue of the lifeless animal rot. You cannot keep yourself from smelling the stink cause it will fill the whole house.

You are sure that it is a mouse if you know you have a rat infestation and have been trying to get rid of the pests for several days. Once your house smells, you are sure that the poison or the bait you used is effective. You now have another problem you need to find a solution to – finding where the smell is coming from.

how to get rid of dead mouse smell
How to get rid of dead mouse smell?

What is the next step to get rid of the dead mouse smell?

Find the source

Locate the dead mouse and remove it from your premises. The way to find a dead mouse is by following your nose cause as you sniff around the house, the stench will be stronger when you get near the carcass. There may also be some flies or a trail of maggots that will lead you to the spot.

It is also the best time to get rid of some rubbish and clean as you go. If it will take you a long time to locate the dead mouse, at least you are making progress with house cleaning.

Extract the source of the smell

Once you locate the remains of the mouse, make sure that you are wearing gloves and using some tool to pick up the carcass. Carefully place the remains inside a plastic bag for throwing outside.

Use disinfectant or bleach and water to spray the area. You need to remove the fluid, dead particles that have stuck to the floor or to the spot where you found the remains, as this will also cause the stench to stay for a long time.

Remove the material where the mouse died.

If the mouse died on a piece of cloth, on top of furniture, or in your insulation, you need to remove it. Replacement of insulation is required as well cause the bodily fluids will attach to the material and create a longer stinky odor if left untouched.

Air-dry the area

If air-drying is possible, this will help flush out the smell, as it will increase the ventilation inside the house. You can open the windows, doors or turn on the fans to help dissipate the stink. It may take some time before the smell disappears, but this is a start.

How to get rid of dead mouse smell, what are the materials or products you can use?


Vinegar can help counterbalance the smell and deodorize your house. It can also overpower the odor of the dead mouse if the vinegar is placed strategically around the house.


Ground coffee can also help reduce the bad smell. You can also boil coffee and let it simmer for a few minutes and let the smell surround your house. It will help lessen the odor. You can do this twice or thrice a day, depending on the need.

Use of Baking Soda

You can sprinkle the point where you removed the remains of the mouse or dilute one portion of baking soda with water to use as a spray to the area. It will also help diffuse the smell.


You can use briquettes of charcoal around the house, so it will offset the odor in your house. Charcoal can suck the odors from the air as it attaches to the charcoal removing the funky smell. Charcoal can also remove toxins in your home.

Odor-eliminating products available for purchase

Unscented Odor Remover Spray by ZORBX For Strong Odor Fast-Acting Environment Friendly

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It is also pet-friendly and without harsh chemicals to harm your dog, and it is safe to use around people.

The spray will eliminate the offensive smell in seconds, and you are sure to have a good smelling house and one that will not keep you awake all night because of the stench.

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Dead Animal Reusable Deodorant Pouch Smell Removal

A product that will help eliminate the decay and stench in your home. It is a rechargeable and reusable odor remover that can be used continuously for a longer period. It can even remove the damp smell or any other odor that keeps on emanating in your house.

There is no need to buy an expensive odor eliminator cause this product is perfect for absorbing and trapping the odors that can make anyone’s life miserable.

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Activated Bamboo Charcoal Bag Odor Absorber for Room by VZEE

A highly absorbent odor eliminator that can get rid of the smell in just 24 hours.

It comes in 8 pieces per pack which you can use in every room where the odor has spread. It is fast in removing odor from cigarettes, pet urine smell, bad smell from cooking, bad odor in the restroom, or for the more severe smell of dead mouse or other animals from the house.

The advantage of this activated bamboo charcoal is the usability for up to two years which means it is worth the money. When there is a stinky smell inside your home, this is your go-to product as it will not leave you in dismay.

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Hiring a Professional might be the best tip on how to get rid of dead mouse smell

If you cannot locate the remains of the dead mouse, you may need to hire a professional. It will ensure they will find the dead animal no matter the location. A specialist can easily find the source of malodorous smell since this is their job and they are good at it.

You may need to pay a hefty price for such services, but it will make your life much easier.

The work of professionals is dirty, and it is stinky. They are at the fore of extracting a dead animal that can make a person gag and vomit just by thinking of it. But the professionals will help you not just get rid of the remains but help you clean the area and remove the odor.

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