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How To Clean Boxing Gloves

Boxing is a sport of discipline and focus; if you want to be the best, taking good care of your equipment is vital. How do you clean boxing gloves? You need to make sure that they stay clean and free of any harmful bacteria. If you don’t, you’re putting yourself and your opponent at risk (and nobody wants that).

How To Clean Boxing Gloves
How To Clean Boxing Gloves

Importance Of Keeping Your Boxing Gloves Clean

I. Your Opponent May Get Infections

If you share gloves with your opponent and have germs on their hands, the bacteria on them could get on your equipment. If you don’t clean off any bacteria before using those same gloves for yourself, it will only be a matter of time until you’ve caught something.

II. You Will Have Fatal Germs On Your Gloves

When you get a cut on your hand during a bout, the gloves will be covered in blood. It is important to clean and disinfect them before putting them back on so that you don’t get any of the bacteria from your opponent’s blood onto your cuts. The last thing you want on top of getting punched is getting an infection, so clean your equipment before using it to protect yourself in the ring.

III. You Will Be Viewed As Unprofessional If You Don’t Clean Your Boxing Gloves

If you don’t take care of your equipment, people will think that you’re unprofessional and lazy; nobody wants to be associated with someone like that, so make sure to keep your gloves clean.

IV. It Is The Safest Option

To keep yourself and your opponent safe, you should always clean gloves before using them again after someone else has worn them. If you don’t, you’re putting both fighters at risk of getting an infection or other issues that could’ve been prevented with proper care.

V. Your Gloves Will Last Longer

If you take care of your equipment, it will last you longer. Nobody wants to have to use gloves that are falling apart because someone wasn’t careful about how they stored them or cleaned them. If you want the best for yourself and your opponent, keep your boxing gloves clean!

VI. It Is The Right Thing To Do

As a fighter, you should take care of your equipment because it is the right thing to do. When you take care of yourself and your opponent, you will have a long and successful career in the ring.

VII. You Will Feel Better About Yourself

Doing something as simple as cleaning gloves can make you feel good about yourself. Whether you do it before or after a fight, taking care of your equipment is an accomplishment and will help you feel more successful as a boxer.

VIII. You Will Be Better Able To Focus

When you know that your boxing gloves are clean and free from harmful bacteria, you can focus on the bout instead of worrying about whether or not you’re going to pick something up from your opponent. This will allow you to perform well and at your best.

IX. You Are More Professional

All the best boxers take care of their equipment so that they can stay safe during a fight and present themselves as professional athletes. If you want to be taken seriously in the boxing community, it is important to clean your equipment before using it.

X. You Are Keeping Yourself And Your Opponent Safe

Taking care of your boxing gloves is the only way to make sure that you and your opponent are safe. If you don’t, you could put yourself at risk for getting an infection from someone else’s blood, as well as putting them at risk. When you take care of your equipment before a fight, you keep everyone safe and will have a good time in the ring.

How Do You Keep Your Boxing Gloves From Smelling?

I. Buy Gloves That Are Breathable

Even if you clean and sanitize your boxing gloves, they will still get smelly after a while. If you want to keep them from smelling as long as possible, buy gloves that are breathable so that sweat can escape easily and fresh air can get in. You should also wear hand wraps under your gloves so that they absorb sweat and reduce the amount of moisture in them.

II. Purchase Gloves That Are Washable

When you buy gloves that are washable, you can clean them as much as possible to keep them from smelling. If you don’t, bacteria will continue to breed, and your gloves will never be able to dry, leading to a foul odor.

III. Purchase Gloves With Odor-Absorbing Materials

Some boxing gloves have materials in them that absorb smells and keep them from getting too bad inside of your gloves. If you want your gloves to stay smell fresh for as long as possible, consider purchasing ones with odor-absorbing materials.

IV. Place A Small Amount Of Baking Soda In Your Gloves

If you place a small amount of baking soda in your gloves, it will help absorb the smell and keep them smelling fresh. You can also sprinkle some into your hand wraps to keep your hands smelling nice as well.

Can I Use Disinfecting Wipes On Boxing Gloves?

Some disinfecting wipes contain chemicals that can deteriorate certain materials, including leather and suede on boxing gloves. If you know what kind of material your gloves are made out on the inside, then you can always ask a representative from the company or read up on their website to find out if the disinfecting wipes are okay to use on them.

Can You Wash Punching Gloves?

Yes, you can was punching gloves. When you wash your punching gloves, it is important to be gentle with the materials so that they don’t get damaged. You should turn them inside out before putting them in the washer so that you can protect the stitching on the outside of the glove. Once they are clean and dry, you can put them back together and wear them as usual.

Can You Use Lysol Wipes On Boxing Gloves?

Lysol wipes contain chemicals that can deteriorate the materials of your gloves, so you should never use them on boxing gloves. If you want to disinfect your gloves, it is best to only use natural cleaners and a damp cloth. Be sure not to let any moisture get inside of your gloves since it can damage the inner lining.

Can You Hand-Wash Boxing Gloves?

Yes, you can wash boxing gloves. You should hand wash your boxing gloves with gentle soap and warm water to keep them safe from chemicals that could be present in a normal washer. Avoid any buckles or Velcro when cleaning so that the stitching stays intact. Be sure to dry them completely before putting them back together and wearing them.

Can You Use Febreeze On Boxing Gloves?

Using a scent spray to cover up the smell in your boxing gloves can damage them, so you should never use it. If you keep your equipment clean and well-ventilated, natural odors shouldn’t be a problem. If you need to use a scent spray for another reason, be sure not to let it get near your gloves.

To keep boxing gloves from smelling, you should purchase ones that are breathable and washable. Place some baking soda in your gloves or sprinkle some on a damp cloth before cleaning them to absorb the smells first. You can also purchase gloves that have odor-absorbing materials in them to keep your gloves smelling fresh. If you just need a quick solution, use natural cleaners and a damp cloth with caution so that you don’t damage the material on your gloves.

How Do You Disinfect Gloves?

Disinfecting gloves are done in the same way as disinfecting any other equipment; you should use a mix of non-toxic cleaner and about one gallon of water. Once your gloves are clean and dry, apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly on all areas of the glove that touch your skin to keep them from drying out or cracking while you use them.

Precautions To Take While Cleaning And Disinfecting Gloves

When cleaning and disinfecting gloves, it is important to take the proper precautions so that your equipment stays safe.

Make sure you use non-toxic cleaners on all materials of your gloves to keep them from deteriorating. This includes the inside of the gloves along with the outside.

When disinfecting your gloves, follow all directions on how much water to put into the mixture to avoid making it too runny or thick.

Never use bleach or any other harsh chemicals on boxing gloves because they can deteriorate the material and cause damage.

Be careful when washing your boxing gloves because the Velcro and buckles could snag on other materials.

Never let water or disinfecting solution get inside your boxing glove because it can damage the inner lining.

When cleaning the seams of your boxing gloves, use gentle soap and warm water to avoid damaging them.

Be careful not to wring out your boxing gloves too much during the cleaning process because it can lead to tearing.

Make sure your boxing gloves are completely dry before putting them back together and wearing them.

Use natural cleaners or damp cloths when disinfecting your gloves. Never use Lysol wipes or any other chemical sprays on them.

Cleaning and disinfecting boxing gloves do not have to be difficult. If you follow the tips listed above, you should be able to keep your equipment safe and smelling fresh.

How To Clean Boxing Gloves
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