How To Clean A Vicks Humidifier – A Comprehensive Guide

If you’re looking for how to clean a Vicks humidifier, you’ve come to the right place. The most important thing in keeping your house healthy is using an efficient humidifier. The tips below will teach how to clean Vicks humidifier and maintain it. These steps are also beneficial with other types of cool mist humidifiers. Keep reading!

How To Clean A Vicks Humidifier
How To Clean A Vicks Humidifier

Cleaning your Vicks Humidifier is the best way to keep it functioning in optimal condition.

A simple, easy-to-follow how-to-clean Vicks humidifier guide is all you need. The Vicks humidifier is a great way to keep your room smelling good and help you breathe better. It has been clinically proven that using a humidifier can reduce how often people need to use their asthma inhaler by 50%. But how do we clean it?

Natural solution: With vinegar! Vinegar kills bacteria, which is why it’s so commonly used in cleaning products for homes and businesses. All you have to do is fill the water tank with white vinegar – just enough so that there’s about an inch of liquid at the bottom – then turn on the machine as usual. Let it run for about 10 minutes before switching off, then wipe down all surfaces inside with a cloth or sponge soaked in vinegar.

Many people don’t know how to clean a Vicks Humidifier. This article will teach how to do it effectively and efficiently!

-Cleaning the exterior: Wipe down with a wet cloth or sponge. Avoid using abrasives, chemicals, solvents, detergents, or ammonia on any part of your humidifier. If you want to use something other than water for cleaning purposes, make sure you spray directly onto the cloth or sponge rather than onto the humidifier itself because moisture can damage certain parts of your device, such as buttons and displays.

Try mixing 1/4 cup vinegar with lukewarm water in a spray bottle for tough stains like deodorant marks from sweat. Vicks humidifiers are usually white or black, so you can also try using hydrogen peroxide or toothpaste on tough stains.

  • Cleaning the tank: Fill the water tank halfway with vinegar and let it sit overnight. Then, refill with fresh water and run through an entire tank cycle to flush out any remaining vinegar solution in the tank.
  • Cleaning the filter: For Vicks humidifier filters, use a vacuum cleaner to remove any debris from them before washing with soap and water. Then, rinse with vinegar and let dry in an excellent spot for about 24 hours before putting back into the device.
  • Wipe down the outer edges of your humidifier using a solution of 3 parts water to 1 part vinegar. Wipe away any excess moisture or buildup with a paper towel.
  • Clean the mist outlets: After removing the humidifier’s tank, gently scrub each of the sponge-like refillable pads (called “mist outlets”) using an old toothbrush and some soap. Rinse with fresh water and dry before placing back into the device.
  • Cleaning the base: The base can be cleaned with a damp cloth and mild detergent or soap, but avoid submerging this part of your humidifier in any liquid. You can also wipe down this area with a solution of vinegar and water for tough buildup. After cleaning it, blot dry with a paper towel or cloth.
  • Clean the humidistat: To clean your humidistat, use an old toothbrush and gently scrub it using soap and water. Allow it to air dry before putting back into the device.
  • Cleaning the unit’s interior: After opening up the front cover of your Vicks humidifier, you will see the fan, which you can also clean with a toothbrush and some soap. After gently scrubbing the other parts of your humidifier’s interior, wipe everything down with a damp cloth.

Step 1 – Prepare for Cleaning

You can not simply run a washing cycle on your machine without preparing beforehand. Turn the knob at the back of your humidifier so that it does not have any water inside. Then, using a soft cloth or paper towel, dry it out thoroughly before carrying on with cleaning the rest of the device. You should also remove all removable parts from its main body, check if they are still functional and clean them as you see fit.

Step 2 – Add Water and Bleach Solution to Cleaning Container

The container where you will be cleaning your humidifier should have a capacity of around 3 gallons. Fill it up with lukewarm water; adding a tablespoon or two bleach solutions per gallon is also advisable. Remember that the bleach is an active component so ensure it does not come in contact with any other surfaces inside your home.

Step 3 – Place Removable Parts Inside Washing Container

You can place most removable parts from the main unit into the washing container, leaving out only those made from plastic since they can melt under high temperatures. Let these pieces soak for about twenty minutes before rinsing them off with hot running water.

Step 4 – Wipe Down All Metal and Plastic Surfaces

Using a soft cloth, wipe down the inside of your humidifier and all other metal and plastic surfaces. Remember how to clean Vicks humidifier thoroughly and remove any grime accumulated on these parts over time.

