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Handheld sewing machine

You can always feel a great sense of accomplishment when you have finished output with your hands. The feeling of elation is such a great emotion knowing that you have accomplished something out from scratch. There is always a strong feeling of joy when you have something to show yourself and your friends that you have done something.

A handheld sewing machine can make you get something done. Maybe it is not what sewers and quilters wish for, but it will help you get the work done. When you are preoccupied with a handheld sewing machine, you can guarantee that you will be proud of something that you have made. When you have the right equipment, the possibilities are endless and we are happy that you have partnered with us.

Handheld sewing mashines
Handheld sewing mashines – are they really a must?

A handheld sewing machine allows you to make repairs and even create new clothing from a plain cloth. You can just imagine how happy you would be when you would hold your finished product with your own hands. We can just imagine how you would stare for hours with your project and would proudly wear that grin.

Is there really a need for a handheld sewing machine?

Different people have unique sets of likes and dislikes. Even twins do not share the same things that make them happy. There are people that can stay for hours and hours inside the kitchen and bake their hearts out without feeling tired after several hours of mixing and cutting things.

Some would be happy with lots of grease and oil on them and would even spend even the wee hours of the morning tinkering an old automotive engine and would feel elated when they start it and the engine roars. There are some that would not mind having eaten by bugs looking for stuff in their yard and post it on a piece of cardboard.

But despite those, we can’t deny that there are those like you who love to spend a great deal of time cutting, sewing and doing things with your hands until a piece of plain cloth becomes a pleasant fitting dress that you can wear to any event or occasion. The pursuit of one’s happiness is an integral part of living.

So if someone would ask, “is it really necessary to get yourself a handheld sewing machine?”, if you are to answer, what would it be? Of course, it is, a handheld sewing machine is important for someone who shares the same passion as you are. It is like a wrench to a mechanic or a knife for a cook. It is just an indispensable piece of working equipment.

A substantial investment that you need to have

A handheld sewing machine is just something that seamstress or a tailor must-have. When you invested in something like a handheld sewing machine, naturally, you will do stuff that would allow you to use the sewing machine. A pillow cover, curtains (which is an all-time favorite), skirt, and just everything else.

Whether it is a small or an enormous project, a great handheld sewing machine lets you finish it in no time. If you are not preoccupied with some other things. Having a handheld sewing machine is one thing, but getting something finished with it, well, it is an entirely different thing.

Despite those things, investing in a handheld sewing machine is an excellent investment for people that love to sew and patch things. Getting something repaired or re-sized can quite fulfilling. I mean, when you have something that can make you busy for hours without even flinching, that is some next-level kind of dedication.

Things you need to consider in getting a handheld sewing machine

You are now resolved that you will go to continue to pursue your hobby and make it a passion. You have committed and set yourself to get one sewing essentials to help you turn your passion into something that can make you extremely productive. But what should you look at in getting your handheld sewing machine?

A handheld sewing machine may be small, but it can get you a lot of things accomplished. What should you look for? Does it have to be the top of the line? Does it need to be something that is fully automated? Will it be beginner-friendly? Let us have discussed thoroughly the important points so you can start with your sewing journey.

In choosing a sewing machine, consider the following items and you can go on your way to creating those wonderful sets of projects that would definitely make you proud.

  • It must have an automatic needle threader – manual needle threading can be quite cumbersome and time-consuming. We would like to recommend a handheld sewing machine that doesn’t make you deal with lots of hassles and allows you to focus only on the task at hand. Threading a needle is an important skill to learn if you are really serious about upgrading and improving your skill. But saving a lot of time is one great advantage and can help you get things done faster and with fewer frustrations.
  • It should feature a top loading or drop-in bobbin systems – Getting something that is easy to use and not let you do a lot of guessing is one great advantage. Beginners need a lot of easy-to-use feature in handheld sewing machine that can help you feel good when you have done or accomplished a project with it. A top-loading bobbin can make you re-thread and drop in the bobbin in less time and less effort. A front-loading bobbin system sewing machine is not necessarily an awful choice, but it is for advance and more experience sewer. But either way, having a top loading drop in bobbin system is a superb choice.
  • Check for the number of stitches – a handheld sewing machine mostly has few stitches. On an actual sewing operation, you don’t have to perform a lot of stitches. In most cases, you stick to the most important ones, like straight stitches, top stitches, back stitches, and zigzag stitches. When you purchase a handheld sewing machine, make it sure that the sewing machine can perform those common stitches you would be doing.
  • Consider the warranty – this is actually one of the important thing you need to consider. Aside from the warranty, check also the “after sales” services that the brand offers which is most likely the thing that would make you feel tired when it broke down and the company seem like “half-hearted” in giving you a hand when something went wrong. There are just times that your handheld sewing machine just stops working for whatever reasons beyond our control. It is important that the seller or the company do not leave you hanging in limbo.
  • It is easy to carry or portable – There are small but heavy and there are also that great for carrying everywhere. Getting your machine from one place to another is a significant feature that you must consider before giving a go to the handheld sewing machine that would start your sewing journey.

