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How Long Does Laundry Take? And 11 Ways to Do It Faster!

Cleanliness is next to Godliness, so they say. Therefore, laundry is an important task that one must perform at least once in a while. It could take a lot of time or just a few minutes depending on the number of clothes you plan to wash. To ensure that you perform the task well, you need to buy machines such as the dryer and washer. But you will not mix clothes that leak colors with white garments. Thus, it may be prudent that you sort out the clothes first before throwing them into your washer.

It takes about an hour to wash a load of laundry. The load size will determine how long it will take to launder the clothes

How Long Does Laundry Take
How Long Does Laundry Take

Sometimes you may spend a lot of your time washing your clothes when your washer is faulty. If the unit takes a long time to wash, you may need to find out if it is faulty or not. Of course, there are many reasons why a machine may not give the expected service. As such, you need to understand some of the causes and seek out solutions. But first, you may need to try to adjust the laundry process including picking on new settings before seeking help from experts.

Why Does Laundry Take so Long?

Cycle problems could also impact the performance of your washing machine. It may make you spend a good part of your day in the laundry. A load that features both light and bulky items could take long before it gets washed. This may extend the length of your cycle.  A faulty machine could make it difficult to accomplish the task on time.

Luckily, you can do a few things to ensure that the wash cycle does not take most of your time. For instance, washing items of the same density at a time could prevent load irregularities. It means that you could easily approximate or calculate the wash time.  It also allows you to plan so that you don’t overdo the washing.

But if your machine takes a lot of time, even with proper loading, it implies that it could be a problem that needs the technician’s attention. Also, a machine that takes a long to accomplish a washing task could be experiencing some issues like malfunctioning the system. Similarly, it could be a big problem that you may not be able to solve without an expert’s input. If you notice any issue with the water inlet valve, don’t try to fix it; instead, call a washer technician to repair it.

Notice that cycles need not take more than 30 minutes. If they do, then the washer could be having a problem that requires quick attention. In the meantime, you may need to adjust how you load the machine to solve the issue at hand.

Type of the washing machine

Before you buy a washing machine, you must determine your needs in terms of the number of family members, the type of clothes they wear, and many more. It will help you select a washing machine that can serve your household members. You may also select either a fully automatic or semi-automatic machine. Fully automated machines have programs for different types of washing, including wash wool and delicate wash. Besides, it should have a good spin cycle. The robust types have a spin cycle of 1000rpm, while the medium one will do between 300-500rpm.

The efficiency of the machine

How quickly the machine takes washing the clothes is determined by its efficiency. Also, it will save on water and power.  Also, it will not just economize on utilities but will save time and allow you to wash a load of clothes within a short period.

The size

Consider buying a narrow machine at the front because such machines are capable of washing a larger load. Also, they are designed for larger families and could save your time. 

The load capacity

A washing machine that takes in a large load could be the most ideal for a large family. If it comes with an inbuilt dryer, it could make your laundry task even easier. Such a machine could be the most suitable one for people that lead a busy life.


Sometimes kids play a lot. Therefore, their clothes are likely to become messy, meaning that throwing them into the washing machine alone may not remove the dirt.  In such a case, you may need to pre soak the clothes before washing them. It reduces the time the machine takes to clean them. Also, it allows the machine to remove the tough stains in just one cycle of washing.

The Detergent Used

One of the factors that make laundry to take much of your time is the type of detergent you use. Thus, it would help if you did some research on the detergents available. Some are formulated to meet your needs and will remove all the stains.

How Long Does A Load Of Laundry Take?

Laundry may take too long, depending on the tasks to be done. If you are sorting out the dresses before washing them, it may take a little bit of your time. Also, if you will need to dry the clothes and fold them, you would need plenty of time. But the wash cycle should not take more than 30 minutes or an hour. However, if the load is huge, it may take more time. Also, if you will be washing the beddings or heavy-duty towels, it may take you longer.

Supposing you decide to launder just a load of clothes. Using the old washer? It may take you up to 2-3 hours to have heavy fabrics like duvet washed. If you are using the latest top loaders, it may take less time to wash a load of heavy linens. But laundry is not just about washing. It entails laundry preparation, drying, folding, and ironing.  So, when looking at how long it takes to launder, you may need to go through the following plan:

Laundry preparations

You will not wake up and throw your dirty clothes into the washing machine and expect to get good results. Firstly, you need to prepare the clothes, sort them out before you actually push them in the washer. Gathering the clothes, including the towels and the bedding, may take up to 30 minutes.

The actual washing

How long it may take to wash a load of clothing depends on the type of garments and how dirty they are. But it may take about 40 -60 minutes to have the dresses washed.


After washing the dresses, you will need to dry them. Here you may choose to use a dryer or air the clothes on the line in the open. Clothes like jeans, towels, and jumpers may take time to dry. But if you use a dryer, it should take you another 40 minutes to dry a load of clothes.


This is an important stage in the laundry. Even though most people do not love it. But sorting the clothes and folding them neatly is important. It may take 20 -40 minutes to do the job and end up with a neat and organized cabinet. Well, some people take slightly more depending on the type of dresses and their speed of folding.