Step 5 – Prepare Bleach Solution for Sterilization

With one tablespoon of bleach solution per gallon of water, prepare a cleaning solution that will keep your humidifier sterilized after you have rinsed away the soap with lukewarm water. The cleaning container should not be filled beyond its maximum capacity, so there is no need to dilute it further by adding more water or bleach solution.

Step 6 – Rinse Before Using Again

Once you have rinsed away all soap and disinfecting solution from your Vicks humidifier, add the necessary quantity of water to fill up the tank. If you have a one-gallon capacity humidifier, it should be filled with that much water. Swirl the water around before plugging in your machine to test how well the cleaning process has gone by how noise-free its motor is.

Step 7 – Use Your Vicks Humidifier Again

A simple how-to-clean Vicks humidifier article is easy to follow once you set out to implement it on your equipment. With instructions in mind, any other aspect of this how-to guide will come naturally to you as part of your daily maintenance routine.

Do I Have To Clean My Vicks Humidifier?

Yes, you do. If the humidifier has a filter (and it probably does), then you need to clean it as often as possible. Regular cleaning will keep the air cleaner and healthier for your family. Take out the filter, wash it in warm water with a gentle soap or use vinegar and water solution, rinse thoroughly and let dry completely before replacing it into the machine. It’s time to replace your filter if mold starts to grow on its surface. When maintaining a humidifier, remember that filters are essential parts of this appliance!

– Unplug the device and empty its contents.

– Put 1/4 cup of bleach in a full tank of water and let it humidify at the highest setting for one hour. Rinse it thoroughly with clean water before using it again, or you can also use an equal amount of vinegar instead of bleach. It’s better if you have access to distilled water, but if not, tap water will do just fine as long as you don’t forget about cleaning the tank now and then.

Some manufacturers say that cleaning the Vicks humidifier is unnecessary. This may be true if you use distilled water only, but tap water will build scum and bacteria inside your device; therefore, you should clean it every day or two days for the best results.

Can you run vinegar through a cool-mist humidifier?

Cleaning your Vicks humidifier can be done in one of two main ways. The first way is to clean the inside of the water tank with vinegar and let it sit overnight before rinsing it out and using it again.

How do you clean the heating element on a Vicks humidifier?

The other option is to remove the heating element, clean it off, rinse everything thoroughly, replace it, let it dry completely (overnight), and then reassemble the whole unit.

How do you clean the inside of a Vicks humidifier?

To start, you will need a screwdriver or wrench to remove anything that needs unscrewing before getting started. If your heating element has wires attached, you may want to cut those so they don’t get wet when rinsing or soak them in vinegar for a while. Then you will need to empty the tank of its contents and remove the cooling plate.

Now you can get down to business with your vinegar. Pour it into the tank, filling it about halfway full depending on how big your humidifier is. For example, you should supply a 2-gallon humidifier 1 gallon).

Put the top back on and let it sit overnight so that any hard water buildup on the inside of the water tank has time to soak off the next day. You may want to tilt it or turn it around while it is soaking for better penetration of the vinegar throughout all parts of the tank.

When you are ready to rinse everything out, take off the lid and tip over one side to drain all of the vinegar. Then open the other side and tip it over so that all of the rest of the vinegar pours out as well. Using a large cloth or towels, soak up any last bits of moisture left inside the tank to prevent mold from forming inside while you are not using it.

After everything is dry, put your cooling plate back in place and then put your heating element back into its spot. Allow this all to sit overnight before reattaching anything or turning it on to use again!

How do you clean the gunk out of my humidifier?

If it is a warm mist humidifier, then run white vinegar through it as long as you can stand it. If it’s a cool mist, you cant use vinegar because it will erode the heating element. You must use bleach and water to clean a cool mist or only water if it’s a warm mist humidifier.

But how do you clean mold out of a Vicks humidifier?

First, make sure that all batteries are removed from any remote controls to prevent an electrical shock. Wash all removable parts with soap and hot water and dry them thoroughly before reassembling them. Then fill your Vicks humidifier half full with bleach, then fill to almost the top with water. Please turn it on and let the mixture run through your Vicks humidifier for at least an hour. Drain, and rinse thoroughly 2-3 times with clean water.

Now, how do you clean a Vicks humidifier without bleach?

You can use white vinegar instead of bleach if that is more agreeable to you, or how do you clean mold out of a Vicks humidifier? If it’s a warm mist humidifier, fill half full with vinegar and fill almost the top with water. Let it “cook” for about 5 hours before emptying and rinsing out the inside with lots of freshwaters.


The Vicks humidifier is a great way to make your bedroom more comfortable and help you sleep at night. However, how do you know how often or how best to clean it? The following article has given you the information you need for adequately maintaining this appliance.

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