How To Fluff A Pillow

A fluffy pillow is excellent, no doubt about it. It is such a wonderful feeling to hug a big, soft, and smooth pillow each time you go to sleep. But can we make our pillow softer? How to fluff a pillow? Would it take a lot of equipment and many widgets just to have that fluffy feel? Is there a quick way to do it?

When would be the best time to fluff our pillow? Can we do it more often? Like you, everyone wants to lay their head comfortably on a nice and comfy fluffy pillow. Let us discover some easy hack and D-I-Y on how to fluff a pillow for a more comfortable and happier sleeping experience every single time.

How to fluff a pillow
How to fluff a pillow?

How to fluff a pillow?

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to make your pillow fluffier. There are a lot of easy ways on how to make your pillow-soft and nice. You can do a lot of stuff to customize your pillow to your desired fluff to give you the ultimate comfortable sleeping experience every single time.

The first time you bought your pillow, one of the key things that attracted you to it was its softness and fluffiness. But as you use it as time passes, that softness and fluffiness deteriorate, and you would notice that it no longer has that cloud-enjoy feeling like the first time you bought it.

It is just normal for every pillow. After some time, it loses its fluffiness, but the good thing is there are lots of hacks and D-I-Y tricks you can do that make you fall in love with your pillow again. After a busy day at work, we understand that all you need is just a good old sleep with lots of fluffy pillows surrounding you.

When is the best time to fluff your pillow?

Sleeping on the right pillow after a tiring day at work has a substantial difference after you wake up the following day, and it affects your performance by leaps and bounds. A proper pillow with the right height and firmness makes sleeping something that you love to look forward to.

Improper selection of pillows could affect your spine. When you have used your pillow, it loses some of its fluffiness, and you won’t be sleeping with the proper posture, and it could affect your spine negatively. When you experience many necks and back pain, it is best to consider fluffing your pillow and ensure that it is like a new one again.

A nicely fluffed pillow helps you lessen the chances of experiencing chronic pain in your neck, back, and spine. After regular use, the fill inside your pillow could flatten and affect your spine’s alignment. If you continue using your flat pillow, there will be many necks, back, spine, and joint paint that will haunt you day in and day out.

Make them fluffy again

You can use your hands to make your flat pillows to be fluffy again. You place your pillow on your lap, push the cushion in and out repeatedly for 30 seconds to a minute. Use these motions on both of your pillow’s short and long sides. Continue doing it until you feel your pillow attain the fluffiness that it once had.

You can try hitting your pillow to expand its fill. Lay it flat and nice in your bed and put your fist into it by punching it repeatedly until you notice your pillow is swelling up again. Or you can give your pillow a pleasant set of massage. Pillows are just like us. A good massage can do a lot of wonders, and can our pillow get to tiptop shape again.

Touch and feel your pillow, look for lumps that need to be broken, massage them gently but thoroughly. You need to do this because you need those chunky parts to be broken nice and quickly. This movement allows you to increase the pillow’s loft but improve the pillow’s overall feel.

You can try placing them in a dryer

If you don’t have a lot of time to give your pillow a good massage, you can have this simple way of making them fluffy again. You can place your pillow in your dryer, but before that, please check your pillow’s tags if you can safely put them in a dryer. Some pillows are not advised to be placed on a dryer.

Manufacturers recommend dryer-safe pillows as a no-heat or low-heat setting so you won’t be burning your pillows. You can do this method when you wash your pillow to make them clean and smelling fresh. After washing them, a good session in the dryer could help you restore your pillow’s fluffiness, just like new.

A tennis ball in a sock would be nice

Placing a tennis ball inside a sock is another good idea in getting some excellent kneading on the cushion. A tennis ball would work well because it is just the perfect hardness to pound your pillow nice and easy to break apart any clumps. Place the tennis ball inside your sock and let them run wild inside the dryer with your pillows.

But what if I don’t have a tennis ball?

It’s not a problem if you don’t have a tennis ball. You can use other items that you can find in your home. You can use a clean flip flop or the shirt that you have rolled into a ball. If you have a stuffed toy that your kids no longer using, you can also use that one. You need to remember that whatever it is you put on your dryer, it must be dryer-safe.

Or you can just let your pillow breathe some fresh air

You can let your pillow have its much-needed breath of fresh air. Getting your pillow to stay for a while outside can help you get rid of bacteria and foul odors that are stuck on your pillow. Just check the weather if there’ll be no rain so your cushion can enjoy some trips outside.

You can use this method after you have run them through the dryer or after you have given them a proper massage. The airflow outside can help you separate several pieces of fillings inside your pillow and make them expand.


When there are lots of dents and bumps, you feel on your pillow, that is a sign that it needs some TLC (tender loving care). When you squeeze your pillow, and the cushion takes time to return to its shape, that is a sign that it needs to be fluffed again. Regular fluffing can help you make your pillow last longer.

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