How To Clean Velcro?

Velcro is a great invention that has made many aspects of our lives easier. But it’s also a pain to clean because the hooks and loops pick up all sorts of things from your shoes, clothes, and furniture. Thankfully there are some simple steps you can take to make cleaning velcro much easier.

How to clean velcro?
How to clean velcro?

What do you need to clean velcro?

 Use a brush with soft bristles, such as one that has been used for mascara application, in order to remove the dirt from the surface of Velcro. This will help to clean the area; However, the brush should not be used in any other way.

 You can use a soft cloth that has been moistened with warm water and soap so as to leave your Velcro clean and dry it well after you are done washing.

The above methods for cleaning Velcro may work or they may not, depending on how dirty or grimy the material is because both these items need different approaches when it comes to removing dirt.

 If you want to remove tough stains from your hanging permits, then you can use a piece of plain paper towel that has been dampened with hydrogen peroxide. Once you have the stain using the paper towel, you can use a clean, dry cloth to remove it.

If your hanging permits are very dirty, then you should fill the basin or bucket with warm water and mix dishwashing liquid into it. Then, soak the velcro strips in this solution for about 15 minutes before washing them using your hands like you would do when doing dishes.

 You can also use an old toothbrush or new toothbrush without any toothpaste on it at all so as to help remove some dirt from the surface of your material. It’s not recommended to use paste because it has abrasive properties that will damage the Velcro.

Once you have cleaned off most of the grime that was covering your hanging permits, then use a dry cloth to wipe the material clean.

Another option you have is placing your material in a washing machine along with other Velcro objects, such as baby clothes or anything else that has the same type of fastener on it and washing them together using a small amount of laundry detergent before drying them.

When using this method, make sure you do not wash any clothing made from cotton because it can shrink even further after being washed. This will also be dependent on whether or not there are any synthetics mixed into what you want to wash.

If your Velcro is made of plastic or leather, try using an antibacterial wipe so as to deal with dirt without causing any major problems for yourself.

This will help get rid of any impurities.

If your hanging permit has been through a lot and no longer looks brilliant, instead of throwing them away, you can cover them with a nice piece of fabric, so it looks better without having to purchase new material.

This works if you have multiple pieces of Velcro that you need to turn into a single unit because it will help everything stay together until you are able to replace each one individually at a later date.

You can also use a hairdryer to clean off any dirt or other contaminants from the surface of your Velcro if it is not too badly stained

Again, this article is intended to give 15 ways on how to clean Velcro and not to give an exhaustive list of ways that you can clean your hanging permit. However, this is a good place to start if you’re trying to figure out the best way on how to clean Velcro without causing any damage or problems for yourself in the process.

Here are some basic ideas on how to clean Velcro

Using pantyhose as a method of cleaning will work well because it will help remove dirt from the surface of your Velcro material. Before placing them inside, make sure that they aren’t dirty themselves just so you don’t spread whatever impurities might be present throughout your hanging permits.

You needn’t wash off any fabric softener just as long as you leave the bag open so that air can circulate around it and dry up any dirt within a few hours.

Using your vacuum to clean off any dirt from your hanging permit is also a great way to remove contaminants because using a brush or washcloth might not provide enough coverage, and it could lead to scratches.

The type of vacuum you use will depend on the size of your hanging permit, but for smaller pieces, you can always use an upholstery attachment, which is less powerful than other varieties. This means that it won’t damage smaller materials like Velcro.

You can even clean Velcro with an antibacterial spray that normally works well when used to treat stains and other problems on various materials.

As with all other methods on how to clean Velcro, make sure that you read the label of any spray bottle you want to use so as to ensure that it is safe for the type of Velcro you’re using. Otherwise, it may do more damage than necessary and cause some serious problems for yourself in the process.

If your hanging permit has become dirty over time, then feel free to use a damp sponge or rag so as to remove any impurities without causing major damage.

Once you have done this, wipe away all moisture with a dry cloth, so there’s no chance of mold growing anywhere on its surface. This will also help keep bacteria from spreading all over the place and causing some serious damage to your hanging permit.

You can also put a few drops of baby oil on a clean cloth and then use it to rub the surface of your Velcro to remove dirt easily.

 As with all other methods on how to clean Velcro, make sure that this is suitable for the kind you’re using first because some varieties may react poorly to chemicals or oils from materials like wood.


Velcro is a product that people often use in their daily lives. It can be used to fasten shoes, close jackets, and even make children’s toys easier for them to handle. Unfortunately, Velcro also gets dirty easily, which means it needs cleaning from time to time, so the products you rely on function properly without fail. There are many ways you can clean your Velcro, depending on how much dirt or grime. Above are ways on how to clean Velcro depending on how much dirt or grime.

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How To Clean Velcro?
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