How to cut a pear

Pears are great-tasting fruit. They taste delicious and taste great when eaten in different ways. You can bake it or even grill it, and it would still come up delicious. Mixing it with other fruits and making a salad out of it, you’ll not get wrong. Pears are just great and are a great fruit to share with anyone.

Preparing an excellent-tasting pear treat would need you to cut it into several slices, but how to cut a pear? It is not a big problem since not that hard to slice. One of the best ways of cutting it is to start your cut right to its core and slide the knife down.

How to cut a pear
How to cut a pear?

Cutting the pear through its core would help you ensure you are getting evenly shaped cuts. But it would be best if you had a good-quality knife and a chopping board. We have lots of excellent-quality knives and cutting boards that can help get the job done. Spare us some of your wonderfully done salad as you choose the best product to help you cut those pears.

How to cut a pear

  • Before cutting or doing anything with your pear, it is advisable to rinse it first in cool water. Be sure you are washing thoroughly the skin to ensure that you are removing all dirt and bacteria. You can wash your fingers or you can opt to use a vegetable brush in scrubbing gently the surface of the peel just to make sure it is clean and safe.
  • Peel your pear with either peeler or knife a pear skin, unlike an apple, can be thick and is not pleasant enough to eat. But if you are okay eating the pear skin, there is absolutely no problem with it. But we advise you to peel your pear so you’ll enjoy eating it.
  • After you have peeled your pear, position it on your cutting board and slice the pear in half vertically. Be careful in using a knife to slice your pear from the stem to the bottom. Slice it nice and smooth like you slice an apple.
  • You should cut a V-shape in the bottom of each half to remove the calyx because this part of the pear is hard and is not good to eat. It is woody and would practically taste like wood, and we do not advise you to eat it.
  • Pull off the stem and the pear’s string using your knife. To do this, hold the stem against the edge of the knife. Just be careful in doing it, as you might cut yourself if you are not careful enough. Pull the stem away upward to make the stringy flesh attached to the stem comes away as well. You only need your hand to do this.
  • Use a spoon in scooping out the core from both of the halves. The core is the round area in the middle of the end part of the pear and it has seeds on it and it has a different texture compared to the rest of the pear.
  • Cut the pear into slices. If you want longer slices, make vertical cuts and horizontal cuts if you want smaller slices. You can decide on the thickness of your pear and cut it accordingly base on your liking.

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