Ironing and putting them in the closet

Some clothes may need to be folded before they are stored. Therefore, you may take about an hour or so to iron them. Also, you need another twenty minutes to put the clothes in the drawer or closet. Therefore, ironing and storing the dresses may take about one and a half an hour.

Washing your dresses by scrubbing is tedious and could make the task of washing your clothes boring and scary. Therefore, the invention of the washing machine has made an otherwise difficult task easy. Even though you will still need to spend some time monitoring the machine during the washing process. Note that modern washers are efficient and will help you do the job quickly while saving on soap and water.  Besides, you will only spend 40 minutes washing your load of clothes.

11 Ways to Do Laundry Faster

Laundry is the most boring task that you will need to do once in a while. If you are doing it manually, it will not just be boring but difficult to accomplish. However, using a washing machine will make your work easier. Here are 11 things that can make your laundry work easier. 

Wash the clothes often

If you want to do your laundry faster, it may require that you wash your dresses often. Note that not all items may need to be washed every now and then. Therefore, selecting the clothes to wash at least every weekend could make the task easier for you. Wash shirts, underwear, and t-shirts on the same weekend while jeans and other heavy garments should have their own day. Also, you need to wash other household items such as duvets and mats at the same time.

Start by removing the stains

The mistake that most people make is to let the stain overstay on their garment. So, consider removing the stains using household stain removers like hydrogen peroxide, lemon juice, and club soda.   Removing the stains before throwing your clothes into the washing machines means that you spend less time getting the laundry clean. Also, removing the stains in advance reduces the amount of water and detergent needed to clean the clothes.

Sorting the clothes before washing them

Having multiple baskets in your closet is vital. It allows you to sort out the clothes based on their colors. Here you will be able to have the white dresses in one basket and the colored fabrics in another basket. In fact, the best time to sort the dresses out is when you are taking them off. Let members of your family know the basket to put on their white and colored dresses. It will help you to have the dresses sorted out and makes laundering the dresses easier. The good thing about it is that you will not spend time sorting the clothes out. Besides, you are likely to have everything in place when you decide to do the laundry.

Washing similar fabrics

Other than sorting out your clothes depending on the color, you may also need to sort them out based on the fabric. It allows you to save on the cycle and drying time.

Don’t waste time looking for a missing match

Sometimes people spent most of their laundry time sorting out matching garments. If you cannot find matching socks, just launder what is available as you plan to buy a new set. Also, it is common to match a particular shirt with a given pair of trousers. Therefore, you will always want to wash the two at the same time. When you cannot find the matching shirt, don’t waste your laundry time looking for it.

Don’t use too much detergent

Although using too much detergent will not waste a lot of your time, it results in wastage. Furthermore, you may need to use too much water to rinse the soap. Always use less detergent to reduce expenses.  Ensure to check out the amount of soap that the manufacturer recommends. Do not use more!

Cleaning the washing machine

Although very few people take their time to clean the washing machine, it is something that you should do regularly. Ensure to clean the washing machine after a few months to remove the grease and dirt. Also, you will need to ensure that you remove the soap gunk and any other foreign materials that hide in the machine.  One more important thing is that you will need to clean the dryer often. Keeping the machine clean enhances its efficiency. This is vital as it helps you to save on time when using the machine to clean your clothes. It allows you to launder your clothes in record time.

Plan ahead

If you don’t plan, you may find it challenging to launder your clothes. Laundering does not just entail washing and storing the clothes but also drying them. Most people spent plenty of time sorting, washing, and ironing, or folding dresses. If you wash your clothes once a week, you may find yourself spending the whole day performing this boring task.  But if you plan ahead of time, you will save a lot of time. For example, sort the clothes as they get dirty. Also, plan to iron when you are relaxing and enjoying your favorite program on TV. You should also schedule the folding activity when relaxing. This way, you will not feel that you have spent the whole day laundering.

Launder the clothes after drying

If you are using a dryer, you can launder the clothes as soon as you dry them. At this point, they have a few wrinkles, and so you will not need to spend a lot of time ironing. It will help you save on time and energy.  Folding the clothes could be stressful if you do not have the skills. However, you can make your work easier by using the Japanese method. Also, you can choose to hang the shirts so that you don’t waste time folding them.

Wash heavy fabrics on the same day

Ensure to wash heavy fabrics on the same day. This way, you avoid instances of the laundry taking too much time to finish a cycle. Also, if you have clothes that need to be washed in warm water, use a tag to make a permanent mark on them. If your wardrobe is full of clothes that need some special treatment, such as being rinsed in warm water, you need to use a permanent marker at the top to help you to quickly identify them. It minimizes waste and helps you to save time when sorting them out.

Dispose of the clothes you don’t need

There are always some clothes that you wear for a few minutes but which often find their way in the washing machines. Such pieces of clothes should be disposed of. When you do that, you will be shocked at how the number of clothes you will be washing will reduce. Also, if you have children, check out those clothes they don’t like wearing.  Also, check out for those clothes they wear for a few minutes and throw them in the collection basket. You may need to donate such clothes to charities. It will significantly reduce the time you spent in the laundry room.

How Long Does Laundry Take? And 11 Ways to Do It Faster!
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