How to clean clear phone case

How to Clean Your Clear Phone Case The Right Way

What is a clear phone case?

You’re spending money on a new phone but want to protect it without ruining your sleek look. Enter the clear phone case. Whether you need protection or just like living life in style, this is the case for you!

How to clean a clear phone case
How to clean a clear phone case?

The great thing about clear cases is that they protect your phone while allowing its design to shine through. If you have an iPhone, your Apple logo will be visible without taking off the case. The same goes for other smartphones – you don’t need to remove any designs or logos before snapping on a clear cover.

These cases are usually very thin and lightweight so that it won’t bulk up your device. It’s basically like putting something invisible between your phone and anything else it may come into contact with.

You may want to consider something like this if you work at a desk. Because they’re so thin, clear cases don’t get in the way of typing or trackpads. If you use your phone for work and need to protect it, go with one of these.

Benefits of having a clear phone case?

By having a clear case for your phone, you can continue to enjoy its full functionality while being protected from dust and dirt. These cases are designed to fit closely against the surface of your device without adding any bulk, so it still sits in your hand comfortably while offering an added layer of protection from daily wear and tear.

In addition to protecting the device’s outer casing from minor scratches and scuffs, many of these styles also provide a shield against UV light that filters through the back glass panel on select models or delivers heat-dissipating benefits to help cool your phone off during long periods of use.

Regardless of the case’s properties, each product is made from a flexible material that fits tightly to your device without adding any extra bulk, so it still slips easily into your pocket or purse.

But aside from their functional aspects, clear phone cases can also make a fashion statement – which makes them a great gift idea for the man or woman who has everything!

Disadvantages of having a clear phone case?

A clear case has a lot of perks: it displays your phone’s original look, is transparent and invisible. You can’t deny that using a clear case enhances the appearance of your device. But have you ever thought about the disadvantages of having a clear case? Let’s take a look at some of them!

Your phone may not stay as new as you’d like it to be

Since the surface doesn’t change after getting into contact with water or dust, it won’t age as easily as other cases with matte or no finish. It is also hard to see scratches if there is a film on top of it since most screen protectors are very thin and almost invisible, which, in turn, makes it harder for you to assess whether your phone needs a protective case or not.

Some people are worried that the transparent case will make their phones look old if it gets dirty or scratches appear on it after using it for a long time. However, this concern is unnecessary since you can always replace the case with another one! If you want to keep your phone as new as possible, maybe you should consider other types of cases!

It’s very easy to lose grip over your phone

Clear cases don’t provide an exact tactile experience like matte or rubberized cases do, so they’re easier to slide out of your hand than latter ones. This may cause accidents such as dropping your device and breaking its screen. Also, clear plastic surfaces are more sensitive to dust and fingerprints, so your case will quickly lose its brand new look if you don’t wipe it frequently.

It’s difficult to take a good photo with your phone

Plastic is a material that easily reflects light which means you’re more likely to see unwanted reflections on your photos when using a clear case. If this describes the actual situation with your device, try to use matte or rubberized cases instead! They are much better at deflecting bright light!

Also, note that black colors make it much easier for you to capture photos since they absorb most of the lights coming from behind. So, opt for something darker if possible!

It may cause problems with wireless charging

Clear cases usually lack proper insulation against electric field noise so that it can affect wireless charging performance. If you’re planning to build a wireless charger in your home, maybe opt for some other case instead of one that is transparent!

It’s more difficult to clean properly

If sweat or water gets into contact with your phone, the dirt will accumulate over time, even if you wipe it off every day. This becomes much worse if your phone has currently got a transparent case since this type of case is tougher to be cleaned perfectly without unwanted spots left on your device.

You should also know that most clear cases are very hard to remove once they get attached to the surface of your phone, so do not forget about this before trying to clean them!

All ports of your device are easily accessible by potential thieves

If you leave your phone on a table and someone intends to steal it, all they have to do is remove the case and access any port or button of your device. Just imagine the situation where someone will quickly wipe out all personal information from your phone, so opt for something more protective if this possible issue bothers you!

When choosing between having a transparent case or not, please think carefully before making your final decision since both sides of the coin have their upsides and downsides! You don’t want to regret later that you’ve chosen poorly!

Remember that each situation requires its own approach; depending on what activities you plan on doing with your phone in mind, you should purchase either a clear or protective case!

How to safely remove your clear phone case?

So how exactly do you go about removing them? Well, depending on what kind of case you have determines how much time and effort will have to go into taking the case off. If it’s a cheap plastic case, it’ll be a lot easier than if it was a luxury case that you paid $50+ for.

Avoiding the Kiss of Death

The first thing you should do before removing your clear phone case is to put something on the corner of your phone where the screen and back meet so that when you accidentally pry against it with too much force, the glass will not crack because of the pressure against it.