Pros and Cons of a handheld sewing machine

A handheld sewing machine is convenient. It is portable and it can get you a lot of things done. Let us highlight the advantages of using a handheld sewing machine.


  • Portable only uses AA batteries, and it is ready to rumble.
  • Since they are small, it is easy to keep and store
  • It is cheap compared to a full-size sewing machine
  • You can carry it anywhere, whether you go camping or go on vacation, you cans still pursue your passion.


  • The level of quality compare to a regular sewing machine is not so impressive.
  • Since they are small, we understand that they have limited functionality and are great in mending minor projects only.
  • They have limited capability like performing a forward lockstitch and that just it.
  • There are some models that are quite cumbersome and hard to use.

Do your homework by choosing the best one for you. With those things highlighted, you are now ready to own your very first handheld sewing machine.

SINGER 01663 Stitch Sew Quick Portable Mending Machine

Let us get those projects to line up and finish them quickly with this impressive set of handheld sewing machines. It is cordless and highly portable, allowing you to work with a lot of projects that can help you feel productive all day long. Are you planning on having some repairs? This one is great for you.

It includes a set of threads, needles, a spindle, and a bobbin. This is also a perfect gift item for all of your friends and loved ones that love sewing as much as you do. It is a great gift item for birthdays, anniversaries, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and many more. Get this one now and enjoy your sewing journey.

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Hand held Sewing Machine with Sewing Kit

Great, you have just made a passion out of your hobby. We are excited to know that you have to step up your game by purchasing this excellent piece of a handheld sewing machine. This sewing kit includes several pieces of bobbins, scissors, needles, and everything you need to start with your sewing journey.

This handheld sewing machine is beginner-friendly. It makes you perform sewing nice and easy with very minimal effort. It comes with a detailed manual that is attached to the box that gets you guided every step of the way. The foot controller works wonders and is great at giving you full control of the sewing machine.

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Sewing Machine in Wooden Box

This handheld sweing mashine are a great opiton if you want easy sewing. And there is nothing more fulfilling when you have something done with your hands.

We love to hear that someone like you takes a lot of initiative in making your hobby into a full-time passion. This handheld sewing machine can make you an expert sewer in no time. With its compact design, this little bad boy is brilliant for places with minimal space. Take it wherever you continue doing things you love most, sewing.

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Portable Sewing Machine for Beginners with Light and Extension Table

It is never too late to turn your hobby into a passion. You can always get a little creative and amaze yourself with significant results. This handheld sewing machine is great for turning you into an expert sewer in no time. You don’t need to worry if you are a beginner. This handheld sewing machine got your back fully covered.

It is also safe for kids. Teaching your kids to enjoy sewing is easy and safe. It is durable and made from premium-quality materials that are sure to last long. This handheld sewing machine is a magnificent gift for all of your friends and loved ones. We would like you to have it now.

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Brother Sewing Machine

If you are intrested in sewing, I would recomend an ordinary sewing mashine. It is not as handy as a handheld mashine, but it is a more powerful mashine and it will give you more bang for your buck.

Compact, uniquely designed, and is just simply great in turning something ordinary into something special. This sewing machine is great for making significant projects for all of your friends and loved ones. It has 37 unique built-in stitches which are great in producing excellent quality finished outputs and projects.

It comes with a set of needles, bobbins, an instructional DVD, and many more. The DVD is quite handy and great in providing you an excellent instruction that is great in making you an expert sewer in no time it is great for a wide range of everyday sewing and other projects. This portable sewing machine is an ideal choice of gift you can give yourself.

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A handheld sewing machine may be small, but it can get you a lot of things accomplished. We just love offering you a lot of handheld sewing machines that would make you a great sewer that can create a lot of significant projects anytime and anywhere.

As they say, live your dreams and you would always live the life you always wanted. We hope you can show us your outputs and tell us a lot of stories that lead you to your sewing journey. We are happy for you.

Handheld sewing machine
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