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How to clean Sperrys?

Sperrys, also known as boat shoes, have a rubber sole and are normally worn by people who live near the beach. Although they are essential summertime footwear for beach lovers, Sperrys can get dirty after long usage. When you wear them, they already look dirty to imagine what they’ll look like if not cleaned regularly? To keep your Sperrys looking great all year round, try one of these methods on how to clean Sperrys.

How to clean Sperrys?
How to clean Sperrys?

Use eraser shavings to shine Sperrys

Shoes tend to pick up dust particles that make them look dull and unattractive. To restore their original shine, rub some eraser shavings on the shoes.

Use paste wax

Use paste wax on your boat shoe to get rid of dirt and grime accumulated over time.

Remove excess dirt with oil

Take some cooking oil (any type) and apply it on your Sperry’s rubber sole. Let it stay overnight, then wipe it off with a soft cloth in the morning.

Make use of toothpaste

Toothpaste can help remove stubborn stains from Sperrys easily. Simply scrub the soles lightly with toothpaste until the stains are gone before rinsing them off under running water.

Use metal polish

For those scuff marks on your boat shoes, mix equal parts metal polish and water. Brush the mixture onto the shoes with a toothbrush to get rid of light scuff marks before rubbing the shoes’ surface with a clean cloth to make them shine.

Polish leather Sperrys with petroleum jelly

Another way to restore the shine of Sperry’s is by polishing it using petroleum jelly. Simply apply some petroleum jelly (such as Vaseline) on the shoe’s exterior, use a soft microfiber towel or flannel, clothe something similar in texture to denim jeans and wipe away any excess grease. This will help bring back that glossiness without ruining it.

Use a dry cloth to get rid of dirt

Most materials that come into contact with Sperrys are usually dry, such as a chamois or microfiber towel. These towels can be easily used to clean Sperry’s since the stains and scuffs they pick up easily.

Use dish soap for extra toughness on stains

Dish soap can also come in handy when it comes to cleaning boat shoes. This is because dish soaps contain ingredients that work well in ridding shoes of oil and grease stains which may otherwise prove difficult to remove. Simply add some dish soap to warm water and scrub the affected areas using a toothbrush before rinsing off the solution.

Treat a stain with lemon juice

Lemon juice can effectively remove tough stains from Sperrys as it works as an organic way to break down the chemical bonds behind the stains into smaller components that are easier to remove. Simply squeeze out some fresh lemon juice on a cotton ball and scrub the stained area before rinsing off the solution.

Make use of baking soda paste for greasy dirt

Another option is to use baking soda paste by mixing water and baking soda until you get a thick consistency before applying it directly onto the affected areas. Let this mixture sit for 15 minutes or so before scrubbing it with a toothbrush and rinsing it off with water.

Remove stains with alcohol

To remove that scuff mark on your boat shoes, mix equal parts dish soap and rubbing alcohol before scrubbing the area using a toothbrush until the stain is eliminated. Let it dry before applying some shoe polish to make the shoes shine again.

Make use of ammonia

If you have tough oil or grease stains on your Sperry’s, try removing them by mixing one teaspoon of liquid dishwashing detergent and 3 tablespoons each of white vinegar and warm water. Mix the solution before scrubbing onto your boat shoe’s exterior surface using a toothbrush, then rinse off thoroughly underwater.

Treat with WD-40

For Sperry’s made of dark-colored leather, you can also try using WD-40 for stains. Simply spray the solution onto the affected areas before wiping it off with a rag.

Make use of milk

Using milk to remove stains from boat shoes is another option. Just pour some milk on cotton balls and scrub the stained area until they are gone. Be sure to follow up by rinsing them clean in water afterward. 15 Use standard dishwashing liquid To treat tough dirt and stains using standard dishwashing liquid, just apply some powder directly onto your boat shoe’s exterior surface, then wipe it away with a damp cloth. Do not forget to rinse the area off with water.

Remove scuffs by using white toothpaste

Another way to restore your boat shoes’ exterior is by removing those light scratches and scuff marks are by rubbing some white toothpaste on them before wiping them away with a microfiber cloth.

Use vinegar for tough stains

Vinegar can also be used for removing dirty spots and stains from Sperry’s as well. Just like dishwashing liquid, you can use vinegar as a degreaser that works great in removing dirt and stains from the soles of shoes.

Make use of hydrogen peroxide

Another option is to use hydrogen peroxide, which works as an effective cleaner for the discoloration caused by dirt and mildew. Just spray them on your boat shoe’s exterior surface, then wipe the solution off with a rag afterward.

Make use of a hairdryer

If you are using an older model of Sperry shoes, there is also the option to use a hairdryer to clean out stains. When it comes to removing tough dirt and stains from shoes, all you have to do is heat up the affected area with a hairdryer before wiping this away with a damp cloth or towel.

Sanitize with rubbing alcohol

Lastly, you can also sanitize your boat shoe’s exterior surface with some rubbing alcohol. All you have to do is soak a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol and rub it directly onto the affected areas before wiping them off with a damp rag or towel.

There are several different ways to clean Sperry’s shoes, depending on what kind of stains they get. If you want your boat shoe’s exterior surface to be restored clean, just pick one of these options and follow the steps provided.

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How to clean Sperrys?
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