This is what people refer to as “The Kiss of Death” and usually happens when someone tries pulling off their phone case and either chips or cracks their iPhones’ touchscreen along with other parts; we hope this doesn’t happen to you, though.

To remove any plastic cases (which would take up less time), simply grab onto the edges of the case and pull it off using slow, gentle force, so nothing gets damaged.

Luxury Cases

If it’s a luxury phone case you have on, then there are more specific ways to remove them since they’re usually made of some metal or even wood with studs/nails holding everything together.

Like before, start by placing something soft against your phone, but this time put it at the back-center where the screen meets the back just to be extra careful when removing this type of case.

When removing luxury cases, make sure you don’t use anything metal or hard because if you do, you risk scratching up your phone while trying to remove it. The best thing you can use here is a plastic card or tool that you can slide between your phone and the case itself to separate the two from each other.

While removing these cases, it’s also best to not use too much force because if you have nails sticking out of the metal parts, then they’ll go right through your phone when you try removing it, so again, be gentle when taking luxury cases off.

How to clean a clear phone case?

Ever wondered how to clean clear phone case? One question people have when owning a phone is how to keep the clear case from going yellow. Many cases on the market claim they can be cleaned, but in fact, most of them simply will not budge.

When you put your brand new phone into a clear case, it isn’t long before it begins to get dirty and show signs of wear. The scuffs on the side of the case make it look like you used it all through college, even if you just got it for your birthday last week.

Thankfully there is an easy way on how to clean a clear phone cases and to remove dirt and restore your shiny, new-looking phone without purchasing another airtight plastic cover.

Make sure you clean inside the case

The inside of the cover needs to be cleaned, so start with taking the phone and case apart. Remove your phone, take off the case and discard any rubber parts you do not plan on using during this process.

Although it is easier to clean the inside of a clear case with all of the pieces, it can still be done without them. Just make sure you use extra caution while cleaning the inner edges to avoid scratching your phone.

Grab your alcohol wipes

Although rubbing alcohol should work just fine for this project, there’s nothing wrong with spending a little extra money getting some 100% isopropyl alcohol towels. Usually, one wipe will clean out all the oils that are transferred from contact over time.

I would not recommend using glass cleaner or anything that isn’t meant to be used on delicate electronics such as an iPhone. Expensive cleaners can cause damage, and you run the risk of ruining your phone entirely.

Clean out any pocket lint

Pocket-lint is one thing that needs to be taken care of before we move onto the next step since it’s something we all have and will only get worse over time.

Use a toothpick and tweezers to remove lint from small cracks and crevices around where the home button is located and near the ear speaker. These areas are critical because those are places that start to collect dirt the most due to our skin transferring oils which transfer more dirt than anywhere else on your phone.

Take a cotton swab and clean the home button

Your phone’s home button is another crucial spot that will get covered with dirt over time. Even though it looks as sealed as possible, you can still get lint trapped inside if your device goes through your pants pocket the wrong way.

Use a cotton swab to remove any dirt or oils around where the home button resides so that when you push on it later, chances are you won’t be pushing in some extra gunk along with it.

Clean the ear speaker with alcohol wipes

There’s no need to go overboard here poking at the ear speaker too much because all we’re doing is trying to remove any excess dirt that has accumulated in every nook and cranny.

Be careful not to damage the rubber protective layer that covers the ear speaker because it is there for a reason. You can still clean your phone with this piece on, but it’s recommended you take it off first before attempting; just be careful while doing so.

Allow to dry completely

Once you’re done cleaning out what you can, use a cotton swab or tissue paper to wipe away any excess alcohol or moisture left behind anywhere else on your phone since that could cause damage as well.

Once everything is wiped down, make sure you place all of the pieces back onto your phone exactly how they were prior to getting started. Wait until everything has dried out thoroughly before putting it back together, closing up all of the gaps with your phone case to prevent dirt from seeping in potentially.


Q: Is it possible to clean a clear phone case without taking apart the case?

A: The answer is yes; however, I do not recommend using anything other than an alcohol wipe because anything else could cause damage to your phone or, worse, ruin it entirely.

You can still use rubbing alcohol to clean out lint and oils but just be extra careful with the outside edges of your phone, where excess dirt can accumulate easily since those are some of the hardest areas to clean on its own.

Q: How often should you clean a clear phone case?

A: You should try cleaning it at least once every few months so that dust particles don’t build up over time, causing scratch marks to appear. If you use your phone often, then chances are the dirt will accumulate even faster, so it’s essential to clean your clear case as soon as possible every time you feel it getting dirty.

Q: Should I ever get my clear phone case replaced?

A: You can if you like, but usually, you’ll break the rubber protective layer around where the ear speaker resides, which is when problems start to arise. If you’re concerned about scratches, then consider buying a screen protector for both sides of your phone since they’re not too expensive and could potentially save you hundreds in the long run if that was an issue for you.

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